theredsnakeking said:

Man this show and cast deserved better. Don't know where they are money wise, but they prove once again how lazy they are and just would rather rely on Sentai shit. Okay their promo is awful like why is the finale already airing in france and clips on youtube? LMAO I'm not surprised cause they can't even get their cast a panel at comic con and don't even try to promo their shit.

The people that defend Saban Brands are pretty amusing. Like they tell fans that they are very low budget and they must work with what they have. I honestly don’t understand. Why reshoot a scene only to have one ranger altered and the rest unchanged??? Yeah, they aren’t very considerate and this season was such a disgrace. I can’t believe one of the best seasons of Sentai had become one of the worst for Power Rangers.

I saw the legendary battle clips on youtube and it was so underwhelming! Watching it got me pissed off! Fans have been waiting for so long to see a fantastic ending and despite not having many rangers coming back, you’d think they’d have a bit of fighting scenes but they got jack shit. I agree that the cast and the show deserved better as well as the fans that have been there supporting Power Rangers for two decades. They all deserved much better.


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