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Rant time!

Ugh, I HATE how you people on tumblr are dragging Demi Lovato for that tweet saying Caitlyn Jenner’s boobs are better than hers; saying it was “problematic” and “transphobic”! She was COMPLETELY innocent when she tweeted that! She wasn’t implying anything bad; she was merely complimenting Caitlyn, and showing support to her for becoming a woman! Since you guys are all about acceptance of trans people (which is great!) and want others to be aware of the issue and accepting of trans people, why not PRAISE Demi for her tweets about Caitlyn! You should be doing that! These tweets made me gain even more respect for Demi! She has such a beautiful soul, and is a great person! She does stuff like this a lot, and I keep gaining even more respect for this lady. If you want someone to drag, drag Drake Bell. He was the one being transphobic. I hate how you tumblr people overanalyze things about celebs and other stuff, and how you’re oversensitive and twist things around. Especially the SJWs. According to you guys, EVERYTHING is racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, or some kind of -ist and -phobic, or that EVERYTHING is “problematic”. Lighten up and get a life. If the weather for you is nice, go outside and enjoy the weather. Ugh. When will this stop?!

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could you explain otherkin? i'm really curious. it's treated as a really horrible and transphobic thing, from what i've seen? D:

Actually, otherkin has nothing to do with gender! The claims that otherkin are transphobic are.. kind of ridiculous, because the two things are entirely different. A lot of otherkin hate is actually rooted in racism and ableism! I’ll talk about kinship a bit under the cut, though.

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I hate logicd’s opinions on trans people and eugenics, and he can think however the fuck he wants but it still pisses me off, but on the other hand he’s smart a lot of the time and id love to get super high and just talk about guns with him for hours?
Thoughts @logicd?

Hibike Euphonium and Queerbaiting

For many Hibike! Euphonium fans, the dominant ship of the series is Kumiko x Reina. There are a smaller amount of people who insist on shipping Kumiko and Shuuichi together, and though they are a minority, I have seen a decent amount of posts complaining about Kumiko/Reina shippers hating Shuuichi for no good reason and general pleas for others to respect all ships, no matter how much they don’t agree. I’m going to go into detail in this post about how that kind of discourse is counterproductive and comes from a place of heterosexual privilege.

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Most of us like to think we are good people. I do, although once, in a moment of extreme stress, I did tell a Telegraph journalist to go and die in a fire. When you are faced with a barrage of strangers whose opinions you actually care about yelling at you that you’re hateful and hurtful, that you’re an idiot and a bigot, when all you’ve done is make a mistake – well, the easy option, the option that feels safest and most comfortable, is to wall yourself off, decry your critics as prigs and bullies and make a great many ominous references to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Which is silly, because internet feminists are really not a lot like totalitarian dictators; but if we are I want to know when I’m getting the drone army and the snazzy Hugo Boss outfit.

It’s easy to criticise call-out culture, especially if the people calling you out are mean and less than merciful. It’s far harder to look into your own heart and ask if you can and should do better. Like almost every other human being, I don’t like it when people shout at me, unless I’m at a punk show and have paid good money to have people shout at me. I’m quite a sensitive bunny. I am mortified by the thought of hurting other people, even by accident. I’ve spent very dark days, following social media pile-ons, convinced that I was a horrible person who didn’t deserve to draw breath. I am not afraid of the sexist trolls who send me boring porn gifs on Twitter. I am afraid – frequently legitimately afraid – of letting people down. Of letting my community down. Of making a mistake I can’t move on from. I think everyone with a social conscience and a Facebook profile worries about this.

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I love your reason for why you don't talk about your mom, as most people would probably want sympathy

I don’t bring it up a lot because I don’t want it to become a sort of “alright, we get it. She’d dead.” kind of thing. I don’t want people, when they’re critical of me, to bring her up. And I only mention it when it’s relevant to the conversation. I’ve gotten a YouTube comment before from someone insulting her. I was just sorta sad for that person that they hated me so much that they dragged her into it. They’re probably pretty fucked up. But I don’t mention her too often to avoid situations like that. It’s also why I avoid showing my family on my show or referencing their existence. My dad and sister are both alive and healthy, and I don’t want the internet to say something mean about them in case someone they know or they themselves happened to see it. I’ve built up a sort of tissue to some negative comments but they haven’t had to do that yet and hope they never do, so it’d make me feel awful if they read one.

Marlene McKinnon & Blackinnon Hate

Okay, so this has been bugging me for a while because every time I go into the Marlene or Blackinnon tag, I come across hate of some sort and I feel the need to address this issue.

  1. Firstly, people who hate on Marlene because of how much Blackinnon is in her tag. Yes, okay, I am very aware that a lot of people see Marlene as only one half of a ship, but a lot of us don’t. What I love about Marlene is that she’s practically an OC but she’s not, she’s canon! She was there but we know absolutely nothing about her which means we can play her whatever way we want. Personally, I don’t play Marlene solely for Blackinnon and I feel like a lot of people think that’s the only reason why most people play her. I play Marlene because I enjoy writing her. I have several headcanons for her, for her relationship with her friends and family, with the Order, etc. If I was in an RP and the Sirius wanted to pursue a different ship, I’m not going to care because I play Marlene because I like writing her. Anyway, I don’t think hating on Marlene because a lot of the stuff about her is written with Sirius is a good enough reason.
  2. Secondly, people who hate on Blackinnon just because of the ship. Now, I would just like to state that I ship both Blackinnon and Wolfstar, however, Blackinnon is my main ship. I don’t think anyone should hate on Marlene or Blackinnon just because they don’t ship it. Sure, I have ships I don’t like, but I’m not going to go into a tag that ship’s tag and write negative posts. People don’t want to go into their otp’s tag and see hate so keep it to yourself. Everyone has their own ships and their own ideas and no one has the right to hate on anyone else’s ship. It is rude and unnecessary, it only tears fandoms apart. Yes, I am aware that it was never stated that Sirius dated Marlene but it was also never stated that Sirius dated Remus. Yes, I am aware that there is no links between Marlene and Sirius but isn’t the point of shipping and fandoms and roleplaying to explore these different characters and their relationships? Nothing is set in stone with the marauders bar a few things and that is what makes them so interesting!
  3. And thirdly, people who hate on Blackinnon simply because it is a straight Sirius Black ship. I don’t know if some people are aware, but hating on a ship because it is straight is just as bad as hating on a ship because it is gay/lesbian. Except there’s a difference, if you hate on a straight ship, no one cares. If you hate on a gay/lesbian ship, you’re homophobic. I am not homophobic in the slightest, but this isn’t fair. The sexuality of a ship or character does not give you the right to hate on them. Basically, the point I’m trying to make is that nothing is said about Sirius Black’s sexuality in the Harry Potter series, therefore it is totally okay to make him straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc.

I hope I’ve gotten my point across. I don’t want any trouble, I just don’t want to feel attacked when I go into Marlene and/or Blackinnon’s tag. If you want to openly hate on the character or the ship, please tag it as ‘marlene mckinnon hate’ or ‘blackinnon hate’ so it doesn’t show up in our tags. Thank you. 

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Hey man. I have a question and of course you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I was just wondering what your birth name was? And how/why you chose the name milo?

Not gonna say my birth name but I appreciate that you asked nicely unlike a lot of people, all I’ll say is that it started with the letter M, and I hated it. But I wanted to keep my initials the same, so I knew I had to choose an M name, (obviously no one has to do this. I just did for school stuff, so when I get my report card it say “M. Lastname” and no one sees an issue) so I had a few like Michael and Marlow but I had a book when I was little with a character who had cool hair and his name was Milo. So as uncool as it is I’m named after a character from a picture book.

I’m desperate to make a little money here, please please help me if you can.

I know I just have JeanMarco up there as examples but i’m willing to draw just about anything, and i’ll work with people for pricing and give you check ins on the art progress to make sure you like how it’s coming along.

