i just love my doggie so much

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet boy —- Fonzie, the Fonz, Alfonzo, Fonzie Two-Shits, Little Man, Troublemaker, etc!! 🎂🐶💙

He spent the day playing with his girlfriend, Ruby, at doggy daycare followed with a trip to Petco for much treats, and is now people watching on the balcony (his favorite pastime).

Love this pup SO much… all my friends think I’m weird, and I don’t care! (they’re just jealous) 😉

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Will you do one where you have to put your dog to sleep and he tries to make you feel better? (Maybe Ashton or really any of the boys) if it's too sad you don't have to but i just had to go through and it would be cool if you could do it :)

I’m really sorry about your dog, babe. It was one (and still is) of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. My dog was my best friend and I love her so much. And there are somedays where I miss her so much that I have emotional break downs. It really sucks, but I promise it gets better.

FYI I got emotional writing this because it made me think of my doggie ): 

gosh so ashton understands how much you loved your dog because he has a few of his own and they’re practically his best friends (don’t tell the boys). and so he comes over to your place with your favorite fast food and a bag full of ice cream and tissues and found you curled up in a ball on the floor next to your dogs bed looking really upset and miserable. he shrinks down to your level and sits with his back against the wall as he rubs your spine, knowing that you’ll talk and acknowledge when you’re ready. and so he sits beside you as you finally break, and he pulls you into his lap, letting you sob against his shoulder as he keeps a steady hand on your back and gently rubbing the back of your head as you wept, keeping his lips against your forehead. and when you cracked out “I miss my doggie, ash” he consoles saying, “I know sweetie. He’s in a better place now, yeah? He’s in doggie heaven looking down on you; he’s gonna be your guardian dog.” and you nod, resting your head against his chest as you steadied your breathing. and the whole room was quiet for a moment—ashton’s fingers massaging little circles against your hips with y’alls breathing and your sniffles being the only sound in the room. and ash pipes up, “I brought some tissues and ice cream and you favorite burger. Do you want any of it?” and you croak out, “no mayo?” and he nods, confirming, “no mayo.” and so you sniffle once more, crawling over him to pull the bag of fast food into your lap. and as you dive into your burger, ashton smiles and mumbles an ‘I love you’ wiping the ketchup from your chin.

Feeling a bit better today. My brother is coming this weekend to spend an early easter weekend with us. I haven’t seen him since October and we are lucky if we see him once a year. I’m more amped that Nellie his doggy will be here too she’s my favorite. My parents are coming down as well so a full house this weekend!

Tomorrow we take Jordi to see the Easter bunny after I finish work. Hopefully she doesn’t get freaked out or cry lol. We shall see.

Also thank you to lovinglunaxxtothemoonandback and lifes-bleachable-moments stupid tumblr didn’t tell me I had replies from you 😠 so I’m just seeing them now. Love you girls both so much!


My little boy’s being put down on Monday.

He’s not even mine, he’s my mother’s, but I just love this dog so much. ~4 years old and he’s having bad kidney problems.

I’m gonna miss you, Hershey baby.

(I’m so weak; I’m can’t even write this without crying.)

yogawithmayon tagged me to say 10 things I loveeee :)

1: My doggies hehe
2: Im almost done gilmore girls and im sad but so in love with it hahah
3: Myself
4: That the creek by my house is finally thawing!
5: Im also obsessed with coconut chips right now
6: The book “the bone season” o_o
8: Water, Ive been drinking so much lately!!
9: Summer is so close 💕
10: Just my life in general :3

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So I have vacations for two weeks! Yeah! I’m not going out of town so I hope I’ll study and exercise more :) i have to finish a lot of studying stuff on may 1st. :)

Yesterday I did “no more troubles zones” from Jillian Michaels and I liked it, I think I’ll alternate that one with the fast boost. And run, I’ll run a lit this 2 weeks.

I’m going to take my dog to the Cardiologist to see how she’s doing, I hope her disease it’s still the same or less :( I love her so much and I don’t want her to go. But right now she’s fine, doing doggy stuff, running a lot, she loves going to the races with us, before we knew about her cardio disease she ran 5km, now she just runs the last 1-2 km, I know she can run more but I don’t want to make her ill. So let’s see what the doctor says, wish her luck 🐶🍀❤️

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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last :)

Awwww this makes me happy >.< But here are 5 more:

1) All my tumblr friends and followers. You guys are truly amazing, and you make me smile every single day. When my life is shitty over here, I know I have you guys to pull me away form my problems and help me stand up straight again :D

2) My doggie (Frollo!) He’s the sweetest and he loves me for me!

3) The rain, even though many find it depressing, it never fails to bring me joy. (And, especially when it rains so much we loose power! It’s awesomely creepy, like I’m living in a movie, idk… And it forces us to forget about technology momentarily and just enjoy things the good ol’ way: make the most of your surroundings!)

4) All my books and movies and shows and favorite fictional characters… FICTION IS LIFE. They are the reasons why I’m still standing here today, tbh. 

5) ART! Drawing and painting and sculpting and EVERYTHING ARTISTIC! Whenever I’m stressed out, I immediately turn to a pen, pencil or paintbrush, and just art my way through it (art-ing is a verb, ok.) And writing too :D

lickerish-button replied to your post “aaaaaaaa but fraser meeting will? ???????”

Omg wait. Wait. Tell me about this and you might finally convince me to sit down and watch the fucking show because Will Graham is my fuckin JAM.

THIS IS SO MUCH PRESSURE ok uh just that theyre both cutie brainweirds that are magic at solving crime and being sweethearts but not actually good with people in certain ways and bot have that dry sense of humor but will is a lot more outwardly bitter but i think fraser would enjoy him a LOT. will would get a lot of hidden smiles i think. plus fraser has a wolf-doggy that will would love and i bet the two of them could have a lot of fun quietly outdoorsing together. and they both know lots of facts. 

I was tagged by exiles blade​ to name 15 things that make me happy, in no particular order. So here goes:

1. The support from my Mom is really just fantastic. I’m really glad I can talk to her about anything.

2. Hanging out with all my siblings as once is pretty awesome.

3. Hanging out with my besties all at once, just chilling.

4. HEADCANON’ing WITH aridalfcountingdwarves because oooohmahgawd. She’s brilliant and amazing and literally one of the best friends I have ever had. Wow. Amazing.

5. Read well-written fantasy and/or sci-fi stories.

6. Steven Universe.

7. Pink shiny Pokemon. (Do you have some? Give me them, please).

8. My doggies. Little baby dogs so precious. so small. babies.

9. Driving really, really fast.

10. Hanging out with Caitlin because she’s also an amazing person and I love talking to her soon frickin’ much. She’s the best. The best at everything. No lie. 

11. Live music. 

12. Learning cool things. I really like learning new interesting things. I live for it.

13. Lord of the Rings.

14. Well-written fan fiction


Okay. I tag: makingafullmetalheart, zenturtle, katindabox, this-does-exist, thorinbruhkenshield, negativevitagen, fatgirledition/ fatgirlforreal

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what is the meaning behind your new tattoo? it looks super rad :)

oh, thank you! and it’s a doggy from Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, he’s inspired on Iero (or at least I think he is?? because Burton likes to do that and the dog just looks like Iero to me?? maybe I’m looking too hard) and he’s just tiny and adorable and I love him. there’s not much meaning, I just really like Sparky

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You're sweet and friendly and have really well rounded and well thought out opinions on characters. Seriously, you gave me a perspective on Shane, whereas I really just kind of disliked him intensely before- even though I realised he wasn't just 'evil' - I just didn't have any time for him. Now I have a less negative opinion of him thanks to you. Oh and I love your love for your doggies!

fuel my ego and tell me what your favorite thing about me is

Oh goodness, you’re so sweet!! Thank you so, so much!! It always makes me happy to know that I’ve changed people’s opinions on Shane or helped them see him in a different light. I feel like he gets mischaracterized a lot, and I think that because the character is so close to my heart it’s important to me his more positive/good qualities be known. So yeah, thank you!! And thank you for all of your kind words, tbh, you’re an absolute angel! 

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What is your favourite animal?? I don't really have one but I love fluffy animals such as rabbits, cats, fluffy doggies etc. I have a pet cat and he's a little shit tbh but I love him so much, he's ginger and fat and called Rory. I probably have some photos of him on my blog tagged Rory if u wanna see him btw!!

i especially love birds, small rodents and things like that, and frogs..

i just looked at the rory tag and he is so sososooscute help me


Coldpress- HAHA, you are so sweet! <3 Some more magical critters would be fun, I’ve been itching to do something like the buttergi again. Horses give me a lot of trouble, they have such unique anatomy! I should practice them some more, though. As for cute canines, I could pretty much sculpt just those for the rest of my life and be happy, love me some doggies. XD

Robo-Shark- Yes, some ocean based critters would be really fun! I most definitely don’t sculpt enough non-mammals, I should step out of my comfort zone from time to time, though. :)


I still can’t put it into words….I’ve been up all night thinking about you, and thinking that I hear you scratch at the door or your collar jingling. This happened so suddenly, so I did not expect it at all. I wish I had been home when it happened because maybe there could have been something I could do to help. What hurts me even more is the fact that the last thing I did was yell at you to get out of my room. You were sniffing around my clothes like you always did, looking for socks to eat. I should have just let you get the sock. I would do anything to have you back, Boston. I really hope you had a good life with us. We will all miss you so much! I love you to the moon and back, for all the days and the nights! Rest in peace buddy ❤️🐶 doggy heaven gained an amazing angel last night! 👼 Play nicely with all the dogs, but most importantly say hi to Tasha, Chelsea, and Bosox for us!!!

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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last~ :)

Ok so I’m on mobile (like always) so I can’t do the cool formatting shit but I’ll try

1. I have a heating blanket and I love it so much that its basically impossible for me to fall asleep without it.

2. I got a new eyeliner pencil two days ago which is like slightly purple and IT SELF SHARPENS. LIKE WOAH

3. Fire emblem BC DONNEL MAKES ME SO HAPPY BC HES JUST SO RESPECTFUL ((not just donnel, but the game itself makes me happy))

4. My doggies are cute and idk dogs in general just make me happy when I see them

5. My mother is honestly one of the best people in the world, she should be president tbh

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When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you~

Hello there, dear Anon-san! Thank you for the little message~ Yosh, yosh, let’s make others and myself a bit happier! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(I wonder if I was really that active on peoples dash or they are just simply kind and sent me this, hmmm…)

  1. Looking at the starry sky.
  2. When people are kind to each other without ulterior motives.
  3. Pondering on my original stories.
  4. Spending quality time with my little doggie, Rosie~
  5. Looking at flowers~

Finally spring arrived! (◕ω◕✿) Blooming flowers, the nature comes to life again, all the nice smell~ I love it so much!

Thank you again, precious Anon-san, I hope you have a lovely day (or night)! (◠ω◠✿)