I was going through an old photo album to find pictures that I could display in my apartment and all of the poems my mom wrote for my dad when they were dating were all framed at the end of the album next to one another (there’s like, 20 of them I think) 

I decided to read them all and almost cried because I’m a dumb baby

jimmy and cas fic set at the beginning of season nine

jimmy is dying because now there are two souls in that one body and cas’s soul is crushing jimmy’s

jimmy ‘wakes up’ cause he’s no longer ‘chained to a comet’, there’s nothing keeping him under

he wakes up and castiel is just a man now, a human soul like him

so they talk (‘talk’ in cas’s head) about shit, idk, jimmy is still bitter and even more so now that he’s dying but the you son of a bitch!es lets up after a while because cas kinda just takes them, and they talk about how they only ever tried to do the right thing, you know, and they always just ended up making terrible decisions; how they gave it their fucking all and everything still went to shit

castiel apologizes. for everything? because his love of humanity extends to his own vessel, too? and because he learned stuff from jimmy, from being in his head. and because there’s a reason they were paired up, after all, they are similar spirits.

eventually jimmy asks him what it [heaven] is like and cas is like yeah about those fuck-ups i was talking about? heaven’s locked, no one can get in, your soul will wander around in the void indefinitely, lost and confused and frightened

and jimmy’s like

after a moment 

well, screw heaven anyway

jimmy’s fucking used to drawing the short straw by now

he still gets afraid though, in the last moments. he asks cas to stay with him, please, stay with me, don’t leave me, cas, and cas repeats and repeats, i’m right here, i’m not going anywhere, i’m here, just stay with me a little longer

jimmy’s gone by the morning