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is there anyone you can call? have you got nobody left at all? your back’s against the wall. is there no place else you’d rather be? did you give it all up just for me?

All right, who do I complain to about the lack of canon Bart childhood information?

Bonus simple transparent running Bart for all your shenanigan needs:


Henry’s love for Regina


Thank you.


To The Bone by Luchia (part of the stupid terrorist boys verse)

Enjolras closes his eyes. “Serhiy’s in love.”

“And that makes you safe?” Combeferre asks, obviously confused.

“It makes sense to him, he definitely means it,” Grantaire says. “Just a little longer. Come on, Enjolras, one more answer and you can sleep. Why does Serhiy being in love make us safe?”

“He protects too,” Enjolras says (he slurs it, how mortifying), and falls asleep.