i don't know why we fight it

You are a sprite.
You are a game construct.
Your purpose is to protect and serve your player.
You will tell them about their personal quest.
You will help them fight.
You will reveal the Ultimate Riddle when the time is right, and not before.
You are not a player.

You are a sprite.
When the Reckoning comes, you will be on the Battlefield.
You will fight and die for the side of light.
If you survive the Reckoning, you will fade away.
You will not enter the universe your session will create.
You will not accompany your player any further than the end of the game.
They are gods. You are not.

You are a sprite.
You are expendable.
You are less important than your player.
You are a game construct.
You are a tool.

You are a sprite.

I am a grandmother.
I am a pet.
I am a player.
I am a dreamer.
We are guardians.
We were players.

I am afraid to die.

You are sprites.
You are expendable.
Your sacrifice will create a whole universe.
It is worth it.

I am a grandmother. I just met my grandson for the first time.
I am a pet. I will always follow my Rose.
I am a player. I will beat this game.
I am a dreamer. I will face the end, knowing what lies on the other side.
We are guardians. We will protect our charges.
We were players. We will survive.

I am afraid to die.

You are sprites.
You are here only to serve.
When your purpose is fulfilled, you will cease to exist.

I am a mother. I will never see my son again.
I am a cat. I don’t understand.
I am a survivor. I don’t give a fuck.
I am a first guardian. You can’t tell me what to do.
We are wild animals. We choose our own charges. We choose our own fates.
We are lovers. We will keep our identities separate.

I am afraid to not exist.

You are doomed.
You will fall.
You will cease to exist.

You are a sprite.

ladies under the mountain »» the secret warriors of azanulbizar

the king asked only for those who were grown, fit to fight and trained. but they could not stay behind and watch their kin and friends die. they were too young, many even without full beards. they were weak, untrained for battle, unprepared for the horror of war. but still, when the warriors marched upon their ancient homeland, they were among them, hidden beneath stolen helms, making secret pacts to remain steadfast, even when their shields shattered and their axes were torn from their hands. sigyn, who meant once to bring beautiful things of glass and white gold, disguised herself in her father’s armor as he slept under a poppy-milk fog, and stole his swords to save his life. he would not last through another battle and she could not bury the only family she had left.

hlothyn painted her face to mimic the beard she would never grow, prayed that her mother’s god remembered her, and defended her sister with her last breath.

freyja and brynja swore to each other that when it was all over, no one would ever look at them as if they were a disgrace again. in mahal’s halls, their father would be proud, and their mother would raise her head again. they would never be the daughters of a coward again. they would be heroes, and the stain of their father’s dishonor would be wiped away.

princess dís took the injustice of being left behind quietly, with all the dignity her mother had ever prayed she would command, and then she gathered up her cousin dain and her dearest friend, and fell in line where her father and grandfather could not see her.

if their people were to fail, they would be beside them.


Charlie & Monroe | 2.17

Night and Day


They need a dragon, Khaleesi. You are vengeance and you are freedom. You know what you must do. Only you can light the sea on fire.

Look at you, cowering on the ground! Allies? Friends? Laugh and say that you’re going to die from the goosebumps! Say it! Say that you don’t care how much weaklings like us try to flock together! Isn’t that the kind of guy you are!? I’m telling you to say it!!

If you don’t say it, I… I can’t kill you!!


Charlie & Miles | 2.21

"Being a good guy sucks."


The Matheson-Monroe Family (feat. Vincent + Duncan’s Tribe) | 2.17

"What’s that?"

my best friend’s ‘boyfriend’ broke up with her and told her to ‘grow up’ and ‘forget him’ because he ‘doesnt love her anymore’ what a fucking piece of shit he’s such an asshole ugh you know how they’ve met? he stalked her for FOUR GODDAMN YEARS he wouldn’t shut up about how much he liked her and he would call her in the middle of the night to sing to her (yes, he sang to her lmao) and he cried and said he would kill himself if she ever broke up with him and now he says that she needs to ‘grow up’?

ex-cum-paris-amore asked:

"Gilbert, if you go one day without being 'awesome', I will accept you as my prom date come this May". {The evil in this sentence XD}







Gilbert: FUCK YOU!

Gilbert: *Takes out a gun* WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW GILBERT?!?! HUH?? HUH?!?!?!?!


*both fights for the gun and bullet go’s off. Gilbert walks into the room.*


Admittedly, I ask a lot of my mother, and I don’t treat her very well.

With that said, the two things I ask for above all are that she a) Listen to me (It’s been 22 years, and she still to this day cannot do that. It’s why our relationship is so bad, and despite trying to explain that to her countless times, she still hasn’t cottoned on. She also has never given me a genuine apology ever, not once in my life. They all come with some stupid excuse that she plays up like whatever I’m upset about is my fault.) and b) That she not touch my things.

I’ve been home for like five days and because she got it in her head to throw a bridal shower for a bride who’s already had one and who doesn’t particularly like her (grandkids are gonna be tough, they don’t want her around their potential offspring) in OUR house, she’s been in a frenzy trying to clean up our shithole. Naturally, this means she went and touched my stuff.

She put it in a big fucking packing box in the storage room that she gave a fucking cutesy name to and I s2G, some of these days (most of these days) I could just straight up fucking kill her.

She drives me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Miles & Monroe |

"Are you stupid? The plan was to lay low, wait for Texas to start killing Patriots, not you. By the way - where’s Texas?"

alright guys. i’m gonna do it. i really will.

i’m gonna ask him to see a movie with me. that new colin firth movie, with explosions and fighting and stuff. so it won’t feel like a date and it won’t be awkward.

i just have to wait until i work with him again…next week…

Ugh. My brother and his wife fight over dumb fucking shit every day. Just now it was over netflix. He threw the remote. She’s like “You dented the wall! Now it looks like we fight!”
lmao YOU DO. what the fuck.