When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I was here


デュラララ!! ||紀田正臣
↳happy birthday to akahshi!

She’s our mother

the last few years have been long, shaky; i have been a bundle of nerves, a wealth of emotion, and always, always a collection of guts and tears and bonfires.

but you have been there always. when i have stood with my mind hosting its own earthquake you stood by me, arms steady, unwavering. you have been the pocket that sheltered me, the heart that brought me to safety, the one who did not give up on me when you so easily could have.

when the stars in me winked out one by one you gave me yours. you gave me your light when i couldn’t make my own, and how we blazed together. how you still blaze, so radiant and strong and beautiful.

today i cannot write a poem to you without crying. i am made of natural disasters but you have stayed through the tsunamis, the eruptions, the tornadoes. you have stayed despite your own darkness, your own clouds, and you stay still.

i want you to know that you shine more brightly than anyone i have ever known. when i say that you are my best friend i do not just mean that you are someone i share secrets with. i mean you gave my feet a reason to touch the ground every morning. i mean i am never more myself than when you are around. i mean you are a sunrise that always brightens my day.

i mean you give me a home to come back to.

—  happy birthday Eileen /// (d.s)