I’d hate to ask this but i REALLY need money right now, I just moved so i have no job, but i’m looking for one. I just got a cat but he wont eat so i have to take him to the vet and It’s a lot to afford on top of other bills. I’m so sorry but i’m desperate and i’ll try my best so make something you’ll be happy with!

I’ll even be willing to drop the price a bit if you let me know what you want and it doesn’t seem like it’ll take long time :)

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(1) For the school anon, sorry if this seems similar to Autumn's answer but I pretty much agree with most of what she said. I'm happy that Caitlyn Jenner gets to just be herself now, but we have to keep in mind that she's coming from wealth and racial privilege, and so she can relatively easily make all these changes that would take most trans people years to acquire. Not to mention she has a supportive family, which many trans people lack as well. But even with all this, she's STILL getting

(2) a lot of hate and blatant disrespect, so that should really tell you something about how badly transmisogyny is ingrained into our society. As Autumn said, I really don’t think all this support for Jenner is gonna change much about that. And of course I’m not saying people SHOULDN’T support her, but they need to support her for the right reasons. Do they support all the other trans women out there, especially trans women of color, disabled trans women, poor trans women?

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Hi there am I the only one who gets really pissed when I see some stupid head canons about Atem I mean really some people have really weird out of character head canons about him and I hate it do these people even watch the fucking show damn it have some respect for the character WILL YA!

Yeah, I’ve seen things in headcanons and fanfics that really bother me too. For example, sometimes it seems like people think that Atem will Mind Crush someone/send them to the Shadow Realm/whatever at the drop of a hat for even the tiniest thing and that really bothers me a lot. I mean I’m sure sometimes it’s just meant as a joke and isn’t being taken seriously, but there are other times when I feel like it is. Atem has more control than that, thank you very much. The only time he ever used Shadow Games early on was when he felt that his friends needed to be protected or avenged in some way. True the games in the manga do often seem more harsh than the actual infraction itself, but there’s at least always a reason for it in his mind.

The important thing however, and this is what fans seem to either not realize or forget about when bringing this up, is that he chooses not to use his power that way anymore after Duelist Kingdom. Granted, neither the dub or the sub actually give any reason for why he stops using Shadow Games but it’s still obvious that he no longer uses them after season 1. The manga does at least give more of a motivation for it when he learns from Pegasus about there being an evil intelligence in the Millennium Items and starts to wonder if his own actions could be influenced as well by this like Pegasus’ were. He makes a choice to be different, to not go down that path and it’s an important step in his character development. So it really bothers me when I see him being written as just using that power willy nilly for trivial things long after the end of DK.

I think the fandom has a tendency to take his dorkiness a bit too far sometimes too. He’s a teenager and actually acts like one sometimes and I really love those moments when he does, but he’s not unreasonable or prone to acting like a five year old all the time. He can be arrogant but he’s not vain. He’s aggressive in a fight but not uncontrollably so, unless he gets too angry or lets his pride get in the way. And even then, people tend to forget that he’s made progress with that as well. Or maybe they just might not know since the dub did change some of that characterization and the lessons he learns about not being afraid to lose. By the end of season 3 in the sub I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s been able to take that to heart and understands that there are other reasons to fight than for your own pride. It was because he was on the verge of giving up when he thought Jounouchi would die that he found a reason to keep going, and through that was able to try and help Kaiba with his issues as well.

And for goodness sake, he’s not ignorant about the modern world. He shares Yugi’s memories. He knows what Yugi does. Sure, there are going to be things he’s not familiar with because no one knows everything but he certainly isn’t going to be stumped by simple things like phones or toasters. Even when he isn’t in control of Yugi’s body, he’s still usually paying attention to what’s going on around him. He’s also extremely smart so it’s not going to take him long to learn anything that he doesn’t know. Just look at how quickly he mastered Dungeon Dice Monsters when he had never played it before and how he figured out how to use the computer screen to aid him without Otogi telling him anything about it. Sometimes I’ve seen him written as being misplaced from another age, which technically he is, but the writer tends to forget that he doesn’t remember anything at all about his own time until nearly the end of the series. So there’s no way that he could possibly be amazed by the present because it’s different from the past anytime before the end of the show. And even if it’s an AU set afterwards where he stays in the present in his own body, it’s not like he’s suddenly going to forget everything he knew before just because he’s separated from Yugi now. That’s just silly.

