Okay, but Cas getting turned into a little black kitten while they’re working a case and Dean knows he should leave him back in the bunker, but Cas meows at him pitifully when he tries to leave without him so he tucks Cas into his pocket an takes him along. 

And he asks Cas what he thinks while Cas sniffs around the victims apartment and yowls at something that doesn’t smell right. 

Weirdet conversation with my dad about Michael clifford

Dad: *sees picture of Michael* who is this?

Me: ummm Michael clifford

Dad: I thought I taught you better!

Me: whaaaaa-

Dad: you cant date some guy with purple hair and a piercing!! Your a good girl not some bad punk girl!

Me:……..I may be a good girl but I haven’t been caught

//so I guess in my dads world im dating a ‘bad boy punk’….im cool with that//