i just like theon a lot

Theon Greyjoy is a victim too. I see a lot of people arguing that Sansa was being used as a plot device for Theon. I don’t think that’s really true. Theon is just as much a victim of abuse as Sansa. They’re both sexual and psychological victims of Ramsay Bolton.

I have a lot of feelings about Theon. I’ve always found him a very interesting character. He spends his life with the Starks being told he is lucky to be their ward. Like Jon Snow, he is always on the peripheral of the Stark family. Never quite fitting in but still having a better life than what they could have had in the cruel continent of Westeros.

He has never had anything to aspire to except to be by the side of his “brother” Robb. If he’d stayed with Robb and been killed at the Red Wedding, the outcome of the North may have been very different.

Theon has been raised as a captive and when he goes home, he encounters a culture shock like he’s never had before. All of his morals and his attitudes are spat on by the Iron Born. Sure he’s a bit cocky, but he thought he might finally belong somewhere. This hope is thrown back in his face and he once again sets off to prove he’s worthy of belonging somewhere.

He does despicable things to try to prove his value and his worth and yet I pity him. Then he finds himself a captive again.

I don’t think that Sansa/Jeyne’s rape awakens him from his “zombie state” as some have said. Theon is still in there. He still has a shred of himself in there and it starts to bubble up to the surface again when his real name is used again. or when Sansa talks to him, even if she hates him. He doesn’t want to see someone else abused like him. 

Ramsay’s biggest mistake is letting “Reek” play the “role” of Theon Greyjoy.

“Theon of house Greyjoy. Who was… who was her father’s ward.” he says at the wedding.

If the show follows the books at all, Theon later hears his name in the Godswood and that is his rallying point. It’s as if the old gods have given him a sign that he truly is Theon, not Reek. It’s with that hope that gives him courage to do one honourable thing in his life - rescue someone from the same fate as him.

It’s not about women requiring a man to save them. It’s not about using a woman as a man’s plot device. It’s about a victim who decides to become a saviour, no matter the cost.

My hope is that in the coming episodes, with the changes made to the series, that Theon and Sansa get the real redemption that they truly both deserve and they are spirited away from that monster.

The similarities between Loki Laufeyson and Theon Greyjoy

This isn’t anything overtly important, just something I realized a while back so I figured I’d share my pet peeve, aka that there are two characters that are so similar and yet one is adored while the other is absolutely despised. It’s all under the cut for your convenience.

Note: This post isn’t meant to start shit. It’s just observations I’ve made.

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I’d like to start this with an apology to the people who are hating this whole tag drama thing and who are just here to share content. I’m sorry.

But I still need to get this out because I think I am quite a patient person for the most part, and managing to push me completely out of my chill zone is impressive. So congrats, ya’ll.

A lot of you have no business talking about autism. Absolutely none. You don’t have the necessary knowledge. You really really don’t.

If your credentials are “i have an autistic friend“ or “i saw a person online say theon has no traits that could make him seem autistic“, that is complete bullshit.
Is that what our adult discussion should be? Okay. I study psychology. I have autistic friends/acquaintances. My boyfriend is autistic. Hell, my autistic friend and my autistic boyfriend both think I’m on the spectrum. Amazing - literally none of that makes me an authority on autism. I’m not specializing in developmental disorders, my boyfriend and my friends don’t represent every autistic person in the universe. Do you see how pointless it is to bring them into this discussion? So excuse me if I can’t help but roll my eyes at your complete lack of humility when it comes to topics you have no knowledge of.

I have been asked during the last fight about this to explain why I thought it made quite a lot of sense to headcanon Theon as autistic and I was actually thinking about it for a while but then I concluded that I, an allistic person with imo not enough knowledge about autism, shouldn’t do that. I don’t think I know enough and I might end up accidentally saying something problematic in the process (i doubt that, but you never know). But jesus christ, when I look at the 473294682 people shitting all over this headcanon I start questioning myself

Do I think the other side is presenting good arguments? No. A lot of what was going on in the last few months was just back and forth screaming but I can’t say I don’t understand why people lost patience. And I’m sorry but constantly silencing autistic kids on the internet when they try to speak out about noticing certain traits (which btw is a completely legitimate thing to do) just strikes me as shitty and awkward.
And I’ve read ALL the drama, I know what was happening. Literally only one or two people said “this would be cool b/c representation“. The general comment was “this makes sense keeping the text in mind and yeah also representation as a byproduct of it is nice“. So no, it’s not about forcing something onto a character. It’s not about token representation either. No one is making a petition for GRRM to have Theon say “oh btw i’m autistic“ in canon. People are literally just pointing out that a lot of his character could be explained with autism (and there IS more than one trait btw).

Btw - there are people here whose opinions I respect more, and those whose opinions I respect less. I read all of them. Don’t reblog this and add an explanation. Try to understand what I wrote instead, I know what you’re all going to say. It’s ok. I’m not looking for a discussion, I just couldn’t keep quiet about this any longer, because a lot of you got so defensive that you completely lost objectivity. And the objective fact here is that you don’t know enough to be THAT opinionated. I’m sorry. You can talk all you want about stupid kids on the internet or whatever, but take a step back first maybe.
Also, it’s just generally shitty to invalidate experiences and opinions of autistic people just because they’re autistic so they “have to just be projecting themselves onto the character“. I have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder yet I’m not gonna make a case that Theon is bipolar. Some claims make more sense then others.

