You wanna talk about rape culture?

Rape culture is women getting away with rape because “the man probably liked it.”

Rape culture is women getting away with child molestation because “the boy probably liked it.”

Rape culture is women believing that women don’t rape.

Rape culture is women believing that women can’t rape.

Rape culture is a woman raping a man and then demanding that he pay child support for the child he did not consent to father.

Rape culture is the lack of “rape by envelopment,” being classified by national rape laws.

Rape culture is believing that all men are one event away from being rapists.

Rape culture is not wanting people to be prepared to defend themselves in the instance of an attack. 

If you believe otherwise, you are an idiot and, more than likely, a bigot. Men do not rape, rapists rape, because they are mentally disturbed individuals who do not care about the laws that we have in place against rape. You want to know why I don’t agree with Feminism? Because Feminism does not believe in equal consequences for equal crimes

Rape Culture has been debunked and also statistics didn’t support the theory in the first place.

And yet Feminists still claim there is “rape culture”

This is not surprising at all since the wage myth has been debunked at least 20 times and yet they still claim, there is a wage gap.

Because Feminism is anti logic.

Feminism is anti science.

Feminism is ANTI equality.

Feminism is Lies.


"I DON’T need feminism…

…but I choose to be a feminist because I feel with the right attitude, feminism has the potential to do a lot of good for other women in my life and across the world.”

I’m fed up of seeing ‘I NEED feminism, because…’ pictures that give utterly ridiculous or stupid reasons for ‘needing’ feminism. I think feminism is a good thing, but for a lot of people it’s not a need. There are also other movements that work towards the equality of women that aren’t feminism. Feminism is simply the most well known, and with that comes a lot of resources. However, it also has a lot of problems.

Keep that in mind before you proclaim ‘needing’ feminism.

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11 Signs You're A Feminist

1. You think no woman should be called a slut, but you’re all for and maybe even participate in slutwalks.

2.You want to ban pornography because it objectifies women but own a copy of “50 Shades of Grey.” 

3.You demand men take ownership of their lives and whilst simultaneously blaming all your problems on the “patriarchy.” 

4.You claim feminism cares about men’ problems too,but false rape accusations are irrelevant because you still believe 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. 

5.You shame men for shaming other men who don’t agree with MRA issues but any woman who does not support feminism is automatically a “gender traitor” and “rape apologist.” 

6.You believe men only think men become feminists is to get laid,but also that the only reason we tolerate female MRA’s is because we want to have sex with them. 

7.You say things like “If you’re not a feminist,you’re a bigot.” Yet also say things like “Women have every right to hate men.” 

8.You constantly tell men to “check their privilege” and that male privilege exists but most men can’t see it,yet refuse to acknowledge female privilege because……you can’t see it. 

9.You find the idea of genital mutilation of a man being joked about on live television hysterically funny,but claim misandry doesn’t exist. 

10. You assert that women are strong, independent, capable, never helpless or naive, yet it is society’s/men’s fault that women succumb to pressure in regards to beauty standards and other forms of peer pressure, implying that women are not possibly smart enough or strong enough to make healthy, intelligent decisions for themselves.

11. You claim that feminism accepts a woman’s choice to become a wife/mother/stay-at-home mom, and that feminism is fighting for a woman’s right to CHOOSE, yet you shame females who reject feminism by calling them ‘baby makers’ and ‘sex slaves’.



{first picture: “I need feminism because feminism gave us all of our rights. Just like I need the Holy Roman Empire for giving us our justice system and such. If you don’t need the Holy Roman Empire, you don’t think Romans are people”}

{second picture: “feminism making positive changes in the past no more entitles you to my allegiance than a guy being nice to me entitles him to my body. You don’t own me. I don’t owe you”}

I Don’t need feminism!! 

  • DON’T need something that demonizes men
  • I DON’T need something that tells me the actions of a slut are okay, and then that the possible evidence of those actions can be thrown away like they were nothing but a clump of tissue. (RESPECT YOURSELF! We should be empowering women to own their bodies and not just hand it out to anyone they want. There’s nothing healthy about that so why would you support it?!) 
  • And I sure as hell DON’T need anything that makes playing the victim out to be empowering.
  • Man to woman:You look so hot in that dress! Look at your legs! Look at that body! Your boobs look amazing! You look stunning!
  • Feminist response:sexual predator how inappropriate! He's such a misogynist! No respect for women at all!
  • Woman to man:OMG look at your muscles! Can I touch your bicep? OMG I'd love to see you naked! Damn your so hot! Can I see your tattoos? I'd love to be your cardio work out if you know what I mean (;
  • Feminist response:she is a strong, confident & independent woman and she is not a slut for enjoying casual sex.