i finally learned how to put two in one

this is what hope looks like:
sparrows teetering, fluttering on the horizon.
you with your streetlight fingers, lighting the way
back home. all the wrong things said in all the
right ways. the place where the sky becomes
weary and, all at once, ceases to exist –

oh, but what do you know of oceans?
no more than sparrows, surely, the ones
who craved the wind and found a saltwater sting
instead. this is what hope looks like: two
different somethings turn into an everything
when they learn how not to fear the soft blue.

maybe there never was a wrong way to exist.
maybe your heartbeat holds more courage than
the sky knows how to put into words.

this is what hope looks like:
the raw and windy way sparrows say I love you.
the final song before the fall.

—  topaz winters // this is what hope looks like (icarus’ lament)

taylorswift ((so this isn’t the completed poster but this outline looks a lot better than the completed one lolz)) but ANYWAYS at my high school all of the seniors make an aspiration poster and they all get hung in the main hallway. I’ve been looking forward to making this poster for years but when it was time to make the poster I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure how I could put all of my dreams and aspirations onto one poster. but I finally came up with this. each side is a different city so the bottom is Rio de Janeiro the right side is Paris the top is Tokyo and the left side is New York City which represent my urge to travel the world and how I love to learn about different cultures. the paper airplanes contribute to that but it’s also a sneaky ootw “two paper airplanes flying” reference. the quote is probably my favorite part. I have a lot of aspirations but I think my most important one is to be free and happy. I want to be able to live a life where I feel happy with myself and the people around me make me feel happy. kind of how you’re living your life now. you’ve influenced my life in so many ways over the last years and your music has helped me get through some really tough times. high school wasn’t easy for me but listening to your music and watching you grow into a graceful confident young lady has given me confidence and it has give. me the reassurance that everything will turn out fine. I think that this message will be the one that sticks with me forever. and I hope this small but significant gesture shows just how much you mean to me and how much I love you.

If anyone’s wondering about the sudden influx of gifs

I just learned how to make them in photoshop! And better yet, how to tweak them in order to function on tumblr, so there will be more in the future.

All thanks to my new computer, bought after two years of saving up, were I was finally able to put to rest my old computer, Perol 2, after six years (and half of her components replaced) of semi-reliable service.

This one’s called Consentida btw!

lol. kinda maybe drunk, and this semester has been a lot. let’s reflect:

  • goodbyes to my facial hair (permanently) 
  • goodbyes/weird separations from two of my “closest” friends; one i’m okay with, the other i’m still struggling through
  • hormones, which honesty have me feelin 100. like, waking up to take them keeps me movin from day to day
  • wrote a 55+ page thesis on afro-christian practices of spirit possession in relation to Black/queer bodies
  • learned to swim (and tread water most importantly)!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • graduating. lol.
  • reached my ultimate stoner level (like, every night if i can)
  • taught myself how to put in yarn twists/working on braids
  • finally got fucked (as in bottomed)
  • and some other shit, but my attention span has waned, lol
Traditional Depiction vs. Creative License

There’s something within the art community that has been bothering me a TON, which I haven’t brought up because while I knew it bothered me, I couldn’t give a good reason why. Oddly enough, I seemed to put the pieces together while I was googling some things online, and I finally have a cohesive argument.

So here’s what I want to say to artists. Artists …

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