Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

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“Then don’t go,”
It would’ve hurt less if Makoto was honest from the start. That was what Haruka thought. And he never thought he would be the one to hold Makoto back. -Seven Hours 'til I Get To Come Back Home

Just go read Seven Hours by dahliadenoire because I don’t think you can undersand this scene without reading it plus this fanfiction is marvelous and I’m somehow a little embarassed about doing this ;u;

I hope I got the scene right, it’s my favorite one and everytime I read it, I end up sobbing like the loser I am 

They’re not cuddling, they’re just keeping themselves warm on a rainy night after getting lost in the woods…

I don’t know if I’m satisfied with this. I spent quite some time on it, and I like the lineart, but the colors were HARD. I had a very precise atmosphere in mind, I hope it shows at least a little… c’:


"Was Poland taken by surprise?"
"To some extent. Although they knew something was up."


Out of sight, not of mind.
You want the world, I’ll give you mine.

fucking castiel angel of the lord who used to be captain of a whole garrison until he learnt from a human and his brother that there’s more to life than following orders, and who wears a damn tax accountant trenchcoat and tries so hard to save the world and has acquired the taste for coffee and can tell you that you learnt it from the goats, and doesn’t understand pop culture references but loves watching television and saw the first fish and the tower of babel and porn, and is so smart he uses quantum superposition to hide and feels regret so deeply and loves the best he knows how and ugh.


One time he was 7 years old and we were driving him to a very important game and I noticed he was so quiet. He was sick; he had a high fever. I said ‘We’re turning around, you’re not playing hockey.’

He started getting so mad he said, ‘No, I’m going to play.’ Most kids would be in their bed but he wanted to play, he was so dedicated. ‘I have to be there for my team, I have to go play.’

And he did and they won. So amazing, his dedication and his strong will to win, to give everything he has. He’s been like this since he was very young.

—  Daily Herald interview with Andrée Toews,  5/29/2010

Fullmetal AlchemistSecond Lieutenant Jean Havoc

A good friend told me retirement doesn’t suit me. And my superior told me to hurry up and catch up to him. What a bunch of jerks, eh? Even when I’m down they don’t let me off the hook. I can catch up to them even if I’m not in the military. Everyone’s waiting for me. So I’ll pull through.


being human | twenty-five scenes

i drowned according to this. walking along a canal bank, slipped and fell, no sign of struggle or trauma. just a random, stupid accident. i was buried. christ, three weeks ago! in a private service attended by family and friends. alex’s father, brendon, said “alex was beautiful in every sense. we will never forget her strength, kindness, and determination. she lit up our lives, and we will miss her so much.”

LISTEN TO THE SILENCE: a welcome to night vale fanmix [listen]

01. Night Bus - Burial // 02. Transmission - Joy Division // 03. Violent Dreams - Crystal Castles // 04. A Forest - The Cure // 05. Corner of the Sky - Cut Copy // 06. Playing With Fire - Brandon Flowers // 07. Desert - Other Lives // 08. The Gloaming (Softly Open Your Mouth In the Cold) - Radiohead // 09. ACID 17 - SHVRS // 10. Waiting for the Night - Depeche Mode // 11. Shadows - Woodkid

This was a sketch commission from bmouse for Julian to meet Mila after the war because honestly it’s terrible that it can’t happen and I am NOT happy!

And then I just did a little bonus because I seriously feel like Garak sneaking into people’s rooms while they’re sleeping was one of those things Mila was referring to when she mentioned him getting into trouble a lot as a kid. 

Save Rock And Roll
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  • Save Rock And Roll

Day 54 of 365 - Fall Out Boy featuring Elton John, “Save Rock And Roll”

you are what you love
not who loves you