this is my new fave t shirt. i wear it too often.

hi i wanna check in and say that im alive and stuff. i went to london last week and met one directions wax figures (i have some great close ups of louis)

that tattoo on my arm is fake. but it stayed on for like a whole week so either i dont wash enough or i have special sticky skin idk

Samblings Ramblings~~~~

-So I was away for the weekend from Friday to Sunday and I had a reallyyyy fun time, but now I’m back and working out and doing homework yada yada yada. I’ve gone on so many road trips since I’ve been in Florida lol THEY’RE FUN THOUGH :) I worked out Friday night, but I didn’t workout Sat or Sun. I did a lot of swimming and dancing and I don’t know, I didn’t feel like a total couch potato, but it still feels weird to not always get in all my days. So I will probably workout both days this weekend. If I really listen to my body and don’t overtrain, I can do more than six days on, one day off, but that’s what I’m most comfy with. We will seeee.

-I didn’t overeat this weekend, but I ate out quite a bit and my sodium intake was wayyyyyy higher than normal, so I still feeling like I’m holding more water than usual. I’m just going to eat hyper clean this week and drink lots of water and keep up with my cardio and I’ll feel all super great in a day or two, it’s just not fun to wear clothes or take selfies when I feel like a lil puffy marshmallow hahaha

-I sang karaoke for the first time on Saturday night. Was fun. I actually probably have sung karaoke before, but I don’t remember it, and it definitely wasn’t in front of that many people before lol OH AND THIS GUY TAUGHT ME HOW TO WOBBLE bahaha

-I think I’m losing my tan a bitty bit. Will lay out tomorrow :)

-Met hella guys at the gym today. I don’t know what was up, but I like meeting new people and it’s been weird not being able to say hi to a bunch of people when I walk into the gym like I used to at the old gym I worked at back up north. The only thing is, I think most of the ones I talked to today (this was after my workout btw lol) want to train with me. I definitely train better alone, and I get kind of hesitant training with new people. I always get in better workouts by myself because I keep my rests short and I’m always supersetting and dropsetting things, and when I’m training with 1 or 2 other people, I end up feeling like I’m standing around a lot, and I just don’t feel like I trained as hard. I do train with other people though. That’s also completely different from training someone else. I have been showing people some exercises and I’m applying to become a personal trainer at the gym this week :D I love that. It’s just that when I’m doing my own thing, sometimes I just want my gym time to be my me time. Everyone’s different and some people prefer to train with others and won’t go to the gym without their buddy and I LOVE SEEING THAT and sometimes that is even better, because people don’t try to steal your machines or equipment in between sets when you aren’t using it, because your partner is using it, but that’s just not me right now.

-I did 30 minutes on the stairmaster today (new record woot woot) after my chest & tris workout (why did I participate in international chest day? not quite sure. how did I even get a bench on this crowded day? not quite sure of that either, but I did.) BUT THIS GIRL CAME UP NEXT TO ME ON THE STAIR MASTER and I swear that she was drowning in this perfume that smelled like someone shit on a flower bed. I don’t know what it was, but that eau de farted on a flower made me so nauseous that I almost stopped doing my cardio D: but I didn’t, and luckily she left within a few minutes, but THAT WAS WORSE THAN THE GUYS COATED IN AXE. 

-Oh and people ask me these questions all the time, so here are my answers:

-I lift 6 times per week, with a 3 day split, so I hit all my main muscle groups twice per week. I am doing cardio right now five times per week for 25 minutes. My macros change depending on the day, because I am carb cycling. Usually, my back days and leg days I eat more carbs, and my chest and rest days I eat a bit lower carbs, but today I am still going to have 4oz of chicken and hot sauce, so that will put my macros at 145c, 192p, and 48f. Usually my protein is a bit lower and my fats are a bit higher but whatevaaa. I do aim for 1g of protein per gram of bodyweight, so I usually hit that, but today I went OVER hollaaaaa. I’m not hungry for the chicken yet though, I’ll eat it in a couple of hours lol that’s what happens when my protein is that high and when I drink so much water. 

stolenicematt said:

Hi Jane!! I just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my favourites and inspires me to wear what I want (note, I'm male) I finally got the courage to wear pastel clothing today and I feel really confident in it!! I hope you have a lovely day <3

Awww yay!! Congrats and keep it up ok!! Love u!! ❤️

songstressfox said:

jet wolf i entered your dark side of the moon tag and i think i have made a mistake because my heart cannot handle this :C naturally i cannot stop reading -- your pondering of all these awful "what ifs" is actually really, really excellent, and man do you know how to make this stuff hurt.

p.s. the Shadow Senshi are my favorite thing. I love the idea of these characters not mirrored, but the same, just with the humanity and good scooped right out of them because that is /so fun./ you are wonderful and evil and i hope you have a lovely day~



Requested by bvb-imagines-1314 

For your next imagine you should write about Andy, and he’s not in the best of moods so the reader starts being just cute and adorable to try to cheer him up. Btw, I love reading your imagines, they make me smile so much! Have a good day!


Here you go, I hope you enjoy it! I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

Love yinz,




You were setting up for a little movie night for later with your boyfriend, Andy, because he has come home in a bad mood every night this week. You knew it was because he was stressing about the new album, BVB4, but every time you asked he denied it.  Getting the last of the blankets out of the closet, you started to set up a little pillow/blanket fort. Once you were finished with the best fort you have ever made, in your opinion, you filled a couple bowls with popcorn and some of his favorite candy. You set them on the coffee table and went back into the kitchen to get some drinks. You turned the dimmer on and looked at the set up. A jingling of keys brought you out of your gaze.  Quickly you double checked to see all the movies that you had planned to watch tonight were there, and they were. You turned around to see Andy looking questionably at what you had done.


