do you ever have a day where literally everything goes wrong until after a certain point you stop being surprised or hurt by it you just kind of accept that today the universe is spitting on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

…or anything


I want you to watch as I take her life.


You wanna kick it,
Watch me get wicked, step up and get it cause I get
I get wicked when you come against me
So, quit it, stop trying to push me around,
Lets kick it,
If you really wanna touch fire, come get it,
Step up, I’ll bring you down Step up and get it cause I get Wicked

inspired by (x)

For today’s JoJo 60min challenge “Favorite Fight”. There’s a lot of fights I really love in this series, but while trying to choose one my mind kept wandering back to this one so……

Also thank you based mods for posting the prompt early and giving me the option to go to bed at a normal human time……!

but what if after the divorce and the custody battles and the years at the academy plus three years in space, when bones finally gets to really be with his little girl again during shore leave, she looks at him like he’s a complete stranger and only calls him “father”, ‘cause even though jocelyn had never stopped her from seeing his pictures, they had barely been face to face since she was two, and now joanna has no idea how to deal with the man that looks as uncomfortable as she feels

and what if jim comes along, bright smile and funny jokes, and she simply gravitates towards him ‘cause he’s simply awesome according to her eight years old opinion

so she can’t help but grin widely when she finds out that her father and jim are together like mummy and clay, jim makes sure the silence between her and bones never lasts for long and bones makes sure to scold himself for the jealously that creeps in his chest every time jo’s first instinct is to call for jim.

when bones decides to take her to the aquarium there’s this massive emergency so he has to spend days and nights putting people back together and saving as many as he can, instead of learning the difference between yellow and sun yellow or the reasons why oliver from her class should be the next king

when there’s only two days for jo’s departure, he finally gets home early enough to catch their before sleep routine, with jim gently doing her hair while she follows the songs from the movie playing on the screen. jim winks at him and gestures for him to take his place, but leonard simply shakes his head and watches them both, love squeezing his heart. when he’s done, jim holds her up in the air, giggles mixed with catchy notes immediately filling the room, and she begs for five more minutes that jim is only too happy to offer, getting them both down on the couch again

"thanks, daddy!"

jim’s eyes never looked so blue or so terrified, his head snapping immediately in bones direction, an apology already in his lips, but leonard’s out of the apartment before he can use it

if bones gets back home that night smelling like a dangerous cocktail of drinks and lays at the very edge of the bed, back turned to jim, none of them says anything about it

if jo says her goodbyes, eyes red with tears that are only meant for jim, none of them says anything about it