FYHM’s Challenge 28: Growth

"Evil isn’t born, it’s made… and so is good.”

The Vow Stucky Au Part two  

Bucky still doesn’t remember anything from his relationship with Steve, and it’s really taking its toll on Rogers. He’s a good guy though, and gives Bucky his space, because he doesn’t want to overwhelm him, or force him into anything he isn’t ready for. But Steve really misses his best guy. He tries to take comfort in his friends, but everything is reminding him of Bucky. It’s been about a month since the accident, and after having a bad night, and getting particularly drunk, Bucky ends up at the front door of, well, he isn’t entirely sure. But he is happy when Steve is the one who lets him in. Even though he doesn’t remember him, there’s something about him that’s familiar, and nice. It’s comforting.

And after that night, Bucky and Steve start to spend a lot more time together. It’s hard on Steve because Bucky still doesn’t remember anything, but it’s nice to have his friend back by his side. One night there’s a glimmer of hope, Bucky seems to remember something from his past, and Steve couldn’t be more ecstatic. Neither of them need Bucky to remember everything, but this little glint of the past it seems like their future together could still be bright.

(Exclaimer: I’ve never seen the Vow… and I’m like, 100% sure this isn’t how it happens, but it’s how I wanted to end this one) 

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Title: Guilty Pleasure
Words: 3,734
Pairing: Akihito/Mirai
Summary: One day, Akihito finds Mirai’s blog by chance and learns some very interesting things about his bespectacled beauty.


He found her blog by accident.

It’d been one of those slow weekends, the kind where all Akihito had done was spend his time sprawled out on his sofa with his laptop propped up on his knees, mindlessly surfing the web once he’d finished his homework. He’d been wondering about Kuriyama-san all day, his thoughts drifting to her more often than was probably acceptable, a few of them a little too devious to ever voice. Several of her photos from Ayaka’s shop were splayed across his coffee table; one of them even held her signature, something she’d added sarcastically when he’d shown up to collect them.

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Haizaki felt wronged, but now he feels kind of embarrassed 

He asked for it though

my nijihai hc


love will lighten the dark


20 favorite pictures of Anna Torv (requested by taenypush)

315: Own It
  • Harry:Your head thrown back, pressed deeply into the pillow with your lips parted as gasps, whimpers, quiet moans, all spewed from your lips. Nails raking up his spin, digging in occasionally, likely to leave angry red lines behind. His lips ghosted up your jaw, alternating from kissing to nipping as he made his way up to your lips. Taking your lower lip between his teeth and tugging at it, pushing another gasp up from the back of your throat and right into his mouth. His hand coming up to cup your neck while his lips stayed connected to yours as he slowed the movement of his hips slightly. A small smile made its way to his lips as you quietly whimpered his name, ‘I'm yours’ following that whimper.
  • Zayn:Your lips hovered over his as you leaned forward, pressing your forehead to his while he stared up at you with darkened eyes. Your knees on either side of him as you eased off him slightly only to slide all the back down seconds later. His hands on your hips tightened, fingers digging deeper into your skin. The thought of the marks that’d be left behind pushed a moan up your throat. Marks that’d take a few days to fade. Marks that brought to mind that regardless of your noncommittal relationship you were his. He pressed his thumbs harder into your hipbones as you took your time moving on top of him before letting his head fall back against the headboard and his lower lip was tucked roughly between his teeth.
  • Niall:You fisted the front of his shirt as he kissed you harder, pressing your back up against the wall while his hands gripped at your waist. The people around you forgotten as he pressed his body closer to yours, rolling his hips into yours, making you let out a moan into his mouth. Pulling back momentarily, he stared down at you breathing heavily before you hooked your fingers into his belt loops and his lips were back on yours. Teeth clanking a bit as the kiss became rougher, tongues brushing against one another’s as he pressed you harder on the wall, eliminating the possible bits of space there could have been between the two of you. Tearing his lips from yours he let out a low groan as he adjusted himself, whispering how badly he wanted you. Only for you to whisper back that he already had you.
  • Louis:Pushing him back down against the bed, you straddled his waist before pressing your lips to his. His hands instantly coming up to grasp your hips, fingers tightening around them as you slowly began to rock on top of him. A groan fell from his lips and past yours, as you pressed down harder on him. In a matter of seconds he’d you flipped over, settling in between your legs that were now wrapped around him. ‘Fuck’ fell from his lips quietly as his fingers easily slipped under your shirt, pressing into your skin. Tangling your fingers into the back of his hair, you tugged at it with your lip between your teeth as his lips trailed down neck until he reached your collarbone and bit down on it. ‘Tell me what you want.’ He mumbled against your skin before he began sucking a bruise into it. ‘You.’
  • Liam:He reached up, pushing his now wet hair from his eyes with a crooked smile on his lips before pressing them to yours softly. His arms circling around your waist as he backed you up until your back was pressed against the cool tiled wall. His hand falling from around you and moving so it was now between your legs and he touched you lightly forcing a gasp to travel up the depths of your throat. You let your head fall back against the wall with your eyes shut, his name falling from your lips. His darkened eyes fell to your parted lips as you began to pant from his fingers, ‘Look at you’ he spoke with a smirk evident in his voice, ‘Only me yeah…only I can get you like this with me fingers.’ He whispered leaning in to attach his lips to your wet skin, biting down on it roughly to push a moan from your lips. ‘Only you…just you.’
#323: Late Night
  • Harry:You let your head loll back against the headrest, eyes trained on him with a dopey grin set on your lips. His eyes met yours almost instantly, sighing with a shake of his head, you were sloshed. If the flushed cheeks and slightly glazed over eyes didn’t give it away, the crooked grin and wandering hands sure did. He caught a hold of your hand as you slid it into his lap, “We’re almost home.” He mumbled taking his lower lip between his teeth as a giggle left your lips. “I know." You gave his thigh a quick squeeze before turning your hand in his and lacing your fingers. "I can't wait to get home and get everything off." You whispered using your other hand to push up the end of your dress. A groan fell from his lips as he tried tearing his eyes off your fingers that were tracing shapes into your inner thigh, "We're almost there [Y/N]..." He croaked, clearing his throat immediately after.
  • Liam:A tired crinkly-eyed grin made its way to his lips after you brought your finger up to boop him on the nose. "Hey..." You whispered burying your head further into your currently shared pillow. "Hello." He spoke in a slightly hoarse voice with the smile still on his lips. "How are you?" You questioned, giggles slipping past your lips as you watched his brows furrow a bit. "Seriously [Y/N]?" He retorted letting out a light chuckle draping his arm over your side, pulling you in closer. "I'm good though babe just tired." He mumbled a yawn making its way passed his lips and you nodded your head, a yawn contagiously slipping past your lips. "So let's sleep then." You spoke quietly and he scoffed shooting you another one of his tired grins. “Well I was nearly there until you poked my nose.”
  • Niall:You were gone, lifting your head from the pillow slowly, groaning from the slight spin of the room and looked down at him sleeping beside you. You took your lip between your teeth, biting down hard as your eyes raked over his slightly flushed chest until you met the thin sheet draped over his hips. Trailing your eyes back up to his face before you brought your hand up to your face, quickly wiping at your eyes. Niall was asleep, like he was every weekend you woke up half drunk beside him, lips slightly parted with one arm draped over his eyes and an almost quiet snore was being produced. Reaching over the side of the bed you dug around through the pile of clothes until you recovered the outfit you were wearing a few hours ago. This was how it went every weekend. You’d show up to some club, get drunk, find Niall, kiss him, and end up in his bed undressed. It was your routine. And you’d always leave at 3 A.M but it was fine because when he woke up in a few hours he knew you’d be back next week.
  • Louis:You were alone, it became clear after rolling over in bed already prepared for a collision, but there wasn’t one. His side of the bed was empty; you sat up on your elbows with bleary eyes, squinting until you caught sight of his motionless body laid across the couch in the living room. Sluggishly making your way out of bed and over to him you raked your fingers through your tangled hair, “Why aren’t you in bed Lou?” You asked with your scratchy voice, clearing your throat seconds later as he lifted his brows at you before shrugging. “Couldn’t sleep babe…” He sighed scooted over a bit, giving you enough space to lay down with him on the couch. Once you were cuddled up to him with your face buried in the crook of his neck, you pressed your lips to his skin chastely, “Wanna talk?” You questioned, a grunt making its way pass his lips, so you hummed in response circling your arms around his waist. “Love you…” You whispered against his skin.
  • Zayn:You hovered over him, lip tucked between your teeth as you fought off a smile while his hands traced patterns into your skin. Your eyes darted to his lips as he swiped his tongue across his bottom lip slowly; unintentionally you brought your face closer, putting barely any space between your lips. Your eyes found his once more, catching the smile in them, “Kiss me.” He ordered in a whisper, the words leaving his lips only making your lips brush. You pushed your mouth against his softly, sighing instantly, his fingers no longer tracing patterns in your skin as they were sprawled over the exposed skin, griping at it tightly as you deepened the kiss. Taking his lower lip between your teeth, biting down on it and causing a gasp to slip from his mouth into yours. He rocked his hips up into you as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, licking at the roof of his mouth. He let you have a control of the kiss for a few more seconds before flipping the both of you over and settling himself between your legs. “Z…” You whimpered quietly into his mouth as he continued to rock his hips against you, it was going to be a long night.

Do you ever just stop and think about how Dean and Castiel have fallen in love thousands upon thousands of times?

No, wait. Hear me out here. 

I’m not kidding when I say thousands. I don’t think we even have an idea of just how many love stories have been written about these two characters. The number would probably be nearly inconceivable. “Their story is written in the stars,” we say, and maybe that’s true, because it’s taken so many forms. We’ve seen them fall in love in nearly every place imaginable, in near-impossible circumstances. Sometimes it goes smoothly. They’re lucky in those stories. But most of the time there are bumps along the road. They’re lucky in those ones, too, because at least they go through those bumps together.

"The greatest love story ever told," we say, and maybe that’s true too, but it raises another question: which one? Which love story? Because I have watched Dean and Castiel play out their stories over and over and over again, and there is only ever one factor that never changes. They fall in love. Every story about Dean and Castiel is a love story.

"Stories", I guess, is sort of the point here. Maybe they’re just one giant love story—not just Supernatural and not just fanfiction, but Dean and Castiel, two boys who taught each other how to have faith. Maybe the characters of Dean and Castiel are the ones who are written in the stars. Maybe the characters of Dean and Castiel are the greatest love story every told. In any and every form they take. Maybe. 

And if that’s true, if all of the little stories add up to one big story, then what makes one story any more valid than another? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if Dean and Castiel don’t ever officially confess their love on the show of Supernatural, it doesn’t change what they are. Supernatural is just another small story in the grand scheme of Dean and Castiel and all of those stars we’re always talking about. Supernatural is a beautiful, beautiful story, and if in it those two characters never do make it to that stage, then that really is just fine. Because Dean and Castiel have fallen in love thousands upon thousands of times.

I don’t know.

Do you ever just stop and think about that? 


((I got a new Monomi outfit! The first picture is the outfit with the maid headdress that came with the dress, and the second is just with my good ol Monomi bow! I still need to add black buttons and cuffs tho u//v//u))


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"You just did it again," he whispered, brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

And sometimes words were good too.

- I Know That Face by nevertothethird


Miles + Rachel | 2.14

"You need to stop worrying about me."