"I’ll be back for this
…and I’ll be back for you too. I promise.”

Emily & Amanda sketch, commissioned for lovely amy x


Sleeping Warrior AU: Aurora falls in love with Mulan and Ping, not realizing they are the same person.


guys just imagine

a punk-rock concert takes places on a beach and a group of mermaids swim to the surface, wondering what that noise is because it’s the most incredible thing they’ve ever heard

and see land-walkers wearing peculiar outfits and hair in spikes and these mermaids are absolutely in love

so they start their own brand of punk culture with squid ink tattoos, seaweed tartan, fish-hook earrings and pierced tails

and they scavenge for thrown out music memorabilia and submerged leather jackets (their prized treasure is a waterproof radio they found on the beach)

and the real problem is trying to find a way to spike their hair, so for the moment they just use seashells and continue being hella cool

hello hello everyone so guess what yes yay this is part 2 of the life hacks post but this is the studying edition i know that you guys might have midterms and finals now and i hope this helps you with everything you need i wish you all the best and i hope you ace the shit out of this year if you have any questions about anything i’m always available i love you good luck -shakes xx 

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Some playlists to listen to while you’re studying // doing your homework: 

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // 

nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // 

sixteen // seventeen // eighteen // nineteen // twenty // twenty one // 

twenty two // twenty three // twenty four // twenty five // twenty six // 

twenty seven // twenty eight // twenty nine // thirty // thirty one // 

thirty two // thirty three // thirty four // thirty five // thirty six // thirty seven // 

thirty eight // thirty nine // forty // forty one // forty two // forty three // forty

four // forty five // forty six // forty seven // forty eight // forty nine // fifty


  1. Studying in a blue room relaxes your mood and makes you more productive, which is great for finishing up assignments and homework.
  2. Spray an unfamiliar scent, and chew an unfamiliar flavour of gum while you’re having a study session. 
  3. Before you start your exam, write down the things you think you might need while they’re still fresh in your head at the top of the page such as formulas and vocabulary words. 
  4. 'Times New Roman' is the easiest and fastest font to read.
  5. When writing an essay, add the opposing point of view to make the read look at both sides. 
  6. When you’re taking notes, pretend you’re writing them for some else, preferably someone you care about, and imagine them not knowing anything when it comes to the class you’re writing notes in.
  7. Using colours when writing your notes helps you remember faster, avoid using only one colour as it might dull out important information. 
  8. Change your font from 12pt to 14pt when writing essays, it looks the same but increases the number of pages by 1-2.
  9. Cinnamon flavoured gum helps you stay awake, use it for your morning classes. 
  10. Speaking something out loud helps your remember, so always read your notes aloud when you’re studying.
  11. Reading the first and last paragraphs and only running over the middle has the same outcome as reading all of it.
  12. Chocolate has the ability to improve your math skills. 
  13. Always have an alternative email, you never know when it might come in handy.
  14. Cold showers over coffee anyway. It keeps you fresh the entire day, and also helps you stay focused and less tired throughout the day.
  15. Reward yourself with 15-20 minutes of free time with every 45 minutes of studying. 
  16. If you’re pulling an all nighter, sleeping the 20 minutes before the sun comes up helps your body relax and you’ll be less tired. 
  17. Replace the colour tube of your red pen with the blue one. No one steals a red pen, and no one wants it.
  18. Always say yes to extra credit, no matter what your grade is. It can make a huge different seeing as it has the ability to change one percent which can change an entire grade letter. 
  20. Writing something down is an equivalent of saying something 7 times. 
  21. No matter how much time you have left, do it earlier. You’ll be glad you did.
  22. Be friends with your teachers, you never know what can happen during the school year.
  23. Have a study group, you’ll have friends to explain things to you and vide versa, also you can share notes and finish up homework without feeling like time is passing by slow.

And now an inspiring quote said by my biology teacher to one of my friends who wouldn’t stop looking at the clock, “The time will pass, but you might not pass this class.”