I don’t know, I don’t mean to say he can never be written as being goofy or silly or amazed by things, because there’s certainly plenty of things in the world that he and Yugi have never seen or done before. I just wish that his canon characterization would be kept more in mind by the fandom sometimes.

Also wow I didn’t think I’d end up writing this much about it. ^^; Hopefully I’m not raining on anyone’s parade too much and normally I just try to stay away from headcanons and stories that bother me because as much as I may dislike those particular ideas I’m not going to go around attacking anyone personally for having them in their own spaces.

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Do you ever get anon hate? How do you deal with that or other negativity regarding your gender identity or raising a child as trans person?

Oh sure, yeah, I get Anon hate sometimes. Thankfully it is remarkably rare. The biggest spikes have all been around when my blog is trending (when people who might otherwise avoid a blog written by a trans person run across it). But even then the ratio of positive comments and genuinely curious questions are 100 to 1 or better to anything remotely hateful. And I know how to use a delete button and not let random people on the internet get under my skin.

I am in a really fortunate position of having had a lot of support, love, and acceptance in all aspects of my life. I have a pretty good sense of self, and self-worth, and I am really good at being able to let the positive trickle in and the negative dissipate. Sure, I have my moments where I am feeling more insecure and things get to me, but mostly I am pretty comfortable and confident in my ability to manage any negativity that comes my way. I know that my partner, my family, my friends, and many other people I know (here and elsewhere) are behind me and I am not about to let the small handful of vocal dissenters change how I live my life or how I share it.


For the longest time one of our followers has been so active and just the sweetest ever and we really can’t thank this person enough. Thanks, Brin! Here’s the captions for ya!

TA: Hey Briin, You’re 2weet liike honey, and cute liike a BEE!!!

GA: Brin, You Always Lighten Up My Day 


TG: sup brin
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GG:  brin, youre out of this world! <3 

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GOM + Kagami, Himuro and Nijimura confront a couple of guys after over hearing them checking out and making vulgar comments about their s/o

Did you know that is one of the things you can do to make me hate you? Probably not, but now you do and that’s why there will be some dislocated jaws or smth I guess. And I used female pronouns bc it was hard when they talk about you, okay :-/


Kuroko was used to hear all kind of trash-talk when he passed people by unnoticed, but when he heard your name, his pace slowed down, especially as he saw their expressions. He stepped closer, knowing there was no way they’d notice him.

“… but did you see her ass? I’d give a lot for a handful of her ass, man.”

“Yeah, damn right… But doesn’t she have a boyfriend, though?”

“I’ve only heard rumors, but there only rumors, since I’ve never seen her with another guy like that… Should I make a move on her?”

And his decision to interrupt their conversation was set as he saw the dark smirk on the one that talked first’s face. He stayed beside one of the guys and then coughed discreetly, gaining their attention as they all jumped at his sudden appearance. His brows were furrowed and his fists were balled, but his overall look didn’t really impress the guys.

“What kinda guy are you? And how did you even get in here?”

“I think ______-chan wouldn’t like it if she knew that you are talking about her like this. And as her boyfriend, I also ask you to stop.”

Suddenly, one of them started laughing and (Kuroko was pretty sure it was the one that made the most vulgar comment out of all) walked up to him, almost close enough so he could smell the foul breath that left the guy’s mouth and he almost instantly took a step back.

“Listen here, little boy. If I tried hard enough and even if you are her actual boyfriend, I could probably steal her from you in an instant, let’s be real here. So get the fuck out and forget everything you’ve heard or seen, yeah? You don’t wanna get punched, do ya?”

And then he more or less likely walked out, a small smile on his lips as he waited beside the door frame and when they left, he would ever so subtly stretch out his leg and make them trip, before running off to you. He would also warn you that if they ever bothered you, you should not resist to call him and Kagami for rescue.


Kagami would honestly charge in right away, first kicking the door open with more force than needed, but the scowl was already enough to make the group inch away from the door, staring at him with either displeased or scared expressions and he was sure that they would all not to be able to even move a muscle in their face anymore after he was done with them. But he would not puch first, he’d yell first.

“Okay, what did you just say about _______, you asshole?”

“Hey, wow man! Take it as a compliment, she really does have a nice…-“

And that was when he punched the previously speaking guy across the face and didn’t care if he got in trouble for it, then grabbing him by the collar and pushing him up against the wall, screaming at him to repeat what he just said one more time, just to find the encouragement to give the asshole another punch.

He would probably also continue to punch and yell, until one of the guys belonging to the one he was punching right now went and called a teacher, who forcefully removed the two and the guy knew that he could get in trouble if he got called out on the things he said, so he didn’t tell the teacher about it.

And when you asked him about the few blew spots on his skin later on, he only shrugged it off, even though he received the small things when the guy kicked him in resistance, but he wasn’t very moved by it. He then would stay close to you, not sure if they would try to get revenge at him through you, but he wouldn’t regret the punches he gave, even if it was only to blow off his jealousy.


Kise would first make sure that he heard that right, because he was surprised any guy even thought that they had a chance to get any from you, since he was your boyfriend and no one at the school stood a chance against him. But when the guy continued to talk back at him without beating around the bush, the muscles in his right arm flexed almost instinctively.

“Well, sorry to break it to you, but with a body like that, it would be absurd if _______ was anything more but an used…-“

“Don’t you dare use that word in the same sentence as _______-cchi’s name.”

The dangerous gleam in his eyes creeped out most of the group, but some kept the now still somewhat smug grins on their faces, he would ready himself for a physical fight, if needed to prevent vulgar comments like this being made behind your back. And with his perfect copy, he’d surely be able to beat them, although he might also receive a bloody nose or something, but he didn’t give a damn about how his manager would yell at him later, he only wanted to save you from such crude comments and accusation that were already beyond improper.

He wouldn’t mind getting yelled at by a teacher, especially as he told them the part about their comments and then they would (even though not yet permanently) let him go and he would run to you first, hugging you and ignoring your demands to know what happened to his nose and hold you close. But he would tell you later on and even if you would tell him it hadn’t been exactly necessary, he felt a lot better after throwing those punches than if he would have just left after hearing it.


Midorima would think twice about actually saying anything right then and there, even if it was only because he barely had any experience in serious fist-fights and his hands were above such people, but he didn’t feel like he could let it slide at the same time. But he wouldn’t be able to walk off, especially while thinking that people like this should get told where the line between proper and improper is drawn, so he would at least say something.

“Oh, you’re her current boyfriend… That’s actually sad, buddy. She could do much better than you, like me, for example.”

And after subtly calling the guy saying the worst things out on it, his thoughts turned into a chaos after all the interpretations from this sentence flooded his mind, almost overwhelming him. There was the normal, insulting way to take it and then there was the light sexual and vulgar way to understand it and even the idea of reaching that level with you was almost too much at once to handle, although he managed to keep his composure on the outside.

“I’m her boyfriend and that is final. She wouldn’t even turn her head for someone like you.”

And after those words, he would walk out before punches could possibly be thrown and his lucky item would be moving in an area of potential danger, searching for you as fast as possible. And when he found you, he was suddenly confused why he was searching for you again, because you smiled him so brightly and greeted him with a hug and what did he need to be scared of with you by his side like this?


Aomine would start a fight right off the bat, beating up one at a time and insulting the ones watching and the ones that have been to slow or too stupid to run off. And he would only get more fired up if they showed resistance, because it meant that they were struggling and he finished them in slow, but still powerful punches and kicks, until they couldn’t even find the breath to utter your name anymore.

“If you ever talk about my girlfriend like that, either say it in my face or hers or not at all, you asshole. Now taste my fist!”

And yup, like that it’d go and when a teacher finally noticed the whole thing, he would probably have to call more teachers to help out keeping Aomine back and he would be in quite some trouble (especially because the teachers already don’t like him due to his constant skipping of lessons and club sessions. But when he managed to get away, he would feel you up by the next chance, even if it meant receiving a slap on the hand, because he had to remind himself that all this was all his. And there was no way he’d let another have any of you, either heart or body.


Himuro would know from the first glance on if this was a case of words or fists. When he asked one of them about what he had just said and received the first answer spoken even more sensual and slower after recognizing him, he put this into a case of fists.

“I said that _______ has the nicest tits that aren’t fake in our grade.~”

“I beg your pardon, because I fear that…”

Himuro stepped closer to the talking guy, dangerous smile on his face after closing the door of the classroom they were in to spare any possible witnesses the whole scene, until he was right in front of him. And the trailed off end heightened the anticipation of how he was going to end it, but the end took shape in the form of a knee spiked up in the vulgar guy’s stomach, as everyone jumped and the raven ended his own sentence quietly to himslf.

“I couldn’t quite hear you.”

And he would get out after he was done as fast as possible and either ask one of his fangirls or one of his teammates to cover up for him or give him an alibi, just in case the teachers would be sent his way. He wouldn’t mention it towards you, but only gave you well-covered information on how to avoid comments like those being made behind your back with an adoring smile.


Murasakibara would rather not like to have to end this with a crushed skull, but when the guy gets all about details, this is no simple matter of disrespect anymore. Most guys were smart enough to already run off as he had entered, but some of them had a bit longer, staring at him with smug faces and to observe his reaction. But when he threw a short punch, most of them were terrified and ran off, while he taught the talkative one a lesson. That would probably involve some broken noses and even a dislocated jaw, but Murasakibara’s protector instinct was already activated for too long when teachers came to help the guy. But even they would have problems pinning him down, so they maybe even have to fetch you to calm him down.

“Atsushi! Atsushi, stop! What are you doing?!”

And the scene would probably be scary to see, but the rage in his eyes would visibly fade away when he spotted you and then it wouldn’t take too long for him to return to his usual persona and the teachers had to sit through discussions of the case with him, but they refused to without your presence after they watched in awe how great he responded to you. By the end of the day, he would demand a lot of candy and give you more than usual, remembering that you were only his.


Akashi would step in right away. He would also try to go around a fist fight, because it’d look bad on his report card, but if there was no helping it, he probably will step up in a fighting position. Especially if the guys looked down on him as well, but he was nearly even more angered when he heard the names and descriptions they had called you.

“Shorty, do you really think her fine ass is worth getting beat up for? Because if you don’t, you should leave right now.”

And when his friends tuned in with his barking laughter, Akashi’s face darkened as he already formed a strategy, as to how to get rid of them and their improper thoughts about you. Then he would probably say something to provoke them, so he can say that they started it and swiftly respond with a punch of his own. If they weren’t too many, he would finish them and actually feel a bit disappointed because he wasn’t able to gouge their eyes out so they could never look at you again. And after threatening them to let his father’s contacts play if they told anyone about this, he would leave to search for you. But he honestly wouldn’t tell you about that incident, even if only to not pressure you with the thought of it happening again.


Nijimura wouldn’t even give anyone time to say anything, he knew that his hearing was fairly good, so the first thing entering that room and the guys’ face would be his fist. His karate knowledge would make it fairly hard and dangerous and especially painful (because he learned about the most sensitive spots to attack and responded best to pain in his lessons as well). He would probably even throw a punch at a rather innocent one, even if it was by accident, but he wouldn’t really regret it.

