i got SO excited

so law day was pretty much the greatest thing to happen to me (even though i looked awful)


NEW VIDEO: “Woman Stabs Husband With Squirrel

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The Signs as FOUR Songs

Aries - Ready to Run
Taurus - Steal My Girl
Gemini - Act My Age
Cancer - Fool’s Gold
Leo - No Control
Virgo - Clouds
Libra - 18
Scorpio - Illusion
Sagittarius - Night Changes
Capricorn - Change Your Ticket
Aquarius - Girl Almighty
Pisces - Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

I did these a few days ago, and I rly wanted to post them today because the new episode is out! I’ve been making lockscreen images, so I really tried for the “sexy swimmer close to the glass of your screen” look! Feel free to use it! Makoto is next! 

Color study, livestreamed yesterday over at my Twitch channel! Did a vague walkthrough of one of my coloring techniques. I’ll try and do a more comprehensive tutorial over stream sometime.


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents