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It seems Midgardian technology has once again failed me–or rather failed to notify me of incoming messages. Rest assured that if you have attempted to contact me recently, I am not ignoring you; I have only just become aware of your message and will respond as soon as possible. 

Many thanks for the support of my army, and welcome to its new members. I shall speak to you soon, I hope. 


It doesn’t matter why she chose 
to give her heart to the other guy,

But I told her
1am drafts are the best drafts to ever draft into drafting– 

I said this to her in a text message, 
hoping she would read: 
I love you. 

Don’t ask me
how she should have 
made that connection. 
I could not even go about, 
mapping out a route 
for the thought train 
to take her there. 

But I hopped she’d get it, 
I hopped she’d understand, 
I wanted her to know. 

1am drafts, are the best drafts, to ever draft, into drafting. 
I love you. 
1am drafts are the best drafts, to ever draft into drafting. 
I love you. 
1am drafts are the best drafts to ever draft into drafting. 

She responded: 
It’s getting late– 
we should probably go to bed now.

I told her: I know 

She asked me if we would talk tomorrow, 
and I said 


But before leaving she made sure to mention
You’re right though,
1am drafts are the best drafts to ever draft into drafting

For a split second– 
before reason grounded,
my thought process 
like a root, in the fact
that she gives her love to another man–
I wondered if I should have read:
I love you too. 

I wanted to do this for quite some time and finished it a few days ago, after taking a longer break ;w; I am still not totally fine regarding my artblock, but smaller pieces seem to work out at least u v u’ It’s something and I wanted to thank all of you for your messages and tips and tricks on this matter ; u ;

These two are part of a slightly bigger piece of art, that I don’t want to upload at the moment. It’s also part of a birthday present for a dear friend of mine (who gets most of my crenny art XD).

I really like how they came out and I hope you guys can enjoy it as well ; u ; 


Alright, here’s my painting (that I said I would post on Sunday..)!! So, this is what I did for my final project in painting class. We could choose whatever we wanted to paint, and of course I wanted to do something that dealt with EXO and my friends, and this idea came up. I painted their new logo with all 12 members around it, but as what they are often referred to. Starting at the bottom right, is Xiumin, and going up and around the logo is Chen, Sehun, Tao, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Kai, Lay, Suho, Kris, and Luhan. The money is a bonus $uho. I have put a world map inside the logo, and the white dots everywhere represent my friends I have met on here through our likings of EXO. I took a close up of the dots so you will be able to see it better. I hope you all love it (If I meet more friends I will add you on the map)! Now this part is directed toward all my followers who live in the U.S (this is not about the painting): If you would like to go on a trip to South Korea and China, send me a message! I have a trip in 2017, and I can give you all the details if you are interested in going. It does not matter which state you live in.

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The hate in the fandom is intense.

Can I please rant about how out of hand this is getting to be???!!!

This is gonna be long so if you don’t wish to read that much (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THOUGH), at least pass the message on: Spread love, not hate.

I quoted some of you guys as examples, I hope you don’t mind it. If you’re uncomfy, feel free to tell me and I’ll remove you from it :)

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anonymous asked:

About Eren attacking Mikasa, we know he has the coordinate which came from the Reiss family and they wanted to get rid of the Asians and Ackermans because they couldn't control them. What if the previous memories or something kicked in and that's why he tried to kill Mikasa? (I hope that made sense)

That’s actually a really good point anon! I never thought that Eren could still be controlled from the Reiss memories since he’s within the same race that can be mind controlled. 


Now, I haven’t started noticing these senpais at a good time since they’ve been busy because of exams, but I’ve seen a few too many people asking questions that are just…. what? Seriously guys, it’s like someone just stopping you on the street and asking something like “what’s your bra size/dick length” and expecting you to answer it in front of hundreds of people. It doesn’t matter what else you say, like “ahh I hope this isn’t too rude” because yes, if you have to write that then it is too rude. 

