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I would like to take a moment to say how amazing the RoosterTeeth community is. Y'all are such delightful creatures that support this company and the weirdos that “work” there in an unrelentingly loving way. I really enjoy hearing how you came to know RT and why you stayed. I’ve seen the art y'all submit or send us, the loving comments, the retweets and funny retorts. I just adore you lot so much. Please don’t ever change. /End rant of adoration/

“You’re right, you know.” Pausing at a crosswalk, Niall shook his head and wrapped a firm arm around my waist.
I blinked the nondescript fuzziness out of my vision. “About what?” 
“Whatever it is you’re thinking.” 
“I don’t even know what I’m thinking.” Something almost akin to guilt shot through my limbs. 
He only squeezed me in reply, humming under his breath while his fingers dug into my hipbone. I hadn’t realized I’d been staring at a for rent sign staked in the grass nearby until I tore my eyes away to grin into the crook of Niall’s neck. 
“We can’t keep bouncing around.” He finally said before another calm silence could settle. “Splitting ourselves between two places like this. It feels like all I can give is half, at best, and-” He cleared his throat. “I don’t think we’re any good without each other, is all.” 

Chapter 7 (Second Base); Parts 1&2 

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Let’s do some math…

Some time ago, Louise Brealey had a dream about filming a bed scene with Rupert Graves…
Now Rupert Graves has stated that Lestrade fancies Molly IHO…

Loo’s dream + Rupert’s words = MOLLSTRADE CONFIRMATION

i feel better.

a few hours ago, after i posted my last journal on da, i sat down and i watched mark’s newest video- the one where he’s still in nyc before flying back the next day.
i felt like he was talking about me. i swear, whenever i’m at my lowest, mark makes a new vlog or video that pertains EXACTLY to what i feel. i battle depression and i get sad often and i have an inferiority complex with my art- but the way mark said that i had to believe in myself really got to me. so i felt great when i left for tutoring-! i wore my markiplier shirt, i was more than happy to. mark made me feel a bit better about myself again. it’s worth pointing out that before i left, my laptop charger broke– like completely. i’d been having problems with it for a while, but it finally gave out today. so when i got in the car, i asked my dad if he’d get me a new one, and he must have noticed how sad i’d been and how badly i needed to draw, and he said okay-

i went to math tutoring around 4:30. and i went to best buy to get a charger, but they were too expensive and my dad figured they’d be cheaper at wal-mart. so we went there.

not only did i find my charger, but i found a hero.
… literally.

the man that was behind the counter in the electronics section of the store had been stacking boxes- he was black (like me), and he had an afro and he well- worked there.
he looked down at me when i walked by, about to go to the counter- and he paused and said;

“ you…are aware you’re wearing a markiplier shirt, right? ”

my dad just rolled his eyes like “oh lord here we go again”. and of course i said yes, and we hit it off. we were laughing and talking about mark and he brought up fnaf’s- and i was laughing and i forgot i was even sad earlier. he told me that his roommate used to say that he looked like mark- now looking at them, you wouldn’t even see it- but i saw it when he smiled. this man had mark’s smile, and i just got the mark vibe from him, believe it or not. so i agreed. it was true– he was a lot like mark.

but i feel great now; mark’s words have once again helped me, and i’m starting to believe in myself. thank you to everyone who’s been sending encouraging messages; telling me to think about my decisions, telling me that people would care if i left. i just- i just needed a push.

i know some of you are so sick of my shit by now- i seem always sad, and i always complain and i seem ungrateful– but trust me. i am grateful, and i understand if anyone is mad at me.
i’m grateful and so thankful for each of you, even the ones that don’t encourage me when i’m stumbling and battling my mindsets- even if you’re just here for the art and not the person, that’s cool! i just want to say thank you so much.

i love you all, and i can’t thank you enough. i hope you guys understand now, if you didn’t before, why i feel like i need to be a voice– i need to express my gratitude to mark, and the way i do that is through my art. mark makes me happy, and my art helps me vent and battle depression. so when i draw mark and other people and things and characters that make me happy, like jack and toby and felix and even ken– i’m killing two birds with one stone. i feel great when i draw and i’m finished- even if i hate the product a day or so later. i tell myself it matters, and i keep going.

anyways…yeah. i love you guys!!!
never give up on your dreams.
thank you.

