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we all know a pack is strongest due to its individual parts.


she’s the  b e s t  of my life

valjean and cosette for anon


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Rei being the very definition of For the team


"People seem to think that a rabid dog goes mad suddenly, but it’s gradual." - Chris Argent, 1x04 Magic Bullet

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Okay i am acting like an actual 5 year old right now, because I know anime adaptations aren’t a 100% through on manga and that whole deal, but I’m genuinely upset they left this out.

Because this was a very substantial initial little stage of development for Yamaguchi, because the burden of being the only first year who’s not a regular really weights on him later on, and it’s some of what drives him to try so hard to get better. He doesn’t have something fundamental or special like Hinata’s physical abilities, Kageyama’s skill or Tsukishima’s height; he only has this desire to want play with everyone else. And that’s exactly what makes him try twice as hard and try to be as good as he can so he can be of some use for the team (and it pays off to an extent, if the latest chapters are anything to go by), and it makes you understand what he got of volleyball and how that perception is changing now that he’s in Karasuno with all that wonderful people.

The symbolism of how Tsukishiima is the only one not looking back at him in this sequence is also so important to the progressive evolution of their relationship later on. I’ve beaten this horse constantly, but I’ll always repeat myself: Tsukishima and Yamaguchi’s relationship is one of the most evolving ones, particularly from a personal and interdependent focus, and the fact that to everyone they seem like this irregular duo, a friendship where the scales are all on Tsukishima’s side (which to them isn’t exactly that way, but it’s not the point of this post) and how that displays on their take on volleyball is super significant to their posterior interactions. Specially when in a certain manga chapter Yamaguchi is the one leaving Tsukishima behind, and it bothers him so much he decides to take action and culminate in the famous ch.88 scene.

It’s just a tiny cap, but it signifies a lot to set the path to their mutual development and I’m just really sad they left it out, it didn’t take more than 6~10 seconds to do it to establish something that is important to Yamaguchi’s growth

Not to mention I was really excited about seeing baby middle-school Yamaguchi with his horrible haircut and he was nowhere to be seen B(

and idk man maybe I’m just being a huge crybaby because I’m a Yamaguchi loving idiot but exactly because of that I think leaving this out makes me ache, because the monologue really does get the gears going for what’s later on 


neptune sticking up for sun as kids when others tease him about his tail.

neptune refusing to shop at the corner store because they won’t let sun through the front door. 

neptune thinking sun’s tail is super awesome and he wants one too.

neptune asking about sun’s heritage and his family and everything he can.

neptune giving others the smack down the second someone tries to talk shit about the faunus race. 

neptune being a supportive best friend.