And the black-haired male would also only stop when teachers appeared, calmly walk up to them and then explain the circumstances while trying to calm his trembling fists, but all the bodies moaning in pain on the ground didn’t really make him look like the good guy and there was no witness around to prove what he was saying, so he would probably get suspended. But before that happened, he would explain it to you, so you knew he didn’t just took out some anger on them or something, that he had a reason to punch their ugly faces.

And maybe he would even get told off by his coach and his parents, but at some point, he’d grow tired of standing up for himself if no one was gonna believe him anyway, so he would just listen, but deep inside he was sure that he had done the right thing.

Found this massive dead fishing spider laying perfectly spread out in my driveway last night - Species Dolomedes okefinokensis. While I read that some people do have these as pets even I’m not real big on handling a spider of this size while alive most of the time. This is the largest spider species I’ve seen here. I will be dry preserving

👉 Arachnophobia? My arachnid photos have helped so many of my followers become far less afraid of spiders. Maybe they will help you too.
Please note that all nature hate comments on my photos are not welcome & will be deleted! I take a lot of time photographing & IDing these creatures I would never harm them. 👈

Explanation of Species Name - Author of name: Sherman C. Bishop. First year published: 1924.
Okefinokee (the name of the swamp) + -ensis, a Latin ending that means “found at, living in (a place).” Size: Body length of adult female ~30mm, of adult male ~8mm. Range: Georgia, Florida, Alabama & Louisiana. Food: Usually aquatic insects but also small fish, tadpoles, frogs, etc. Remarks: Adult female D. okefinokensis may actually be the largest species of Dolomedes. More - http://bugguide.net/node/view/40024

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I am truly sorry for all the racism you receive, my goodness I literally watch this blog get so much hate and you do so well defending it and your culture. But I wish I could take the hits for you, and just tell everybody to fuck off. It's truly not right and I'm sorry for it

Thank you! I appreciate this a lot. I’m glad I have a few supporters, like yourself, who are sympathetic to my mental anguish lol I try to be as patient as possible, but every now and then there’s just one really really ignorant person that you just kinda wanna face-push with the palm of your hand lol (: Like if these people are so “bothered” by my page, then why are they even on it? lol Some people need lives.

8 Things I wish I knew when I went vegan

1. Going vegan is hard and takes a lot of patience with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. (I’ve been vegan for 8 years. I still mess up.)

2. Make a list of all your favorite foods and find ways to substitute them for vegan alternatives.
(Things like Earth Balance for butter or tofu for eggs. Also check this- pilsbury buttery cresent rolls are totally vegan! They don’t have any butter. Those took care of my croissant fix when I transitioned.)

3. Get a blender and make smoothies! They’re great for people who hate eating their greens and don’t like seeds and nuts. Throw some Chia seeds and spinach in a blender with strawberries and pineapple and it’s delicious.

4. Go to a doctor and get a physical. They’ll tell you if you have any deficiencies like iron or calcium. Then you can go to a nutritionist and help you set up a meal plan. (If you can afford it.)

5. Take a multivitamin. Many vegans don’t take vitamins because they’re convinced they get enough of what they need from the food they eat. It’s ridiculous. Take a multivitamin and plug up any holes you may have.
(I personally take a probiotic multivitamin, collagen, vitamin E, biotin, and folic acid.)

6. Build a support system. Meet other vegans or transition with a friend. This isn’t just a change in diet, it’s a lifestyle change. And it’s fucking hard to do when you feel alone. Take a friend out to your favorite vegan restaurant or ask your parents to cook a vegan meal for the whole family.

7. You’re just starting out, eat all the vegan junk food you want. This is a big change for you. And as long as you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing wrong with indulging. Want a cookie? Eat a vegan cookie they’re great. Sick of cooking? Go get a vegan pizza they’re fucking great. People may try and guilt you, but honestly it may be the only thing keeping you from breaking your diet. (And that’s ok!)

8. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it. If you get sick, if you get triggered, or if you can’t afford it anymore, it’s ok to stop. You are not a failure. You are human. You have limits and restrictions. Do not push your boundaries if it means damaging yourself.
(And if anyone gives you any shit for it, you send them to me.)