- jay ♡

“i’m a vampire and we met when you were still human and we fell in love and planned out our whole eternal life together but on the night i turned you i freaked out over the commitment and abandoned you in the middle of the night & now it’s over a century later and we’re only just seeing each other again for the first time since and there’s so much hatred in your eyes when you look at me but fuck you still look just as hot and make my heart race as much as you did back then and i think i made the biggest mistake of my life in leaving” au (☉‿☉✿)

Cody is normal, gay can be normal jerk wads

So I’m by nature opposed to public rants and general expressions of non-skippy things. But having seen some of the Bitc-err unpleasant messages in bloody chan-of-the-four about it being wrong to describe Cody as the most normal and then make him gay, just…grr. So ignore the following possibly less than cheerful post. ^_^

The kids are fighting bloody ghosts. One of them is a serial stalker/arsonist/reporter with an enabler and a possible narcoleptic editor. You have kids who bloody duct tape themselves as fashion/gym wear. Let’s not forget someone who is literally one with the shadows. And of course an elastically faced bully with stunt man level protective hair gel. In Mayview why can’t a kid whose perfectly NORMAL in all of the aspects of not being possessed, spectral, non-psychotic, also be gay? Why can’t gay be normal again? Does it hurt your feels that a 12/13 a year old reading this and possibly being in the self-discovery process might get a positive message about their experiences being perfectly normal/ok? Were you diminished? Multiple states can be normal since its defined by a societal definition of what’s acceptable. Forgive me if I think lots of things should just be considered normal and acceptable, I didn’t realize your special-ness had been under attack. If it makes you feel better, being an entitled poop-head that feels other people’s acceptance or expression in media somehow is offensive to you personally, is perfectly normal for the states so you still have that all to yourself! And welcome to it.

On that note. A slight side to the people taking the slightly less offensive line in chan and here of, “OMG they’re 12 just fight ghosts and don’t date.” People mature at different rates!! What was normal for your personal development is not the gold standard for all of humanity. If you genuinely don’t think any 12 year old ever has had a crush/date/kiss or realized their orientation, I can think of dozens of Cartoon Network/Disney/real life examples that beg to differ(heck I crushed in Donatello at like 11-13 range which involved some awkward talks with mum and dad.).
And I’m not saying your experiences weren’t valid! Like I said, people age differently. But please stop leaving bitter “OMG they’re 12” posts. I have a 12 year old cousin who has a boyfriend. I’d rather she not hop into the paranatural fandom, see your OMG gross and think there’s something wrong with herself because of your issues. It’s ok to have a NOTP. It’s ok to want stories that focus on adventure without implying romance. I get it. We all have different puberty/maturity rates. Different reading preferences. That’s why it’s so great people can tag their art stories so you know when to walk away. So you know if it’s got a ship. It’s an AU. Set in a different time.

THERE is nothing wrong with your preference. Some people will never reach that point in their lives where they are even interested in romance. And that’s a perfectly wonderful lifestyle/orientation/position. Some people had bad childhood experiences dating or worse and the topic is uncomfortable. Others just didn’t get to they point till they were 15. And you know what? That’s ok! ‘All of us Snowflakes’ and all that. But please, you can express a preference for non-ship stories without making it sound like a 12 year old dating another 12 year old is evil, and Zach making a kid gay is perversion incarnate designed to offend your delicate sensibilities.
I presume most of you are awesome people who just get caught up expressing yourself in a public forum and a well watched tag, and don’t realize your not coming across as expressing a preference but rather passing judgement. And I’d rather not have to have the “no you aren’t a slut, a perv, or weird for dating a boy in your grade” talk with my cousin AGAIN. ( seriously I had this talk with her once because of a different fandom saying similar things. And it’s the one reason I have not pushed paranatural on her because people here post that under the tag all the time. Without, “I believe” genuinely realizing how they sound to kids reading the tag.)
Again if you don’t like a ship, a kid being gay/trans/ace/or what have you, try to express that as a personal reading/experience preference and not as a moral failing of every person who disagrees with you by relying on “gross” or all caps or exclamation marks!!!!! there are kids in Jr. High. (Or middle school depending on your district) who don’t confirm to your world view and don’t need to be made to feel like there’s something wrong with them . ^_^.

We are a great fandom of lots and lots of people, the youngest of which deserve a supporting and accepting forum! ^_^

Oh and if you think truly that non-binary, gay, ace, or any thing else that happens or may one day happen in paranatural(fingers crossed for ace, because it’s so outside of my personal experience that I NEED to read it well written so I can enjoy a fresh viewpoint! So someone write it already!!) is an insult to your definition or normal while excitedly whining about kids fighting ghosts in the next breath at least think about the kids who might, just might be benefiting from the positive exposure and think long and hard about how much it really hurts you versus how much it really helps them.

Love y'all. ^_^

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you reblog alot of Flash stuff, so i was just wondering if youre team Snowbarry or team Westallen?

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The conclusion to untitled was amazingly beautiful. I loved it so much. I'm currently crying tremendously. It was so beautiful and well written. I loved how you didn't make the death painful for the reader the fact that it was almost peaceful for them made it all the more sad and heart-breaking. Please no matter never stop writing ever.

Aw, thank you!! My sole goal for this blog is to bring you guys cool stuff to read, so I’m happy that y’all seem to enjoy it! And I’m also pretty happy that you go the “peaceful death” message! :) I promised I would end this with a smile, and I guess I did. Anyhow, don’t worry, I don’t think I could truly ever truly be able to stop writing!

Read “Conclusion” here!