speaking of the americentrism of this site and the issues which follow it, something that’s been bothering me for a while is tumblr’s attitude towards communism. there are so many posts here like ‘hahah fuck capitalism communism is better amirite comrades?’ and most of them get huge amounts of notes and each time i see this shit i cringe. i know that most of these posts are not meant to be taken seriously, but as audreyhornee pointed out a few days ago - i don’t see you guys making such jokes about nazis and hitler. idk how much history of the world besides america you learn at school, but apparently it’s not enough bc otherwise you’d know that the estimated number of people killed by communist regimes in 20th century is between 85 and 100 million. around 20 million of these are the victims of stalinism alone. that’s twice as much as the estimated number of people who died as a result of hitler’s actions. most of the sources i have are in polish, but you can read more about mass killings under communist regimes here

it bothers me, because i was taught from my earliest years (both by parents and grandparents who experienced the regime first hand, and by schools - this topic is covered on p much all levels of obligatory education here) that communism is a cruel, hostile system and that we should never, ever let it happen again. i, and countless other people, have lost family members to it. my country has been free from it for 25 years and has been a member of the europe union since 2004, but it’s still far behind the western world, all because of the stagnation caused by communism. it ruined the economy, and it ruined lives, and the echoes of the damage are still very clearly visible. 

and this site turns it all into farce. 

maybe i’m overreacting, maybe i’m coming up with imaginary problems, idk. it’s just that sometimes, after seeing 50 communist jokes made by people who never experienced it, i can no longer tell if they are being serious or not. and frankly, the possibility that they may be serious scares the shit out me. 

it’s not the color i came in broke 600 kudos. in less than a month. it’s honestly astonishing and i never through any of my works would go that far so fast or at all. (the only other fic to break that number is Hiss Off, but it did it in 1,5 year.)

thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

i’m not really up to do anything to celebrate. so i’ll just go ahead and do a top 5 most liked of my works (other than the ace fic).


Left and right hand. :O My sister was making these and I asked for some lmao.

Left: Pan flag, Gryffindor, idk just red/white, blue one is for a friend 

Right: Ruby/Sapphire, school colors, primary colors, Bill Cipher

One of the reasons I wanted Beth to return so much, other than the obvious facts that she was amazing and deserved better, was that I just wanted to see my wonderful friends from this fandom get a win. I would day dream about how we would all react, the overflow of excited gifs in my dash, and the virtual hugs and real tears of joy we would share. And losing that hope hurts almost as much as losing Beth.