Also, I’m not at all trying to say “stop sending asks” like that is 0% the case, Cim and Eva really appreciate us fans. But seriously stop sending invasive messages. I’m aware this applies to an extreme minority, but even so, I still think this is worth saying. 

They’ve both expressed how sick they are of these kinds of things, and hell I know they can stick up for themselves and they don’t need me to tell you guys what’s up, but yeah from fan to fan; please respect them. 

PS - Please forgive my crap handwriting and any spelling errors


This is a simple presentation for anyone wanting to know about the French simple present tense, especially the very patient person who has been waiting for this for like a month in my inbox now. Sorry! Hope it’s helpful!

Here’s the link at the end!


So the surprise is out. I’m going to USA to initiate my studies in animation and to strengthen up my artistic skills. I’m really really excited since this is my life long dream coming true!

That’s why I really need to be prepared for anything. I would be very grateful if you guys commissioned me, you would help me a whole bunch by doing so.

Please help me complete my path to get there.

If you wanna help out, please contact me via tumblr message or my Deviantart account by sending me a note:


Commissions will be worked during weekends and payment will be handled through paypal.

Hope you can help me out!


DFG (Dragonfoxgirl)

So I’ve recently reached 6k, which is insaneeeee!! I never thought I would be able to get more than 50 followers. I’m so grateful for the love from this fandom and friendships I’ve made here. I love you guys so much and I hope to keep blogging more!!

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This is a message from a guy who was trying to get me to date him. PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAY THINGS LIKE THIS?!


All I realize is that you can fuck off.

There is so much wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start.

  • This is my very first texture pack made from scratch so I hope y’all like it!
  • Do not repost/redistribute or claim as your own.
  • Includes 12 b&w textures; 6 gifs/6 shapes (as mentioned above) & a couple of tips!
  • Please like/reblog if you’re downloading & follow the rules in the pack.
  • Feel free to message me for help if needed & I’ll try my best to do so!
  • DL: mediafire (.zip)
Out of my League Chapter 5

Note: Here is chapter 5, I hope you guys enjoy reading this story and chapter. Please please leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions and/or requests in comments or message me! Thanks for reading! (I do not own these characters) ~ R.Q

Chapter 5

The next two weeks went by pretty quickly. We didn’t really talk to each other about anything, I went over gave him his school work and did my own homework. He would just stare blankly at the ceiling or out the window the whole time. He would sit up every time I was there, everyday it was getting easier for him. He would sometimes even make little snide comments about baseball, but I learned to shrug off his ego.

On Friday, after I got home from Connor’s, I found that the moms were out for date night. Mariana was also out and I didn’t know when she would return, so I just played some video games to keep company. The phone rang and I went up to pick it up,
“Hello,” I answer
“Hello, this is Gavin Rogers from Julliard School calling for Mariana Adams Foster,” they reply.
I think to myself why would they be calling Mariana? I reply “she’s not at home right now, but I’ll take a message.”
“Can you please let her know that a spot has opened up for the dancing program and we are holding auditions this December for that it? All the information will also be sent be mail,” they reply thanking me and hanging up.

I think to myself, “I didn’t know Mariana was trying to get into that school.” I walk up to my room and lay down on my bed. I then get my phone and call Taylor
“Hey Taylor, I’m bored, want to do something?” I ask in a hopeful voice.
“Hey Jude! I’m sorry I have plans. I know I should have told you this before but, I kind of got back with Derek.” She replied
“What?! When this happen?! I thought he got too jealous?” I reply in shock once again.
“Well he won me over, he promised not to be like that anymore and he made a very good apology,” she replied.
“I see, well if you’re happy,” I reply still in shock.
“Thanks, I am. OH Jude he’s here, I’ve gotta go, talk to you later,” she says hanging up.

“Great! Now I really have nothing to do,” I say to myself. Just as I was about to play video games I got a text, it was from Connor:
Connor: hey cap, you forgot your homework here.
Jude: ugh, I’ll come over and pick it up
I reply, only because I was just really bored and I had no one to hang out with nor anything fun to do.
Connor: great, now I have to see you again.
Jude: oh yea because I’m always longing to see you too.

I get my keys and wallet and headed out the door. When I arrive I see that his neighbors have a moving truck in their front yard with a lot of furniture in it. I drive around the trucks and park in Connors’ drive way. I get out and knock on the door. His aunt comes to open, “oh hello Jude, come in.” She says cheerfully.
“Hello Mrs. Stevens, Connor said I forgot my homework so I’m here to pick it up,” I reply going in.
“Oh go on up dear,” she replies.

I walk up stairs and enter his room once again for the day. As I enter, I see him facing the other way laying down, lightly snoring. I carefully go and pick up my homework from the table and turn to Connor. He is looks so peaceful and innocent. As I see him sleeping like a baby, my heart can’t help but melt a little bit for him. I don’t know why, but every time I see him like this, my heart can’t be forced to hate him. He really didn’t look like the cocky type at the moment. He turned to his desk and wrote a note to Connor, "Thanks for telling me I forgot my homework, have a nice weekend.” I put the note on his night stand and glance at him once more before heading down stairs. As I make my way down stairs, I see a picture of a woman at the bottom of the steps. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

“That’s Connor’s mom,” I hear from behind me.
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snoop, it was on the floor,” I reply.
“It’s ok sweet heart. Connor had a hard time after she died, so I’m happy now that he has finally moved past it,” she says.
“I’m sorry for your loss” I reply in utter shock thinking about Connor.
“Thank you dear. And thank you for hanging out with Connor every day. I think he enjoys your company” she says.
“No problem,” I reply, now moving out of the house.

As I walk to the drive way I can’t help but feel pain for Connor, sure he was arrogant, but I had no idea that he had dealt with such a tragedy. I begin to wonder about him and what type of life he had.

As I drove up to my house I notice Mariana’s car in the driveway and remember the call I got from Julliard. I go inside and walk to her room. I knock on the door and walk in, “hey Judicorn!” She says as she finishes painting her nails.
“Want to paint mine?” I reply sitting down next to trying to find out what she’s hiding, but also wanting my nails to be painted.
“Sure, let me get the color you like,” she says getting up and going to the dresser.
As she starts painting my nails, I look up and say,“ So I got a call for you today.”
“Oh? Who was it from?” she replies not looking up from her work.
“It was Julliard School calling to say you have an audition in December, do you have anything you want to say to me?” I say bluntly.

“Oh my god! What?! When did they call?” She replied now looking up, immediately stopping her work.
“When you were at work, I didn’t even know you auditioned for them, nor did I know you wanted to go into professional dance. Is there anything you’ve been hiding from us?” I reply.
“Fine I’ll tell you since you already know now pretty much. Promise not to tell moms. I auditioned a few months ago and sent in my tape. They replied saying I wasn’t good enough but recommend I try again next year, so I made and excuse to moms about college so I can practice. But now I only have till December to get ready for it. How am I supposed to do that with so little time?” She said now squealing and putting her hands in her face.

I go up to her and look down, pulling her chin up, “Calm down Mariana! You’re the most organized and talented dancer I know! You’re very good at it too! You can do this! I know you can because you’re my sister.“ I say wrapping my arms around her.
"When did you get so wise?” she said hugging back, “and so tall.”

Mariana was now 6 inches shorter than me.
“I’ll have to prepare for this competition now, remember not to tell anyone Jude,” she said as she finished painting my nails.

After that we went down and ordered pizza to eat. We planned to watch movies for the rest of the night. We watched pitch perfect and the notebook. They were
Mariana’s choices because I let her chose. When moms got home, they joined watching movies with us. We all fell asleep like that, I really enjoyed our Friday nights because it always felt like we were together.

The next week at school went by fast. Baseball practice was actually pretty boring without Connor. The other students gossip about me died down and they all went back to talking about other people. Taylor was always with her old boyfriend now, so it was harder to talk to her by myself. Even when I’m “popular”, I’m not. Coach kept asking how Connor was every other day to make sure I was seeing him.

It was Wednesday, after school I went over to Connor’s to give him work and hang out with him. When I entered his room, he was already sat up and playing catch with the wall.
“Hey,” I say
“Hey,” he replies.
Ever since Friday I’ve been trying to talk to him more, so I could get to know him, but I never got the confidence.

As Connor continued playing catch, pretending not to notice Jude’s presence, I put down Connors’ work and got my own out. I decided to some math homework while I’m here. I started to work out the problems but I got stuck on one. I knew I shouldn’t have taken AP calculus but I me and my challenging ways. I kept redoing and erasing the problem, making a different face every time. After about the sixth time of erasing the problem I hear Connor speak up, “oh my god all that erasing is making my head hurt.”
“Sorry, I just can’t get this problem,” I replied.
“Then stop trying, give up,” he replies simply.
“Nah, I don’t like giving up,” I reply getting back to my work.

He then got out of his bed slowly, “oh.. umm…. What are you doing, you need to rest,” I start to say getting up and moving towards him.

“It’s ok, it’s almost been a month, I can stand up and walk, it’s not like I’m sky driving he retorted,” now standing in front of me.

“Let me help you with that,” he said, putting his hands forward to see my work. I hand it over to him with little resistance because I needed the help. He sat back down on this bed and I sat next to him.

As he examined my work, I couldn’t help but notice his concentrated face. It was nice and his eyes were full of focus. Sitting next to him gave me a new feeling, but it quickly went away
“How do you not get this? It’s so easy,” he said now explaining my mistakes and teaching me the lesson.

“Thank you,” I say as we finish the homework, “who knew you could be useful,” I say in a half sarcastic laugh.
“Well, just my soft side cause I’ll be taking your place as head of the baseball team,” he retorted.

I just laughed as a replied, “Challenge accepted.”
Today was the first day where Connor acted semi decent and it wasn’t a bad side to him. He was interesting and I wanted to figure him out.
The next two days went similarly, we would do our homework and talk about baseball. It was nice to talk to somebody new and didn’t like me because of baseball. We hated each other, but it somehow worked out. Connor was interesting to talk to.

When I got home Friday after visiting Connor, I saw a new car in the drive way, one I didn’t recognize. I parked my car got out and walked in the house.
“Hello? Anyone here? There’s a car I don’t recognize,” I say putting my keys down on the counter.

I turn around and see Callie standing in the doorway, “do you like it? I’ve saved up for it?” She says now running up to me and giving me a hug.
“It’s really nice,” I say, wrapping my arms around her excited to see her.
“How long are you here?” I ask.
“Today and tomorrow” she replies
“No one else is here, so we get some alone time to talk,” she says staring at me,“ tell me what’s new with your life.”

We sit down on the couch and I tell her about my first month of senior year, all details. The only thing I leave out is about Connor’s mom.

“Wow Jude, I can’t believe you actually hit a person!” She says laughing.
“It wasn’t that bad, plus I get punishment,” I retort.
“This Connor kid sounds like a jerk, want me to kick his ass?” She replies
“No,” I say, “he’s not that bad, he’s just arrogant, but I think he has a kind heart. We aren’t friends, but I don’t hate him anymore.” I reply.
“Well if you ever need me to, I’m here,” she says now looking towards to door because someone was coming in.

Mariana entered the house
“OH MY GOD! Callie!” She said now running up and hugging her.
“Hi Mari! How are you?” Callie replied.
“I’m good!” Mariana said.

We talked about life and new things that happens to us in the year. Moms came home from date night and greeted Callie. Today we all played board games and discussed our lives.

The weekend went by pretty quickly, leaving no room to do homework. It’s a good thing I finished most of it at Connor’s. It was now Monday and I was heading to Connors’ after school. Taylor was always hanging out with Derek so I never really hung out with her outside of school, so I kind of looked forward to going to Connors’ every day.

Only one week left and then Connor will return to school I thought as I entered his house. I made my way to his room and entered. He was playing a game on his tablet.
“Hey Connor,” I say putting my backpack down.
“Hi,” he replies not taking his eyes off the tablet.
“What are you playing?” I ask intrigued.
“Star Wars commander,” he replies, “but I can’t get past this level.”
“Oh I love that game, here let me try?” I ask.

He nods and hands it to me, I take the tablet and show him how to beat the level.
“And that’s how you do it son!” I say to him teasingly, “you know if you need a lesson in how to be awesome, I can always teach you!”
“Haha don’t get too excited, I’m still better at baseball,” he retorts laughing.

As we played, I couldn’t help but notice how enjoyable Connor’s company is. I didn’t notice it before, but when he’s not being so cocky, he isn’t such a bad guy. We played for 2 hours before I decided to leave, saying my goodbyes.

These past few days I’ve stayed longer than usual because I liked coming over and he was being semi civil. As I was leaving his house I notice a new moving truck at his neighbor’s house. Then I notice this girl walking towards me. She had long blonde hair, down to her thighs, was skinny and had blue eyes, she was a few inches shorter than me.
“Hi my names Cecelia Grant, I moved in today and my parents told me to get to know the neighbors,” she says extending her hand to me.

Another really tough day (emotionally). Really getting sick of this miserable routine. Sorry that I’ve been sucky lately (there’s just a lot going on). Anyway. Messages are turned on, I’ll answer them a bit later when I hopefully feel more stable. Hope you guys are okay.

Hey guys!

I trust everyone out there is doing well. My finals are finished and my life is getting back in order and I just wanted to let all ya’ll know that I‘ve got lotst of new stuff in the works for ya. I’ve been so busy lately and I haven’t had much time to spend with my friends or camera, but all of that is about to change because SUMMER IS HERE!

I just wanted to remind all of you guys that I love ya and I hope as your school years are coming to a close that everything is shaping up. Drop me a message sometime and say hey cause I miss you guys! OH AND get ready for lots of new stuff this month!



Coming Home

Requested: Hey please could you do an Ashton imagine like where your bestfriends when you were younger and then you move from Australia to the UK and then like 5 years later your family move back and the boys help you surprise him, and then like you get really close and become a couple Sorry if it’s like a really specific one and stuff 😘😘💗

I’m sorry this took me so long hahah. hope you love it though! requests are open you guys, don’t me afraid to message me :) x -h

Your phone rang and you answered it, the voice on the other end shouting at you and surprising you. “’Ello govnah, are you enjoying your tea and biscuits?” He said in an awful English accent and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re such a dork Ashton.” You laughed. “I’ve only lived in London a few years, I don’t actually say stuff like that. But yes, I am enjoying my tea.” You said, glancing at the cup sitting on your desk.

“But a few years is pretty much a lifetime.” Ashton groaned.

“Hey, my dad said we aren’t staying forever. I’ll be back before you know it.”  

“Okay fine.” He groaned.

“I made a promise that I’d be your best friend forever. I intend to keep it.”

“We made that promise when we were 12, I didn’t think you’d remember that.” Ashton chuckled quietly.

“Sounds like you remember it too.” You smiled, happy to hear that he remember the day in the park when you pinky promised to be friends forever, no matter what.

“Of course I do.” He said, and it was followed by a yawn. You looked at your clock, did some mental math, and realized it was 1 AM where Ashton was.

“Okay Ash, I’m cutting you off.” Your comment was followed by protest, but the yawns won him out. “I’ll talk to you when it’s not so late over there, alright?”

“Do you promise?” Ashton asked quietly, and you knew he was already drifting off to sleep.

“I promise. Now hang up and go to bed.” Ashton said something groggily that you couldn’t understand, then the line clicked off. You smiled and looked back at your computer, pressing the un-mute button and revealing Calum and Luke huddled in a room together.

“You’re back.” Luke said, and you nodded. “So back to the surprise. You left off at Cal picking you up at the airport…”

You wiped your hands nervously on your jeans. Your knees were bouncing and you ran your hand through your hair for the hundredth time. You didn’t think you’d be so anxious.

“Y/N, you alright?” You glanced over at Calum and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m totally fine. Don’t worry about me.” You smiled and looked back out the window. Calum pulled up to a stoplight and looked over at you.

“Are you sure? You’re really jumpy.”

“I’m fine, promise. Just keep driving.” You pointed to the green light and Calum slowly pulled forward, still eyeing your knee that was bouncing uncontrollably. 

“Okay, it’s your surprise, we’ll do it your way.” He said and you looked over at him.

“How would you do it?” You asked, and Calum smiled.

“My way would involve a DJ, confetti canons, and you popping out of a giant cake.”

“Your way sounds messy.” You laughed. You felt a little more at ease. But you turned down a street, and even though you hadn’t been there in almost five years, you instantly recognized it. Sixth house on the right, the one with the white trim and green door. Ashton’s house. Calum parked a little ways down the street and pulled out his phone.

“Luke texted and said that Michael has Ashton inside. But Michael is acting weird and Ashton knows something is up.” Calum said as he rolled his eyes.

“You let Michael be the distraction?” You asked.

“Yeah, that wasn’t very smart.” Calum said quietly, realizing the mistake. But you just laughed and opened the car door. 

“Then I guess we better hurry.”

You stopped at the front door and let Calum go in first. “See you inside.” He nudged your shoulder, gave you a big thumbs up, and slipped inside. You were going to follow after, but when the door shut in front of you, you couldn’t bring yourself to knock it. You hadn’t seen Ashton in person for years. It felt like lifetimes. And even though you made other friends in London, Ashton was always your best friend. What if he didn’t feel the same way anymore?

You tried knocking three times, but instead walked down the porch and leaned against the railing, looking down his street at the different houses. The streetlights illuminated the night, and you breathed in the cool Australian night air. 

“Y/N?” A voice asked quietly behind you, and you quickly turned around to find Ashton. “Is that really you?”

“Surprise.” You said quietly, waving your hands and smiling. Ashton took long strides towards you, wrapping you up into the tightest hug and swinging you back and forth.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that you’re here! When did you come back? Why are you back? Why didn’t I know you were going to be here?”

“Well, my dad’s contract at the company was only for five years, and they offered a better position back here. I came back this morning, and I wanted to surprise you. So here I am.”

“Here you are.” He said softly, studying your face. “London did you good. Like, you look really good.” He said, chuckling and taking a step back. “That was weird, sorry.” 

“No, it’s fine. I’m the one who couldn’t even go through with my own surprise.” You leaned back against the railing again and crossed your arms over your chest. 

“Why do you say that?” Ashton sat on the railing next to you.

“I don’t know.” You said, looking down at your feet. “I was scared that you wouldn’t be happy to see me.” Ashton wrapped an arm over your shoulder and pulled you into a hug.

“I’m so happy to see you, you don’t understand. I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I’ve really missed you too.” You said with a smile, looking up at Ashton. You’d both grown up a lot in the past five years. There was something different about Ashton. A new confidence that he didn’t have when you were 14. 

“Talking on the phone, Skyping, none of it has been as good as seeing you in person right now.” He hopped off the ledge and stood in front of you, placing his feet on either side of your stretched out legs. Your heart raced as he leaned closer to you, and the feeling caught you by surprise. He took a hand and gently brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. “Is it possible to fall for someone after they leave for five years?” He said, biting his lip after he said it, like he didn’t mean to say it out loud. “Hypothetically speaking of course.” You laughed and nodded.

“I think so. I think that not seeing someone for a long time makes you think about them a lot. And then you see them in person and you realize that maybe it was the late night calls that made leaving home easier. Then seeing them in person again makes you wonder what you ever would have done with out that person.” 

“Could the person that left for five years feel the same way as the person stuck in Australia?” He asked, his hand cupping your cheek. You smiled at the feeling of his touch.


“Oh, of course, just hypothetically.” He smiled.

“I think, hypothetically, that person could be realizing it right as the one who was stuck in Australia is standing in front of her.” You bit your lip and looked into Ashton’s eyes, which were just as hypnotizing in the dark.

“So this fake, hypothetical girl. Would she want the imaginary guy to kiss her? Or do you think he should wait?” He said quietly, glancing from your lips to your eyes, and making you suck in a breath. His question caught you by surprise, but your answer did too.

“I think the girl would like that.” 

Ashton leaned down and gently kissed you, holding onto your face gently and pressing his body against yours. You wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him in closer to you and turning your head to deepen the kiss. Ashton leaned back and rested his forehead on yours, closing his eyes and grinning softly.

“Why did it take me 6 years to finally get the guts to do that?” He chuckled. You shook your head.

“I’ve only been gone for 5 years though.” You pointed out.

“Who said anything about only liking you for 5 years?” You grinned and bit your lip, grabbing behind his neck and pulling him down for another kiss. He smiled against your lips before returning it, gripping your lower back in an attempt to close the space between you. You pulled back and looked at his face, smiling and laughing to yourself. “I really missed you Y/N.” He said finally.

“I really missed you too Ashton.” 

“Are you home for good?” He asked, a hint of worry in his eye that you’d say no.

“Don’t worry, Ash, I’m home for good.” He let out a sigh and hugged you tight.

“So it would be okay if I asked you out on Friday night?” 

“I would love that.” You said before pecking his lips. “Now let’s go inside, I didn’t wear a jacket and the guys are probably wondering where we are.”

“Good idea.” He said, but he didn’t let go. He held onto you for a little bit longer before kissing your forehead and leading you inside, never letting go of your hand.


okay so I have tried to write this post a few times now and I can’t figure out the words or how to write messages for everybody who deserves them.  But here’s the thing: You guys are awesome and this fandom is awesome and if you are reading this, if you have me on your dash, this is for you.  Thank you for letting me speak into your internettyness on a regular basis.  I consider that an absolute honor.  You are incredible and so is your face and I hope you get a delicious dessert and a warm hug today.

There are so many of you that I have come to consider friends.  Tumblr friends are awesome, and many of my tumblr friends are CS people who got me into the fandom or have embraced me since I’ve been here.  qqueenofhades, captainswanapproved, captainswanouat, romancelvr, killianspirateprincess, piratequeenswan, the-lady-swan, i-love-you-swan, ihearttvsnark, alyssylum, killihan-jones, vanyaliful, clockadile, carmibelievesinlove, tersaseda, writeitdownfast, swanfeels, wedlakeserenities you are all treasures.  Whether we talk regularly or only occasionally, I absolutely adore every opportunity I get to chat with you, whether about CS or something else.  You are my darlings.  May you all get colin hugs someday.  I can think of no more appropriate blessing for such wonderful people.

There are also a ton of incredibly talented and sweet people who brighten my dash and I haven’t had the chance to get close to.  Pretty much everybody on my dash is too cool for me, including my friends, but these are the ones I admire from afar or flail about in the tags.  ask-oockillian, askoocemma, captain–kitten, colormyheartred, fairytalesandtimetravel, waiting-for-autumn, jadeddiva, killians-dimples, this-too-too-sullied-flesh, universallongings, chances are when we’ve talked or you’ve responded to a thing or *gasp* reblogged something from me, I’ve done a little dance around the room.  You’re awesome.  I look forward to the opportunity to fangirl more with you each and every day.

Finally, EVERYONE WHO IS DOING THE CS KARAOKE CHALLENGE.  YOU JUST ROCK.  EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Putting yourself out there isn’t always easy and I’m just so excited and proud of this fandom for banding together and having some fun.

Basically, hugs for all of you incredible people.  And I probably forgot someone because I have a massive headache and am only 2/3 paying attention to any one thing because more will make my eyes explode.  So forgive me if I missed you.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH KTHXBAI

P  H  Ø  E  N  I  X 

OK guys so I know I’ve put other work on Redbubble before but that was just me and cocaineteas being like, real cute and stuff.. This is my first real effort and it’s (obviously) available right now! GET YOURS HERE!!

The collection includes:

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