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do you think Theon loved Robb that much?

I think he loved him yes (I know some people ship it, I don’t, so when I say he loved him I mean a friendship/brotherly love).

I also think that it’s pretty complicated, because Theon was a prisoner, even though he was treated kindly - he was taken from his home and were not allowed to leave. I think he liked the Starks and he loved and respected Robb. He betrayed him, because he wanted to prove himself to his father, to his family. They didn’t care about him though…so that was sad. Theon’s story is very tragic imo. And the fact that he lost Robb, someone who also loved him and grew up with him is just awful. :(

You should ask someone who’s much more familiar with the topic though :) There are plenty people who enjoy this relationship a lot more than I do.

likeadarkparadise replied to your post “likeadarkparadise replied to your post: tbh i love jeyne poole a lot…”

yeah i’m really glad they kept it on theon’s face the entire time. but thing is this storyline ultimately isnt about sansa or theon. its about RAMSAY on the show which makes D&D 50x worse than GRRM

yeah like tbh I’m confused by the ppl who are angry that it focused on Theon like would you rather see Sansa crying or s/t? but D&D’s obsesssion with Ramsay honestly BAFFLES me like he’s such an uninteresting character imo he’s just a straightforward villain. He doesn’t have any of Cersei’s layers and Iwan’s performance sucks so…. idgi

they’re prob just jealous bc he gets to abuse women and get away with it scot-free

Game of Thrones

For the first time, I’m caught up on Game of Thrones. And of course it has to be when something so bloody unnecessary and rightly offensive happens.

Now, I’ve never read the books. All I know of the source material is what I’ve gotten from the ASOIAF wiki, simply because I do not have the time or patience for the books right now. But the wiki has told me a lot. 

For instance, I know that Sansa Stark is still in the Vale. I know that she never marries Ramsey needs-to-get-mauled-by-direwolves Bolton. And I know that she sure as fuck doesn’t get raped by him.

Just like I also know that Cersei was never raped by Jamie either.

Therefore, I don’t understand the writers and producers of the show. I don’t understand why they keep doing this. And I also don’t understand why the rape of Sansa Stark was about Theon Greyjoy and not Sansa Stark.

This is not good story-telling. This is simply violence for the sake of violence. I can see how maybe this is supposed to turn Reek back into Theon- I don’t care. It has long been established that the death and abuse of women for manpain is unacceptable.

Will I stop watching? No. Will I ever praise the writers? Will I ever appreciate their work?

No. They’ve shown their colors again and again.

Valar Morghulis.

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Take in the fact that theon would wt rly obsessed w lady gaga bcs jeyne loves her and one night asha hears a lot of noise coming from theons room and he's literally just moshing to Government Hooker and crying

Theon gets really into sappy bands like miley cyrus & 1d & madonna and just pretends that he’s doing it all for jeyne.

“We’re only going to this concert b/c jeyne made me”

“Jeyne left her dumb cds in my room…unbelievable”

“I can’t believe jeyne wrote ‘zayn malik pls fuck me’ on my wall this is outrageous”

So I’ve been reading a lot about game of thrones just to share my outrage with people. And honestly I can’t stand it when people are like “ These aren’t real people! It’s fiction, no one was actually raped.”

Obviously. None of us are fucking idiots. We’re talking about the portrayal of women in this show, which reflects real life values. How the showrunners are  using Sansa as a prop for Theon, how the source material is being followed loosely at this point, with major characters being cut and this scene still makes it, how of all the leading ladies left on the show only like 2 haven’t been raped and 1 of them could be considered a rapist herself, how (apparently) Ellaria’s character has been completely altered to show her obsession with a man. 

These things point to a disturbing view of women by the show runner, who see women as a prop for men, who see women as revolving around men, who see women as little more than their ability to fuck and be fucked. 

And placing such views in mass culture makes them more easily accepted by society. 

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If you woke up and you were in the asoiaf world what's the first thing you'd do?

what the fuck i’d cry probably cuz im gonna DIE lol.

depends where i woke up and what year. and like what social class am i waking up as, just my random common born self? am i only wearing what i fell asleep in? cuz i’d be doubly fucked. i guess my first thing to do is figure all this shit out.

if theon doesnt need me then im sailing to essos and hanging out in braavos probs.

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okay i want!! to hear more detail about your headcanons. talk me about autistic theon maybe? im the best at autistic headcanons and luv them

Ahh I love talking about my autistic headcanons for Theon!!

I like the idea of archery being his special interest when he was a teenager. He would spend hours on end like practicing and learning everything he could to make sure that he would be the best

He also stims a lot but they’re not noticeable because he was always afraid of judgment and bullying for them !!

When he gets over stimulated he completely shuts down and goes full on nonverbal which used to worry the Starks but now they’re used to it and Robb will help calm him down just by talking about things that make him happy

#game of headcanons

mothss said: nah i just mean the prose style i thought was bad, i’m not questioning grrm’s storylines or anything as he’s the original writer after all :) although some of the story arcs in the books are still pretty messed up, like the ramsay/theon stuff

ahh i get ya

yeah Im not saying that the show/books should include nothing shocking at all, but there shouldnt be violence/rape included just for shock value, it should also add something to character development or the story line

like, the ramsay/theon stuff resulted in the boltons taking winterfell, and also showed the audience how cruel and sadistic ramsay is

now lets take the scene with cersei and jaime, in the books it was still pretty messed up because it was between a brother and sister, and it was right next to the corpse of their son, but it showed a lot about their character, they are both despicable but deep down they are still human

where as the scene in the show was pure shock factor, it erased all of jaimes character development, and painted cersei as this damsel in distress

Also, you know how people in Westeros keep commenting on how much the Stark kids resemble their parents? Jon and Robb are just like Ned; Sansa is just like Catelyn?

Well, Catelyn was smart. I mean, really smart. Barring that one monumental fuck-up with Jaime, her decisions and her advice show a lot of political sense, even cunning. Had Robb listened to her, he never would have lost the North, nor Theon, and he may even have survived the war.

So the fact that people always comment on how much Sansa resembles her mother is pretty significant. The resemblance isn’t just cosmetic. Kid’s got potential.

Idk guys I think I’m legit shipping show Sansa and Theon. Like it’s the perfect match up for Sansa because at this point he’s really sexually nonthreatening and I feel like that’s what Sansa needs her life. She needs a lot less penises trying to be evil around and near her tbh. I just imagine them being really platonic/romantic and happy together. 

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Thank you for explaining that to me, I am very sorry you are getting so much hate, but glad to see so much support at the same time. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope brighter days are ahead. Thank you again for being so mature. X

Thank you this really does mean a lot to me. Like I don’t understand all of this hate honestly, I was just having a bit of fun and it was blown out of proportion. By a lot,,, 

Anyway I’m glad I helped you understand

So i am pretty grossed out and annoyed by game of thrones tonight but I’m seeing a lot of stuff about how it doesn’t do anything for Sansas storyline which I think is absolutely true. Like we know that Sansa is becoming a super badass and strong female character and I adore her, and we know that Ramsay is a terrible person but I actually think that that scene was actually supposed to add to theons character arc and development. Idk might just be me

*:・゚★GRΣYJOY★: Theon coming home one day with a bundle in his arms and it looks an awful lot like a baby, and he’s just so happy and excited and everything about it screams he’s holding a baby. And then when Robb’s legitimately curious, he goes over to him all proud and in the bundle is a fucking tiny Halloween skeleton
*:・゚★GRΣYJOY★: “Meet our son”

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Game of Thrones?

Awwww, my gosh! Thanks for asking me! 

The character I first fell in love with: Daenerys!
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Khal
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Uhm, I don’t know if everyone loves him but Jaime? I see a lot of people like him and I used to. I just don’t care about him much anymore. 
The character I love that everyone else hates: I don’t think there is one
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Theon Greyjoy
The character I would totally smooch: Jon Snow
The character I’d want to be like: Daenerys 
The character I’d slap: Joffrey for suuuure
A pairing that I love: Jon and Daenerys. Even though they’ve never met hahaha. At least where I’m at in the show!
A pairing that I don’t: Peytr and Sansa. Honestly, I find it disturbing people ship that.

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I was 100% with until you decided to shit on Theon. He has been abused since the third season. He's has his fingers cut off he's been flayed alive and he's in such a broken state right now that even hearing his own name makes him go crazy. You didn't need to put him down to make your point. Especially since people have been doing that since the episode aired. It's not like it's his fault.

Dont misunderstand me! I don’t have anything against Theon. My meaning was that a lot of people are understandably focussing on the pain of Theon whilst Sansa is the one being raped. Although my post was just about the name of the episode, I also have an issue with the way that they filmed the scene. It all contributes to the idea that her rape is a plot device being used to forward Theons story. Which is a horrible and frankly unimaginative thing to do. I’m not denying Theons suffering. I get it. We’ve been watching it for 2 and a half seasons now. But I feel that he was coming back to himself before this episode. He could very well have ‘woken up’ from his Reek state without having to watch Sansa being raped. 

The focus of my post was entirely on Sansa and still it turns around to Theon! The irony! The only reason I mentioned his name was to emphasise the disconnection between whats happening to Sansa on screen and the response and focus of the audience being on Theon… aaaand you kinda just proved my point.

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Oh no, I wasn't accusing you, I was just venting to someone who seems reasonable and to express that even those who don't really care for Theon as a character can still be very put off by the fandom's approach to his abuse. Sorry if it seemed like I was pointing fingers :(

No, it’s fine. I’ve gotten a lot of… ire from the Ramsay and Theon stans who think that I’m not as concerned with Theon’s abuse as I am Sansa’s. That’s just not the case. There are really no winners in the Northern story, at least not yet.