i just gotta branch out more


“I don’t care if there are small children who want to swing, i w8ant to f8cking swing and I’m g8ing to f8cking swing”

swing things, this lil girl kept starting at me while eating blueberries, truly magical. 


Stick figure Animation progression by resh

Seriously, from where they started to now, they came leaps and bounds. You can tell from the start, yeah it’s choppy. However, it was hobby they loved to produced. I’ve been subbed to them on youtube for awhile and it’s all quality work! Once they experimented into a formed (minecraft and the doll and  the rose the) 2D animation my mind was blown by the production and how well they did with it. I hope to many more awesome and branching out styles and productions come their way. I also hope those aspiring to become artist or animators really pull through to what they love. Just do it. You gotta start somewhere, right?