i just love blacksmith!Tony too much


“Sometimes I keep wondering why a son of Odin would want to order a weapon from an ordinary citizen like me,” the blacksmith said absentmindedly, running a hand through his sweaty hair. He really needed a glass of water right now. A drink, actually.

Loki was about to say something when Tony talked again a couple of seconds after the silence he had put for dramatical effect. With a foxy grin on his face and the prince feared for the cleverness of what would come next.

“Then I remember I’m Tony fucking Stark.”

Oh the surprise.

anonymous asked:

If each of you were to be Trapped in the DC universe for the rest of your life. What would you do and who do you think you would get along with the best.

What is DC?


Oh it’s this comic book company with a whole bunch of fake, poorly-thought out superheroes. I mean, that Bruce Wayne/Batman guy! Rich, orphaned, incredibly smart, makes his own gear. They obviously based him off of me!


Tony, calm down. Remember, the DC comics aren’t real. The only thing that’s real is our universe.