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Ace Attorney Gothic
  • It’s not a ladder, you point out. It’s clearly a stepladder. You aren’t sure why you’re the only one who knows the difference. Maybe those are details that only matter to you.
  • You don’t usually pay attention to the sensationalist headlines of newspapers and tabloids, but you start looking a little closer when they’re paired with the grey-and-wine-colored portrait photos of a young man— stoic, handsome, and familiar. Thousands of people see the same photos when the issues circulate, but nobody else sees the same person that you do.
  • The answer is, as always, in the Court Record, but it’s rarely obvious. Everyone else makes it look so easy, but you feel like the evidence only ever says two things to you; the first is that it could be anything, like picking out one voice in a chaotic chorus, or that it seems like it’s nothing at all, as though you were listening for the shrillest scream in a silent film.
  • When you do present a piece of evidence, you hope more than anything that the music stops. Where is the music even coming from? Maybe you’re the only one that hears it.
  • You’ve spoken to the dead enough times to know it’s the living that you need to watch out for.
  • You finally meet him again, the man from the tabloids and rumors. But just as soon as he reenters your life, suddenly he’s gone again, leaving behind only the evidence that he means to, and you wish you could forget that it happened at all. But his name forms scars on your heart and you learn soon enough that you can never really prepare yourself for the dull knife that tears them open again whenever it’s spoken.
  • The idea of questioning a parrot seems ridiculous, but it’s seen more than it’s trained to say, and there’s so much it would tell you, if it could.
  • It isn’t long before you become the subject of rumors yourself, and your mistakes become your definition. What you’ve built suddenly becomes piles of rubble and debris around you, but you don’t ask for anyone’s help. Not while there’s someone who still needs yours.
  • Logically, you know that everyone you know has parents. Of course they do, but you know better than to ask about them, since the lingering presence of grief and guilt that you’ve had too much practice identifying tells you everything you need to know.
  • When something smells, it’s usually the Butz. Even when he isn’t there, even when he hasn’t been there for years, you still know. It’s the Butz.

I tried to fit in. I pretended it was ok, feeling like my body and mind were constantly fighting different battles. But after all that work I still wasn’t fitting like I wanted to. How do I find myself? 

the bae 61/

“We work out at the same gym and you always look super legit but I know you sing Hannah Montana in the shower and you know I know” au (x)

Dean and Blue Eyes have this unspoken agreement.

They hadn’t originally. When Dean had started at the weird hippy gym Sam had bought the membership for—great birthday surprise, my ass—their relationship consisted solely of checking each other out while running or whatever. Mostly, it was Dean doing the checking out, because Blue Eyes is legit. He gets in, runs for an hour, gets gorgeously sweaty and breathless before hunkering down in a corner of the farthest studio and doing a half hour of yoga. Sometimes he’ll do weights and floor exercises, but he likes yoga. A lot.

Blue Eyes is bendy, athletic, and with his sweat-soaked hair and criminally glistening body, Dean is convinced he’s some sort of gladiator sent forward in time. Seriously, the guy’s sweat even smells awesome; not to mention the fact that he wears big t-shirts and short running shorts that ride up just so when he bends into downward dog.

Truth be told, even with sprinting for fifteen minutes and spending forty-five in the weight room, the guy makes Dean feel like a couch potato. Which kinda sucks, but obviously Dean is doing something right, because there are times when he’ll turn around to find Blue Eyes looking right at him. It’s like the guy has no shame, which is more hot than weird because he eyes Dean like he’s a tasty snack or a really difficult puzzle or something. And even though Dean tries not to, he always ends up blushing and looking away first, at which point Blue Eyes turns his intensity to working every muscle in his body like the god Dean knows he is.

That was how it was for a while… and then The Shower Incident happened.

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Whatever you do, don’t think about how fallen!Cas would be a health nut. 

  • Don’t think about how he’d originally start to run because Sam suggests it as an outlet, and he becomes absolutely enamoured with going on long jogs through the nearby forest. 
  • Don’t think about how Sam would show him the joys of eating healthy, and how Dean would overhear and start to think that ‘yeah Cas is human now gotta take care of him’, and veggie dishes (that taste damn good, thank you very much) would magically start appearing at the table because “whatever Sam, you know how expensive meat is? You like a moose, dude, we can’t afford to have it every day”. 
  • Don’t think about Dean getting Cas real running shorts and a fancy dry-fit tee, and don’t think about Cas handling the garments like they’re made of glass because he loves them so much. 
  • Don’t think of Cas making granola for when they go on hunts. 
  • Don’t think of Cas coming home after an hour run glistening with sweat and pulling off his shirt on the way to he and Dean’s room. 
  • Don’t think of Cas finishing to strip in the bathroom and Dean joining him because fuck Castiel looks so good like this. 
  • Don’t think about Cas pulling Dean into the shower with him.

And for the love of God, don’t think of how obsessed Castiel becomes when he learns people still do marathons. For charity.

  • Don’t think about how he spends all night researching the various runs he wants to do for various different causes, slipping into bed and curling around Dean with a smile.
  • Don’t think about how Dean rolls his eyes and makes a show of being unimpressed in front of Sam, but helps Cas stretch and makes sure he eats right and cuddles him at the end of the day, working love into his skin and massaging out any knots in his back. 
  • Don’t think about how proud he is when Cas finishes his first marathon, and the celebratory sex they have that night.
  • And don’t think about how Cas had so much fun running, he wants to share the experience with Dean. Of course, Dean would never even consider running a marathon, so Castiel starts doing research.
  • Don’t think of him finding the ‘Tough Mudder’ race.
  • Don’t think of him pitching it to Dean late one night while they’re cuddled in bed, fingers tracing over the bridge of a freckled nose as he innocently explains the mud and the obstacles and the teamwork involved.
  • Don’t think about Dean reluctantly agreeing, because why not? He looked up the promotional video and it looked kinda cool. He’d blow all those civilians outta the water, anyway.
  • Don’t think of Team Free Will literally signing up as Team Free Will, and training until race day.
  • And don’t think of the exhausting, intense, slippery awesomeness that is the Tough Mudder and the huge smiles Sam, Dean and Cas have at the end of the race, stumbling over the finish lining and beelining towards the beer.