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So it was really quite in my house and there’s a clock next to me that kept ticking and suddenly I was inspired to write this.
I’m sorry.
I wish I sounded like Carlos though that would’ve made it a billion times better anyways Enjoy

Her nights carry with them

shadows of false hope.

I wonder at all of her

and the contradiction she bears.

An inescapable fallacy

of the mind

that ironically pressures the heart

into beating-

though inconsistent they may be.

Her nights carry with them                    

shadows of false hope.

Living within a bubble,

her shield; a vacuum throttling

all the feeling into suffocation.

Numb is her forte; her calling

into existence.

I am over it, she tells herself,

I no longer care enough-

and not because time is too short.

Nothing, nothing can change

so why then do I conflict

between belief and reality?

Her nights carry with them

shadows of false hope.

Every evening is alike.

Where does she draw the line

between fantasy and insanity?

New holes appear in her armour

pierced by stories that will

never be.

They take her to a place

eons away,

unreachable by the knowledge

of despair; that no

miracle is impending.

Her nights carry with them

shadows of false hope.

She smells flowers, roses, petals

of jasmine as she enters

the meadow tonight.

Wandering from smell to smell,

vision to vision,

she is a projector of


She says there is no change

but surely some things move?

If only a centimeter or two,

some things must

proceed- hidden or not.

Her nights carry with them

shadows of false hope.

He’s here again. Please

no, stay with distance.

I cannot heal with you,

do not withdraw me

to a mere kneel.

Her feet slip between lines

drawn in sands coloured time.

Gravity pushes and pulls

till she is nothing more

than a black hole.

Furious anger

that burns it all to ash,

even the anger itself.

Chaining her down

to a simple choice between

mind and heart.



She cannot escape,

no light can pass through

an infinite void.

The brightness recedes

until she is left with a glow

that spreads as the night endures

creating fiction on the walls and

once again,

her nights carry with them

shadows of false hope.

The Rise

Chapter 5

Hannah’s P.O.V

The clock almost seemed to get slower when Grace and I got back from “helping” Mamrie. Maybe it’s because Mr.Shwivel’s voice sometimes tended to sound like he wanted to be here less than we did. Or maybe it’s because I need to pee. But then again, I don’t really have to pee. The conclusion that I have come to, however, is that it’s probably the project Grace and I are going to be working on later. Ms.Wesmindson, or so I’ve heard, gives the hardest assignments known to the universe. When I turned my head to Grace all I could think about was how cute she looked when she was attempting to focus on the notes we were supposed to be taking. Wait…cute…no, not cute, why am I thinking she looks cute. The headache from a few days ago was returning. Gay, no, not gay. I can’t be gay.


"Wh-what?!" I said startled to be brought out of my thoughts yet again.

"The bell rang like 10 minutes ago." Grace said slightly confused. Then quieter, "Are you alright? You looked like you spaced out a bit there…"

"Yea, I’m fine." I said, forcing myself to smile. "This class is just so boring that I could hardly pay attention."

"Okay? So, uhm, are you ready to come to my house?" Grace said, sounding hesitant. "Or do we need to stop at yours to get anyth-"

My mind snapped back to the thoughts I was having minutes before and almost instantly I replied,”NO, uhm sorry, I mean no. I, uh, just remembered that I forgot to do a few things at home and I don’t want my parents to get angry.” I couldn’t help but notice the small pit that formed in my stomach after the lies came out of my mouth. But I couldn’t risk it, not until the thoughts swimming around my head disappeared.

"Oh, alright?" Said Grace, disappointment overwhelming her face. "How about tomorrow then?" She said, sounding a bit more hopeful.

"Maybe. I think I might hang out with Mames. We need to catch up, you know?" At this point Tim had crossed the room and was now standing by Grace.

"Yeah, I get it. I’ll see you tomorrow I guess. And who knows, we might get some class time to work on it." Grace said then turned towards the door, "C’mon Tim. We should probably get going."

As soon as I heard the door close I realized they were gone, leaving me in the classroom with nothing but the horrifying reality of my thoughts that now plague my mind.