“What’s this?’’ he quizzes

“I just thought we could watch some movies together tonight, since neither of us have to go anywhere tomorrow.” you answer with a small smile

“babe.. I”m not in the mood right now.” he says and turned to walk up the stair.


He continued to walk up the stairs and you just kept looking up the darkish stairway, until you heard the door shut.  He had done this the past couple days when he came home, you wanted to cheer him up but didn’t know how.  You sat on the ground and thought about ways you could make him a little happier. After a little you came up with an idea and quickly went up the stairs. Looking around you found Crow laying in the doorway of the bathroom. You picked him up and quietly open your bedroom door and walked in. Turning around you saw Andy face first on the pillows. ‘Perfect’ you thought. You set down Crow on the bed and he walked over to Andy, meowed and nudged him with his head.


“Hey, buddy, how’d you get in here?” he asked

“I want you to play with me, Daddy.” you responded in a baby voice

“(Y/N)? You in here?” he questioned, sitting up

“No, it’s just you and me” you said in the same voice

He chuckled. You smiled to yourself.

“Well, Little bud, what do you want to do?” he asked playing along with you

Crow got up and ran over to the door, pawing at it.

“You want to go downstairs and play with (Y/N)?” he questioned walking out the door to downstairs.

Quickly you got up and raced down the steps after you made sure he was in the kitchen.  You sat where you were before and looked down at your hands with a dejected look on your face. you kept looking down at your hands, even though you heard Andy walk into the room.

“(Y/N)? I-I.. uh Crow wanted to play with you.” he said shocked by the look on your face. ‘Did I make her feel like that’ he questioned himself in thought.


“Okay.” You said and got up and took the small cat out of his arms and sat back down on the floor. You started rubbing Crow’s belly when Andy sat next to you. “You can sit on the couch if you want.”


“But, I would hate to ruin that amazing pillow fort you built.” he said looking at your masterpiece.

“It’s not that good- Hey I was playing with him.” you said as Andy took Crow away from you.


“Crow, now be completely honest with me, Okay?” he said and shook his small head up and down gently “Is (Y/N)’s pillow fort amazing?” he asked being completely serious.

“It’s the best pillow fort I have ever seen and I’ve seen the ones CC makes.” he said imitating the voice you used earlier.

You giggled a little before answering “Well I’ll have to tell CC that you said that. And thank you”

Andy put crow down and grabbed your hand to pull you up. “Come on, I would hate to see all this candy go to waste. Watch a movie with me?”

He grabbed a bowl and two drinks that you had set on the table, while you set up the movie and sat down, then sat next to you and pulled you close as the movie started.

“I’m sorry (Y/N) I shouldn’t have just gone up to our room after coming home. I saw all this and was surprised and I- I’m sorry.”

“Andy, it’s fine I understand you’re stressed and everything. So it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. I was just being stupid and not paying attention to you or really any-” you cut him off with a kiss.

When you pulled away, Andy joked,”Why can’t you tell me to shut up like that more often?”

“Oh, shut up and just cuddle with me and enjoy the movie and candy I got for you.” you said with a smile.

~Red Roses~

1. R.I.P Burn Face - Cocorosie || 2. Earthgirl - Two Steps From Hell || 3. Dreams - The Cranberries || 4. Ready - Kelly Clarkson || 5. Only If For A Night - Florence + the Machine || 6. Smother - Daughter || 7. Eria - Two Steps From Hell || 8. Secunda - Jeremy Soule


For the absolutely amazing damnhistrionics on her birthday Thank you for everything!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!! I love you!!!

anonymous said:

Hi Kath!! I love your style and I look up to the way you dress for inspiration :-) I noticed that you wear cardigans a lot so I was thinking you would know what to wear with a kimono. My school has a pretty strict dress code so I don't think I'll be able to wear a crop top underneath. Any other ideas for it? (The kimono I own is black with pink flowers) thanks angel !! I hope you have/had a lovely day :*

thank you bby! i always wear plain black tanks with open sweaters! like those $3 forever 21 black spaghetti strap ones, srsly, they’re my go-to tanks for basically everything, i have 5 of them bc they r simple and cheap and let ur cardigans/kimonos speak for themselves :~) idk i hope that helps. i hope u had a nice day too, lil bug

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→ Happy Birthday ForeverAutumn!

So, this is just… a small little dedication gifset I threw together for your gorgeous fic Half Light. You already know how much I love this fic, how important it is, and all of my thoughts on it, and when I read an ask your birthday was today, I knew I had to spring into action! This is my first time… actually making a gifset so they are kind of slow?? ; A ; I’m sorry about that T__T I hope you like it though, you’re such a sweetheart, and you deserve lots of praise and cake today ♥

To anyone who hasn’t read this ereri fic though… you are missing out. It’s my absolute favourite fic in the fandom, and I’ve read it countless times. It’s got incredible characterization, and such an empathetic and realistic writing style. Both Eren and Levi’s emotions are captured perfectly throughout the slow build of their friendship, and it’s an incredible combination of moments that lead to their falling in love. It’s absolutely adorable, and written in absolutely the most amazing way. It deserves all the love it can get!

ᴀʀᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛs