I remained as neutral as possible on the whole Scottish Independence thing, as I didn’t know enough about the economic and political issues behind it all, and I didn’t feel it was my place. (Although I have no issue with other non-Scottish people getting involved, this was just a personal choice.)
I know how Northern Ireland would flail and fall apart if we were declared independent and so I was worried how Scotland would fare.

However, when I heard that the No vote had won, I felt really disappointed. I know how much time and energy was put into the Yes campaign, and I feel really sad that people have bought into the empty promises of Westminster, again.

I dunno, it’s just all disappointing, the government is full of bastards.


I WROTE A BOOK!!!!8==D!!!



#you know what I really like? #I really like a man who can look at a woman like she’s the 8th wonder of the world #and in that particular case - I like a man who’s realised that a woman in front of him is his only link to the reality around him #and that she BELIEVES him #okay Ichabod is still a little out of there and majorly confused but even he had to underatand by now that nobody would believe his story #but Abbie did #she saw more than others but she was willing to bend all the rules and risk her reputation and career and LIFE for him #she faced deadly headless monster from another world because this is where their journey brought her #and every step of the way was her consious choice. a result of combining her reasoning and her instincts #and now he stands here #and HE has the proof that she believes him and that she’s willing to join him and help him #AND HE’S SO IN AWE OF THAT WOMAN #of her bravery and her skills and her brain and her intuition and her everything #that literally all he can do is to look at her and admire her

so fucking tired of those who expect celebrities to be fucking perfect

so fucking tired of those who hate on celebrities because they’re not perfect

so fucking tired of those who hate on someone just because they’ve made mistakes in their lives and just happened to be famous enough for it to become public knowledge

well you know if all the mistakes you’ve ever made and all the things you’ve ever said would be public knowledge don’t be so sure you’d be so popular either


history meme: 03/07 pairings | Thomas and Martha Jefferson

Throughout their almost eleven-year together, the Jeffersons appeared to have been deeply devoted to each other and to have had a loving marriage, sharing common passion for music, literature and a mutual suport for the tragedies they went through. Of his wife Martha, Thomas once wrote, "in every scheme of happiness she is placed in the foreground of the picture as the principal figure. Take that away, and there is no picture for me."
On 1782, Ms. Jefferson’s health took a turn to the worse, and Martha died on September 6, after four months of agony due to the birth of her last child, months during which Thomas never left her bedside. Jefferson never remarried and remained a widower for the rest of his life, as he promised to his wife.
He was inconsolable in his loss and "was led from the room almost in a state of insensibility by his sister Mrs. Carr, who, with great difficulty, got him into his library where he fainted"—and not for a brief moment. Jefferson “remained so long insensible that they feared he would never revive.” After the funeral, he withdrew to his room for three weeks.
He was incoherent with grief, and perhaps surrendered to rage. There is a hint that he lost all control, according to his daughter Patsy, the "witness to many violent bursts of grief" : "the scene that followed (…) when, almost by stealth, I entered his room by night, to this day I dare not describe to myself”. He destroyed all her letters and didn’t keep any of her belongings -just a few survived-. In a letter to his sister-in-law, he even was alluding to the possibility of suicide: “This miserable kind of existence is really too burdensome to be borne (…) I could not wish its continuance a moment”, but he would endure for their children.
Not until after long weeks did Jefferson begin to resume a normal life when he wrote, “emerging from that stupor of mind which had rendered me as dead to the world as was she whose loss occasioned it. All my plans of comfort and happiness were reversed by a single event.” On her gravestone, as a part of the epitaph, Jefferson added lines from Homer’s The Iliad: Nay if even in the house of Hades the dead forget their dead, yet will I even there be mindful of my dear comrade ; and below This monument of his love is inscribed.
Thomas Jefferson never fully recovered form her death. He never mentioned his wife, even to his closest firends, and almost 40 years after her death, he still referred to her in his autobiography as: “the cherished companion of my life, in whose affections, unabated on both sides, I had lived the last ten years in unchequered happiness.”
After Jefferson’s death, in a secret drawer beside his bed, a folded paper with a text written by Martha on her deathbed was found, a lock of her hair carefully hidden inside. Its wear showed that it was opened and refolded often.


It’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It’s never over, all my riches for her smiles when i slept so soft against her
It’s never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
It’s never over, she’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever


downton abbey meme: [1/3] quotes:

"I am on your side."


Black shadow hangin’ over your shoulder
Black mark up against your name
Your blue eyes couldn’t get any colder
There’s bad poison runnin’ thru your veins

'he's taking me to the singing towers of darilium, he's been promising for ages.'
what the towers sang when the doctor took river song on her last date.

1. fairytale - enya 2. rachel’s song - vangelis 3. hymn - adiemus 4. come tenderness - lisa gerrard 5. chorale III - adiemus 6. mysteries of love - julee cruise 7. eclipse - enya 8. solace - lisa gerrard

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Somebody asked me this morning to upload QRs of the sweaters I made for my Yorkwood animals and I ALMOST FORGOT but I DIDN’T. Also Olive’s dress thrown in there as well because I figured why not.


anonymous said:

Oh darn I read that your requests are closed and I'm a bit sad now :c but maybe when you open then up, you'd listen to my request? There are a lot of great concepts for a next generation, saying that Jerza, Laxana, and Mirafreed kids will make up the next s-class trio and I was wondering if you could draw a Jerza son, Laxana daughter, and Mirafreed son as the s-class trio?? And maybe the Jerza son and Mirafreed son both have crushes on the Laxana daughter and they could fight over her >.<

Anon, you may be new here, so I’m not going to lash out that badly. But most people check to see if the pairings they request are ships the artist ships before requesting. And I’m not even taking requests.

I do not ship Laxana or Mirafreed. I really, really don’t like Laxana. Is it because I’m a Miraxus shipper and it gets in the way of one of my OTPs? No. I don’t like Laxana because I just don’t see it, and I can’t ship Cana with guys comfortably. It all just seems forced to me. Besides, I feel that Cana would do so much better in a relationship with a woman. With Mirafreed, it just doesn’t work out for me in the long run. I am more tolerant of this than Laxana, simply because Mirafreed anons have never bugged me, as opposed to Laxana anons, which I have gotten quite a few nasty ones. But again, I can only really comfortably ship men with Freed.

Besides, in-team love triangles are a huge turn off.

I’m sorry if this came off as cross or mean or whatever but I’m tired of people asking me to draw for ships I don’t ship, especially when requests are closed. And I’m sorry but the only Next Generation I’ll be drawing is my own next gen, or if I feel like drawing a gift for an art friend.

I’m sorry, but I’m done.