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"Hershel, Maggie’s father, was a great man. And he told me all I had to do was believe, and that’s what I’m gonna do."


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17. beaten up 

i have no excuses. only apologies


hoooiii everyone~ 
I’ll put the prices up first, and then explain why I’m doing commissions under a read more.

my set prices are—

Style A- Pixels

Chibi - $5 (+ $1 extra chara/villager)

Style B- Paintings 

Full Body - $25

Chibi - $10 (opt. BG, no charge)

Bust - $15

(+ $2 extra chara for everything)

Please read the read more so you know why I’m doing commissions, I’d really appreciate it if you did, and it’s REALLY important. It’s also a little lengthy, so sorry about that;;. / v \

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Rant time

Sure I have NOTPs in a lot of fandoms but the NOTPs that bother me the most are those being shipped by people who just completely ignore, gloss over or are simply too dumb to see how problematic and stupid the ship is

In the past few weeks more and more Faking It Cast members have said or shown that they ship Kiam (over Karmy) Bailey, Michael, Gregg and Carter while Katie keeps answering that she ships both. Of course about a 50-100 people on twitter and some people in the general audience ship it too and I am just so pissed off about it.

Let me tell you reasons why Kiam is a shitty ass trash ship:

  • Karma isn’t even really in love with him but with the idea of dating a hot popular guy. Half of the time she talks about him she refers to him with his full name. She’s only obsessed with his image and him being the hot popular guy
  • Liam is human garbage. Yes apparently he “fell in love” with Karma for who she is along the way, but let’s not forget the only reason he went after her: he thought she was a lesbian. His ultimate fantasy is to sleep with a lesbian because “what straight guy hasn’t [dreamt of that]”. Just because he eventually saw Karma as a person and not just some random interchangeable lesbian he could fuck doesnt erase the fact that he still has the fantasy to sleep with a lesbian which makes him a disgusting douchebag. they probably had to write out his feminist friend from the Pilot because she wouldnt have taken any of the shit he has been pulling all season!
  • more reasons why Liam is human garbage: he keeps babbling on all about how he hates his families and their lies and their money blah blah blah but he drives a fucking Mercedes. I doubt he makes that much money on his own so apparently his family’s money isnt that bad when it benefits him. And in the season premiere he guilt tripped Karma about lying to him when he literally just fucked her best friend the night before…need I say more about this situation?
  • Liam acts like he is some sort of saint with sooo much integrity after finally deciding to break it off with Karma. He wouldnt have done it if Karma had a boyfriend but with a girlfriend he had no problem hooking up with Karma on the side. Douchey straight men always seem to respect other dudes over women so its not surprising

On the other hand we have Karmy:

  • best friends their whole life who undeniably love eachother “more than anything in this world” (even if its not in that way for Karma yet)
  • would bring lesbian (probably Amy though she hasnt figured everything out) and bisexual (Karma) representation to the show. Two queer main character over a stupid boring heterosexual romance which we have already seen a billion times
  • everyone within the show ships it
  • they make eachother happy
  • feel free to reblog and add more reasons

So yeah it baffles me how anyone is trying to defend Kiam over Karmy. Like at this point I am so pissed that the problematic aspects of Kiam just get overlooked by everyone. 

I wouldnt even put it past Katie to ship Kiam over Karma but not saying anything because she knows her main fanbase is Karmy shippers and they are the ones trending all the time.

In Rita we trust I guess. She’s also the one with a pre-med degree from Duke and when the matter comes up she seems like one of the few people that care about how important the LGBT+ representation is on this show….


doodle from couple days ago when I was going through an existential crisis because of math…

Thor is literally me… I asked my brother how to do calculus four days ago… I obviously did not understand anything he said (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

how to math (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Make Me Choose : Free! or Shingeki no Kyojin


My Pitbull tank came today!!

I was given birthday money and I figured out how to make online purchases by myself. There’s this place called Villalobos Rescue Center that focus on saving pitbulls because so many of them are mistreated and killed. 

In order to raise money to rescue and care for them, they sell merchandise. 

I’m glad my 25 dollars went to saving a dog’s life ^_^

my new t-shirt… and omg look  it writes Japan and Tokyo like.. daaaamn… im so happy right now ;_; … -sniff sniff-

the sasuke naruto kiss is literally monumental, it should be in history books. its not a moment anyone will forget any time soon.