i have a knife

warxborn asked:

"Has anyone ever called you knife ear?"

“I have been called ‘knife ear’ in the Free Marches, ‘rabbit’ in Orlais, and ‘flat ear’ by the Dalish. I am well-travelled, and it seems there is no place I can visit without hearing a new, unflattering term for my kind.”

team-laufeyson in turn

Which side would you join?
Patriots, obviously. I have a strong sense for justice and democracy. Estate-based societies and monarchies aren’t something cool. It is most woeful that human beings are born into a role and have no opportunity to achieve their true skills and desires.
Also I look handsome in blue.

What would you do (spying, fighting, etc.)?
I think I’d be in intelligence. Something that requires fighting skills and brainpower. I was always good in theoretical stuff and in school I knew something in every subject. Also in real life. I know some things about physics, I’m good at biology, I understand logic, I’m kind of good in language, I know a lot of art-related stuff, but I really need to get passionate about something to dig in the topic deeper. Also I’m good at solving riddles. When I’m training I’m in a good physical condition and I’m really fast. Plus I totally have a thing for knifes and daggers, so this would be my choice of weapon: A knife and my mind.

If you’re in the military what rank would you hold?
If required I can totally lead persons and inspire them, although I rather like to work on my own. If noone is willing or able to lead a group and make decisions I can make them. So I think I’d hold the rank of a Captain or Major. But I think I’d have face court martial some times because I tend to question a leaders decision and wouldn’t be afraid of a confrontation. I think it’s important to question your leader, because that means to question yourself.
Have a quote fro Drago Age: You are who you choose to follow.

Any special skills?
I’m able to sneak at people really good. Although I have my own very strong oppinions on topics I’m able to get into someone elses shoes and look at things from their point of view. I’m very creative and can inspire people. Also I know that sometimes, especially in a war you just have to do what is neccessary, if you like it or not. If it means kill a man for the victory. Yes I do it. If it means torture someone to get important information. I’m your woman. Sticking to yourself is important, but if you have to throw away your moral to achieve the greater goal, some things must be done even if you don’t like them.
Victory. Or death.


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If I had my way, Sansa would have pulled a knife on Ramsy in the wedding chamber and sliced his fucking throat. Now THAT would have been surprising and far more interesting, keeping with Sansa’s character development. And then Theon gets her out and Brienne picks them up and off they fly into the woods where they run into the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Either they meet Lady Stoneheart or Sansa casts off her name and becomes Lady Stoneheart, joining forces with Stannis Baratheon to take the Boltons out of Winterfell once and for all. Maybe Theon redeems himself by going into battle and dies from protecting Sansa from harm.

And THAT’S when Sansa will become the Queen in the North. And when Littlefinger comes in, she’ll tell him to go fuck himself and have his head chopped off herself (because the one who passes the sentence must swing the sword). Hell, maybe Sansa has Brienne do the honors. After all, Brienne would be part of her Queen’s Guard.

Then, Sansa and Margaery get married and they go visit Highgarden.

What’s truly amazing to me is that men don’t understand what its like to be a woman AT ALL.
They can walk down the street at 11 pm and be completely carefree. What a life.

Every time I do that I think “why don’t I have a knife? What would I do if someone tried to rape me right now? I need to buy a knife when I get home…..” RAPE IS SCARY ON A WEEKLY IF NOT DAILY BASIS FOR US DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT A HASSLE THAT IS.