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things I’ve learned from kuroko no basket:

  1. basketballs can literally go through hands
  2. you can have a flashback of your whole childhood in the time it takes to dribble the ball 2 feet
  3. laser beams come out of your eyes when you get “in the zone”
  4. you can eat constantly and be incredibly lazy and still be a star athlete
  5. always carry around your lucky item even if it’s a globe or a statue of a bear eating a salmon
  6. tough guys can be afraid of tiny dogs
We come together so close, only to cut ourselves away...
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With a pounding heart Kíli walked towards the center of the city, hood dragged far over his head to hide his bloodied face. He moved as quickly as he dared without drawing too much attention but it still felt like it wasn’t fast enough.

Even though he was thankful that the crowds, created by the afternoon rush, had helped him escape the guy hunting him, he couldn’t relax. He had been lucky enough to escape the man in the first place, plus, Kíli wasn’t sure that he could endure another fight seeing the state the first had left him in; face blue, lip split and ribs throbbing like hell. He needed somewhere to hide. Now. Obviously his own shabby place wasn’t safe any longer and so weren’t the streets. But where could he possibly go, seeing that he’d cut his ties with almost everyone he’d once known? 

As he reached the big mall he stopped, and hid himself between groups of chatting teenagers while a shaking hand reached for his phone in his pocket. After having opened up his contacts he dared to throw a glance around him, breathing out in relief when there was no tattooed, muscly man anywhere to be seen. 

A foot impatiently tapped the street as he started to scroll down the list of contacts. Should he call Ori, his childhood friend? No way. Uncle Thorin? Absolutely not

It was not until his brother’s name popped up on the screen Kíli stopped scrolling. Fíli had always been so kind towards him, always trusted him, always helped him. He probably was the best choice when it came to keeping all this secret.

And so, almost in panic, Kíli opened up a text and quickly wrote down a few urgent words.

[Text]: Fíli, can you come pick me up outside the mall on 5th? Now?! It’s an emergency.

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why tf are people so mean to you? you're legit one of the nicest people in the phandom your ask box litera lly says nicerinternet

lmao i have no idea why i tend to get shit, i suppose it means i never have a boring day haha


harry edward styles // i feel like when people label people as “famous,” they take away a lot of substance that they have as a person. so you don’t remember someone as “he was funny,” or “they were really nice and giving.” it’s like “they were famous,” and then it becomes a thing where anything after that, whatever you choose to do afterwards… if it’s not as famous, or more famous than it was before… it’s considered a failure. and that’s a shame, because it’s not a failure, always. 

the signs in a group chat/email
  • aries:is always interrupting important discussions randomly to talk about some ridiculous incident that occurred during their day, also spams everyone incessantly
  • taurus:shows up only to read everyone's messages and doesn't even bother replying to them, might start typing out a response but then gets lazy/distracted halfway
  • gemini:overuses emoticons all the time and sends witty comments in response to every single thing. also somehow thanks to them everyone else ends up with a giant collection of pictures of people/things they don't even care about
  • cancer:freaks out and rants about whatever's currently bothering them way too much, makes lame jokes, also starts fierce and intense debates on the most random and unimportant topics
  • leo:makes hilarious puns almost all the time and goes on a long rant about whatever's happening in their life
  • virgo:comes up with the lamest jokes ever honestly. also has a super serious side which involves them sending lengthy and detailed paragraphs on various intellectual topics
  • libra:shows up to say something like "why is everyone fighting pointlessly like guys pls....chill" or sometimes talk about something interesting that happened during their day
  • scorpio:keeps asking how everyone else is doing every 5 minutes + sends pictures and other life updates when no one else is online just to make sure the message thread is active
  • sagittarius:gets annoyed by the group chat after a while and ignores all messages, finally shows up 1 month and 1000000 messages later only to say "wtf why do yall talk so much honestly you're crazy....also btw today i--" and send a hundred more messages
  • capricorn:keeps asking questions like "have you watched/listened to/seen/made/done the following things?? because you should" also probably the best at sending the most sassy and sarcastic replies
  • aquarius:hardly ever shows up honestly but when they do it's either a super short message meant to tease one specific person OR some gigantic 10-page long essay on the complexity of life
  • pisces:is the poor kid permanently getting cyberbullied by everyone else :/

ok i’m sorry but

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so i had actually asked jared to like hug the picture & to feel free to be a bit silly but i guess he was just too excited; like i don’t think he even heard anything i said once i handed it over lmao. jensen was pretty amused which was fun and even though i talked more to jared, it was jensen who was all attentive and sweet and got us into position and all that good stuff :)

Jared was still fiddling around with the picture when i was about to leave and it didn’t seem like he was ready to give it back just yet loll so i told him he could hang onto it if he wanted but……..i had absolutely no idea it would lead to this: