From Whose Line is it Anyway, episode 5x01, Questions Only game.

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"I want everyone here to know just how proud I am of my brave, handsome, bushy haired boyfriend."

I have this habit of neglecting my work during art in favour of painting flowers on peoples arms, particularly if they seem to be upset or having a bad day, and I get the feeling that this is a thing that Jehan would definitely do if he were in high school. 

So have some High School AU Jehan painting on a downcast Grantaire to cheer him up. 




Here’s the gigantic post I was talking about, made of theories, wishes and assumptions and rainbows regarding Killian Jones’ history, in relation to Peter Pan and Neverland (mainly). A lot of people have been theorizing these past few weeks/months on how JM Barrie’s story would be retold, how Killian would be “integrated” to this new world we’ll be properly introduced to in season 3.…I have been contributing to the Killian=Peter theory with a few gifsets but now the season’s over, I thought it was time for me to explore what’s been lingering in my mind about Killian Jones. So yes, I guess this is a masterpost that I will be updating with each assumption I will come up with.

YOU CAN READ THE ANALYSIS ON GOOGLE DOCS and even download the post. I figured it’d be easier to read everything somewhere else as the analysis is 15 pages long on Word.

Enjoy the mess shipmates! Feel free to comment or send an ask. I would love to discuss these theories or simply theorize about Killian, Peter and Neverland. You can also send an ask if you’re confused because everything in this post may be confusing for someone who is not me.


Inspired by (x

I meant to draw canon but somehow wound up in Mallverse instead: What is quickly becoming the story of my life.

I just finished reading Victoria’s fic and I am not okay


I mean, seriously. All of this perachelbeatspercabeth stuff? Needs to stop. On both sides. Seriously.

To be honest, I don’t know much. After a week or two, I came on, and all I see on my dashboard is drama. I don’t know the whole story, only parts of it. In my opinion both sides of this argument are wrong.

perachelbeatspercebeth I don’t know what to say, without you being rude to me. So, can you please just stop? Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but some things you say are just wrong. People take it the wrong way. Some things you don’t say, especially on the internet. I mean, commenting negative things on people’s selfies? Unnecessary. Even if you think it’s true. I mean, you just brought chaos to this fandom, even though it wasn’t entirely your fault. If you really want this to go away, just stop being all sassy and rude. Just because you have home problems doesn’t mean you can take it out on innocent people who are just trying to help. It just adds more.

Everyone else: Just STOP. Please. Some of you are really taking it too far, or, are just taking @perachelbeatspercabeth’s words out of context. I’m not saying she didn’t say some wrong things, but still. Comments in her inbox and call outs and reports obviously aren’t doing anything, so there’s nothing left to do. Except to ignore it. JUST IGNORE IT. You all say you want this to stop, but you keep on commenting. Ignore her.

I really can’t believe this is happening, especially so close to the release date of the last book. I mean, we shouldn’t worry about stuff like that, we should be celebrating, looking back at the journey of all of the books. We should be making countdowns, enjoying the end of the pjo ship weeks, making art, edits, gifs, one-shots, long as ever remembrance posts, etc. Not this.

It just disappoints me, you guys. It should disappoint you too.

I thought we were better than this.

GoG Motif - ?M Assignment

The motif of the cassette in GoG is prominent, and the cassette serves to set tone (sometimes really oddly if I remember correctly, but mostly fits well) and the actions of Peter Quill. It is symbolic coming from his mother and is a reminder of his inability to move on due to lack of companionship, being abducted and all that sad stuff that makes us love Quill as a tragic protag (haha I digress but damn really Quill had me feeling pretty sympathetic for him). Continue under the read more because I don’t want to clog dashboards with my English work :~)

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as it is 3 am i should probably go to sleep, im kind of exhausted from work and stuff. im absolutely not getting up early, my alarms going to be set for 2, i havent been able to sleep in in forever


Sometimes I wonder why people think I’m weird and then I remember I have a pet jumping spider named Sparky