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Fallen Angel Pt.2

A/N: Yes people, part two is finally up! Honestly, I’m really proud of it because I’ve been working on it for a while now. And I actually did research (okay, it was like for 2 minutes, but still) for the last little part. So I hope you guys like it. There will be a part 3 unless I see that none of you are really interested in it. Have fun :)

Word count: about 2,000 words

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"It’s you, you kill him Y/N.”

Silence. You didn’t know what to say. You can’t imagine yourself killing anything or anyone. No anymore, it was all in the past.

"Castiel, I don’t understand why you’re here. You know me more than anyone. I only kill if I have no other choice."

"I am here because I’ve been given a second chance to save Dean Winchester and I intend on using it. You have to find another way. No matter what you do, you can not kill him."

"I can’t promise anything Castiel."

"But you will try?" he asks, his eyes pleading for your help. He’s looking at you as if you are his last hope. How can you ever say no to him?

"I’ll try."

Castiel flashes a smile that melts your heart. Soon, he’s hugging you and you feel your feet leaving the floor. When you open you eyes, you realize Castiel is flying, and so are you in his arms. You start laughing.You can’t fly alone anymore, your wings damaged during your fall. And of course, Castiel was the one to make you feel like you did ages ago. He makes you feel free, loved, as if nothing ever happened. He makes you feel like an angel again.

When your feet touch the ground, you find yourself standing in front of a massive building. It’s surrounded by a beautiful forest, isolated enough for liking.

"This is where the brothers live. I will gladly introduce you to them, but then I need to go back to heaven. I have a lot of business to take care of. There’s-"

"Woah stop there! I don’t want to know what’s happening out there. I’m aware of the whole Metatron situation, but I don’t want to know more"

"Right, sorry. Shall we?" He opens the giant door and lets you in. He walks down the stairs and you are close behind. Once downstairs, you can see the Winchesters in what seems like a library. Of course you know who the Winchesters are, but now that you see them in real life, they are quite impressive. They’re huge.

"Sam, Dean, there is someone I would like you to meet. Y/N, this is Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Hi" you say, trying to hide yourself behind Cas. You forgot how stressful it is to meet new people. Maybe you should have gotten out more often.

"Hey" they both say, keeping it cool.

"If you don’t mind, Y/N needs a place to stay. She’s a good friend of mine."

"Um.. Sure. Why don’t you come with me, I’ll show you around," Dean asks, but you can’t answer, to astonished by him. His soul shines bright red, the mark of Cain affecting him. It was terrifying and dark. But when your eyes met his, all the fear was gone. His eyes are green like emeralds, dirty blond hair and a strong jaw. Dean Winchester is an handsome man. You turn your attention to Sam and he shows you his beautiful smile. You can’t tell the color of his eyes, there’s something special about them, as if they shone every color. You finally get yourself out of your trance and offer Dean a polite smile. "Sure, thank you."

"No problem," he replied.

He is leading the way and you follow close behind. Dean explains that the first room you entered was the map room, then where they were sitting was the library. He shows you the bathroom, the kitchen, the dungeon, everything. When he’s leading you upstairs to show you your bedroom, he notices how tense you are and decides to try to make small talk.

"So how did you meet Castiel?"

"I was in his garrison."

"So you’re an angel?"

"Was, sort of. It’s complicated and I don’t feel comfortable talking about it."
You don’t talk again until you arrive in front of your new room. You feel bad about the way you answered Dean, but they can’t know why you fell. He would probably kill you on the spot.

"Well this is your room,” he smiles, “I know it’s kind of small, but you’ll see, it’s comfy enough." he adds. You scan the room; there’s a single bed and a little desk to its side. It’s spotless, looking as if nobody’s been there in years.

"Thank you, for letting me stay and everything."

“No problem. Cas’ friends are our friends,” he smiles, trying to make the atmosphere lighter. You heard all sorts of things about Dean Winchester over angel radio. Especially since he got the mark of Cain. Some said he was a killer, slaughtering monsters, humans but also angels. That even though he was Michael’s vessel, that he was supposed to be the angels’ savior during the apocalypse, he will cause millions of deaths. But others, like Castiel, believe in him. They aren’t a lot, but they would give their life to help Dean make the world a better place.They would give their lives trying to help humans. But you, you don’t know what to think, you’ve never been good with important decision making. But you have to believe in Castiel, and save Dean. You owe it to him.

