i just really can't with your everything


“It’s cool having a couple who are madly in love around you. It shows you that it does exist.”

I was ecstatic when Rae and Finn became a couple and equally as devastated when they broke up. But there was always that love in the air that gave you hope that a love like that could exist — for you, for your friends, or for your family. It’s a TV fantasy that is so relatable that they remind you of your best friends down the street. [x]


i love you. do you understand? y e s .


You know,  Kenneth Branagh is a big mentor of mine and he said something the other day, somebody asked him a question and – I think it’s a quote from Shakespeare – from A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which is four words: “take pains, be perfect”. And it’s, I think, his way of saying, you know – don’t be afraid of caring. I mean, when I started acting, I’ll never forget this – there was a guy above me at drama school, who used to say: when you have a big audition, for a part that you really want, you should go out and have a crazy night and then turn up to the audition hungover and you’ll always get the part. And, I tried that and it never worked at all. I’ll just be like “eugh, I just wanna go to bed, I’m sorry, I’m just really tired…”  And then I kinda changed – basically I gave myself permission to care.


Happy Birthday, Chris Colfer!

And this is what I love about the girls (well, a small piece of the trillions of things I love about them).  I see random posts pop up on my dash from time to time about how so-and-so is good enough to go solo and musings about which one of the girls would be most likely to jump ship first, and I just think: But they wouldn’t do that??? 

Not because they couldn’t, because we all know any one of them could rock a solo career, but because they wouldn’t.  They haven’t just built a group together - a beautiful hodge-podge of all their different personalities and styles (and yes, vocals) - they’ve built a family

A wonderfully vibrant mix, bringing together all their friends and relations from their disparate lives and creating the sturdy and loving network of support they now share.  And on top of that they have us, the Harmonizers, their slightly off-balance, mildly obsessed third cousin who follows them around the family reunions like the sun shines from their asses (a theory yet to be disproved).

Could you imagine ever leaving that behind?  I know I sure couldn’t.  And it warms me to the deepest cockles of my heart when the girls confirm that they couldn’t imagine it either. 

Sometimes the families we build become the families we need most of all.  And family means nobody gets left behind.

I really can’t with all the whining to Adam over the SQ-centric episode.




I especially love the multiple remarks about Emma’s wanting to be friends with Regina being “OOC”.

Because absolutely NOTHING has been OOC about Emma’s current canon relationship, right? Nothing at all.


I love that she watches stupid dance shows even though she can’t dance. I love that she’s pretty and funny and smart -pretty much the most incredible girl that I’ve ever dated. The only thing that’s wrong with her is that she’s not you.
and I apologize if I heard any of this dialog wrong.


"This time, I might ask for something you can’t give."

Since it’s International Literacy Day, can we talk about Feuilly as a struggling reader?

Feuilly going to three different elementary schools over his third-grade year as his caseworker tried to work out a permanent foster home for him. Feuilly attending a high school where the books are mildewy and falling apart and every English teacher leaves after just one year. Feuilly realizing too late what education can do for him—after he’s already way behind his peers from more privileged backgrounds—and resolving to spend the rest of his life, if necessary, catching up.

Feuilly who scrapes through college through books on CD and university tutoring services and long, painful hours using every one of the few strategies he got from high school to pick apart the meaning of each paragraph. Feuilly who is prouder of his Cs than most of his classmates are about As and Bs—because those Cs represent so much hard work. Feuilly who still, as an adult, rephrases emails to avoid having to use words he doesn’t remember how to spell, who still has to mouth the words as he reads over a new lease or the terms and conditions for a credit card. Feuilly who is extremely selective about what books he reads because he can only get through about two books a year and he wants them to be the best ones possible.

Feuilly who values learning so highly not because it comes easy to him, but because it comes so hard.

No but seriously, the Doctor yelling at Clara to get back in the TARDIS. She’s the most precious thing to him and he’s willing to risk her anger if it saves her life.

I am reluctant to blacklist destiel because I still cherish the friendship between these two characters, but I am done seeing those ridiculously delusional posts


If you really use “it’s not as heavy as this band used to be!” and “they’re not metal/metal enough!” as actual reasons to shit on albums and musicians I’m sorry but chances are 95% that I might discard whatever opinion you may have on anything ever

Okay but how - HOW - out of all those many dozens of WH13 high school AUs, have we NEVER shown Myka and Pete dressing up for Twin Day at school? How has that never happened?