i haven't posted anything in forever

June 24, 2010

I woke up this morning at 10:45AM to get ready to go to the mall to find my friend a graduation present. But an unexpected text I got from my cousin. She actually has the balls to ask her dad to ask my mom to get my number. Haha. So we talked a bit. I added her on facebook and I guess we got along pretty well. After my little reunion with her I got ready and went to the mall and got two graduates see’s candie! Then I headed home, took a 30 minute nap before my SAT class. After my nap, I went to SAT. It’s 4:30PM by then. I had extra time to stalk my cousin..LOL I found her tumblr so I scroll through. I lost track of time, until I realized I needed to wrap my presents then go to another graduation dinner. I have never been this awkward. I was so awkward, I felt awkward. I’m not trying to be racist or anything, but it feels awkward to be one of the only Asians there. The food was pretty good though. I came home around 9:00 and I just showered. Today was an good unexpected day! :)