You are making you way back to the library with Dean, trying to learn your way around. “Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it,” Dean says, seeing your struggle. You smile, touched by how kind he is being.

When you come back to the library, Castiel is smiling. He’s happy to know that the brothers will give you a place in the bunker, and in their lives. “I have to go back to Heaven. I’ll be back tomorrow to get your stuff Y/N.” Castiel disappears before you can even protest.

You let out a deep sigh, “Well, Castiel sure is in a rush.”

“We’re used to it”, Dean smiles.

“So Y/N”, Sam starts, getting your attention,”How do you know Cas?”

“We’ll it’s a long story and it’s getting late, maybe I could tell you another time. If you don’t mind.”

“No sure, I understand.”

You look around, not moving. You don’t want to admit it, but you don’t remember the way back to your room. Then you realize something; you don’t have any clothes to sleep in. Castiel brought you here before you had time to get any of your stuff and now he’s gone.

“Y/N?” Dean calls.

“Um, I know this may sound weird, but do you have an extra shirt or something. I didn’t get the chance to bring any of my stuff.”

“Sure, just follow me.”

You say goodnight to Sam before following Dean in the maze that are the bunker’s hallways. Dean enters his room and goes through his drawer. His room is a bigger than yours, but still small. There isn’t much in it; research files mostly, food containers, magazines and a few pictures. He turns back to you and hands you a blue flannel.

“Is this okay?”

“It’s perfect,” you smile.

You stay in place, looking straight into his eyes. You’re mesmerized by his beauty.

“Y/N, do you want me to walk you to your room?”

“Yes please. I was too shy to ask,” you say, letting out a nervous laugh.

“So you decided to just stare into my eyes until I got the message?”

“Well,” you start, “it usually works.”

Dean smiles, nodding his head. He walks you to your room without any words being said.

“Here we are.”

“Thank you, for the shirt. And for letting me stay.”

“Seriously Y/N, you’re gonna have to stop saying thank you. It’s starting to lose its meaning.”

“I’m sorry,” you blurt “I mean… Yeah okay, um.. sure. Whatever”

You’re embarrassed. You can’t even sound cool for just a second. But Dean finds it cute, how much he can make you blush. He can’t help but to find it adorable. He just stands there, admiring you. He wishes he could stay there and see you in his shirt, but he realizes how creepy that just sounded. And how weird it must be for you that he is still standing there.

“Goodnight Y/N”

“Goodnight Dean.”


You wake up the next morning feeling completely relaxed. The memory foam sure is magic. You turn around in the bed, trying to go back to sleep, but you’re wide awake now. You look at the ceiling, thinking about last night. Sam and Dean were so nice to you and made sure you were comfortable. But you needed to find a way of telling them your story, why you fell. If you don’t tell them fast enough, they are going to find out one way or another. And if too much time goes by before you tell them, it’s going to look as if your story was a big deal. But it’s not that big, it’s in the past, you’ve changed now.  

You make your way to the kitchen, walking slowly, not wanting to wake anybody. But when you arrive, you see Dean in front of the stove, the smell of bacon and eggs making its way to you. Sam is sitting at the table, working on his computer and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

You go sit in front of Sam, “Good morning.”

“ ‘Morning” Sam answers.

Dean turns around to look at you, “Slept well?”

“The best night of sleep I had in a long time,” you admit, “the memory foam is just fantastic.”

“It is awesome!” Dean reach to take out plates “Want any?”

“Yes please.”

Dean hands a plate to you and Sam and gives everybody a little of what he cooked. You thanked him while Sam just started to eat, mumbling a small ‘thanks’, his eyes never leaving the screen. You are all eating, the room silent except for the small clinking of the utensil against the plates.

“The food is amazing,” you break the silence

Dean smiles, “Thank you.”

As soon as everybody is done, you gather the plates and bring them to the sink. You need something to do before they bring up the question of who you are again. You need a distraction and washing the dishes will do.

“You don’t need to do this Y/N,” Dean says behind you.

“It’s the least I can do.”

You are about to place the first clean plate on the other side of the sink, when you realize Dean is by your side with a cloth in his hands, ready to dry the dishes. He smirks as you hand him the plate. After a while, Dean gets tired of the silence, “You can keep the shirt if you want. You look gorgeous in it.”

“Thank you,” you blushed.

Just as you finish washing your last plate, Castiel appears in the kitchen. “Hello boys, Y/N.”

“Hey Castiel, ready to go get my stuff,” you ask.

“Yes, let’s go,” he grabs your arm and you find yourself in your living room, everything still in it’s place.


In the kitchen

“Looks like she and Cas are really close. They seemed in a rush.”

“Yeah well you know angels,” Sam chuckles.

Dean brows furrowed, “What do you mean.”

“Well Y/N, she’s an angel, or at least she was,” Sam says.

“She told me she was in his garrison, but that it was complicated. Did she tell you more?”

“No, and it’s not that complicated. The necklace that she wears, I did a little research,” Sam turns his computer towards Dean, “So get this, when Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, it happened quickly with the power of lighting.”

“Okay but what about the second charm on the necklace, the sword?”, Dean takes a seat in front of the computer.

“Michael’s” Sam states. “I think Y/N was cast out of Heaven. And she wears it as a sign to never forget what happened.”

“Okay but if she was cast out of Heaven because she rebelled with Lucifer, wouldn’t she be a demon like the others?”

“Well clearly Y/N is special,” starts Sam, “Or else why would Cas want to protect her?”

"Just wanted to send some positivity to all the Rumbellers out there. Things have been hard on them this season, and the spoiler pics of Will/Belle are definitely disheartening*. The Rumbelle fandom has always been supportive of my fandom (Swen), so I wanted them to know that they have our support too, and that I hope things get better on their ship soon. Lots of love, you guys are awesome, and have hope for your ship <3 They are really beautiful together!!!

(* this was worded slightly differently, but I altered it to keep it within the lines of positivity I’m sticking to. While I understand the situation is highly upsetting for some people, this is still an all-ships friendly blog. I didn’t change the message itself, just one word to keep it more pro-Rumbelle than anti-Scarlet Beauty.)

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You are in no way whatsoever being stupid, I had my first kiss just a little while ago while 17 and I really regret it. He was older and I didn't know him well enough and he turned out to be really creepy and after I couldn't get away fast enough. Don't regret your first kiss, wait til you're ready, whether that's in a week, a month, a year, three years, ten years, whenever you feel ready. For now, chin up and don't worry about it :)

i’m sorry it was like that for you and i hope you’ll get an amazing experience now that will make you forget about the creep (why guys have to be this way sometimes?). tonight with all these messages i feel much better about my decision so thank you (:

Hi, hi guys, I never actually got around to finishing up Summer’s blog and stuff, so here: I’m going to be posting headcanons, tasks, character development, and stuff like that in the next few hours ((if I get to, of course.)) And I still have a few spots open in Summer’s relationship page, so if you want your muse to be on it, you can just message me, you know?? And I’ll be finishing her navigation and be posting a post with some plots I’d like for Summer, because I know a lot of people messaged me to plot/vice versa and we never got to. So.. Yeah.. This is really long.. But I just wanted to let some of you know??

It’s time, everyone! Today’s giveaway is for a shiny MARILL named PIKABLU! Remember that video of Alex dancing in celebration of finding the shiny he was hunting for for so long?? Here he is! :D Hope you guys love the name, haha! :) Giveaway is first come first serve! If you do not get one today- I wish you better luck in tomorrow’s giveaway!

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I will post when I have run out of shinies- so no need to ask! Good luck!! :)

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Just wanted to say I’m mostly inactive right now, I have a lot going on at work DDDDDX but I have a queue of inspiration and tutorials as always <3 I’m hoping I’ll have enough energy to get back into my armor blueprints on the weekends at least >_>; I’ve tried streaming it once and it was a massive fail but it might work next time? And I do have some stuff coming from taobao so I’ll post that when I get it XD hopefully before Momocon.

I’m going through the asks when I can but thanks so much for all the messages you guys are so so nice ;u;

So sorry I haven’t been posting lately I’m a bit of a mess at the moment and have been stressed with school and stuff but I love you guys and hope you are all doing well. - also if any of you ever wanna talk, about anything, don’t be afraid to leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. x


"You have to promise me- hey, look at me. You have to promise me whatever this is, you’re going to stop. You’re going to start taking care of yourself from now on."

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Telling your friends about how you dragged someone like:

A/N: I am so so sorry for taking so long!!!! School really gets in the way of everything fun. But here you guys go; the final part! I hope you guys like it. :) And as always thank you so much for all the nice comments and messages that encouraged me to finish! I love you all! ❤ ❤ ❤
(Links to part 1part 2, and part 3!)


Tap tap tap! Tap tap tap!

The soft persistent knocking gradually woke the Doctor from his sleep. Blinking open his eyes slowly, he groaned and stretched his stiff limbs. It was still dark outside and glancing over to his alarm clock he saw that it only 1:37 in the morning.

“Who the hell is up at his hour?” he grumbled, rubbing his eyes as he sat up in bed. The knocking grew louder and the Doctor forced himself up. Groggily he shuffled down the hall calling out, “I’m coming, I’m coming. Just hold on a tic.”

When he reached the door, the Doctor opened it slowly and peered around the wood. To his surprise he saw a rather dejected looking Rose standing in the hall.

“Rose?” the Doctor stifled a yawn and opened the door fully. “What are you doing here?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” Rose mumbled.

“Oh,” the Doctor sniffed. “Sorry to hear that.”

Silence developed between them and Rose started fiddling with the hem of the hoodie she was wearing, looking around but not meeting the Doctor’s eyes. He stared at her in confusion for a few moments before it finally dawned on him.

“Oh! Right, sorry,” the Doctor scratched his head and moved aside. “Come on in.”

“Thanks,” Rose gave him a small smile and moved past him. Kicking off her shoes, she headed over to his couch and plopped down on it with a sigh. Closing the door, the Doctor sauntered over to the kitchen.

“You want some tea?” he offered to his friend.

“Sure, that sounds nice,” she answered.

After setting the kettle on, the Doctor moved over to the couch and leaned against the backrest. He looked down at his friend and raised a brow at her. She was lying stretched out on the sofa, fiddling with the zipper on her jacket and avoiding his eye contact.

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My inbox is flooded with amazingly positive messages from you guys, I cant reply to them all but I hope you all know that I appreciate every single on of you. You guys are what will get us through this. Thank you so much.

anonymous asked:

hey, do you have any good tips on drawing males? I'm really good at drawing females but suck when it comes to males. i love how you draw them (especially mako!) and was wondering if you could give me any advice. Thanks!

first of all i want to apologize for how long it took me to respond to this it got lost in my messages and I just saw it again because I decided to scroll through to see if i was missing anything

guys are a lot boxier than girls, much narrower hips and start out very broad at top and then narrow down at the bottom. I find them easier to draw actually because you can kind of boil their anatomy down to boxes

that’s a basic reference to how I start out drawing guys, it’s by no means perfect but it definitely helps get the basic shape right, hope this helps you too! 

Kurtbastian one-shot - "Designated Driver - Part 2"
Kurt is volunteering for Dial-A-Ride, a place that offers free rides for people too drunk to drive themselves, to fulfill a college elective requirement. One Friday night, he ends up driving Sebastian back to his college dorm. Once Sebastian finds out Kurt volunteers there, he calls every Friday night and requests him personally. But is Sebastian doing this just to make Kurt’s life miserable?

Many of you guys requested a part 2 to this one-shot, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it as mush as the first chapter. Warnings for being Blaine/Klaine unfriendly, for angst, and for drinking, but to a much less degree than the first.

Kurt pulls up to the curb, parks, and cuts the engine. He fishes his cell phone out of his pocket to send the obligatory text.

To Sebastian:

I have arrived…now get your ass out here.

He chuckles when he sends the message, then chuckles even harder when he gets a text back.

To Kurt:

Keep your panties on, princess. I’m on my way.

Kurt used to take exception to being called princess, but seeing as he occasionally calls Sebastian horse teeth, he lets it slide.

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xobellarkeox asked:

Hello. As a Bellarke shipper I just want you to know that the majority of us prefer the slow built up with them because it doesn't take away from the plot, since most other shows focus too much on romance, I see you guys getting a lot of negative messages from some bc shippers but i hope you know we're not all like that. I'd hate for our fandom to have a bad reputation.

I know that many Bellarke fans’ intensity comes from feeling very passionate about their ‘ship. I totally get that. Yes, a few sometimes get a bit too intense, but we never forget that it comes from a place of love. (Well, most of the time.) So don’t worry about us! You shouldn’t have to apologize for the behavior of a few, though the fact that you are shows just how awesome most Bellarke fans can be. And seriously, we love all the fans who have joined us on this crazy ride…even when they’re mad at us. 

But if anyone wonders how best to interact with the writers, I can tell you that framing your comments in terms of what you love will be better received than framing them in terms of what you hate. Positivity wins, hands down, every time.