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Falling in and out of love with PLL

When I discovered PLL, I was intrigued. The first few episodes were a bit awkward and disjointed. The writing felt rushed, the scenes too short, the dialogue somewhat perfunctory and the cast seemed to be still getting to know their characters. 

But despite all that, it drew me in, possibly just because of the mix of murder mystery and teen soap. In half a season my view of the show went from trashy but entertaining, to fun and entertaining, to genuinely creative and addictive television. I remember the look of scepticism on my wife’s face when I tried to convince her it really was a good show. I was a convert. I was hooked.

So what did I like about it?

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I’m doing everything I can Father. One day soon, you’ll be free, and you can take your place as the rightful king, with me as your right hand. Azazel opened eyes, his prayer interrupted by a knock on the door. He sighed and stood, brushing off his knees. It was better not to let the lower-ranking demons catch him in such a position. Even those loyal to Lucifer wouldn’t understand seeing their leader praying like a human. He turned and was surprised to see Babylon in the doorway.

“Oh, now there’s my baby girl,” he said with a smile. “What did you need, sweetheart?”


"So why are you Bisexual? Like what brings you to bring bi?"

Ah yes well throughout my life I always suspected i was different. I was a bi- product of my parents, a bystander in sports, I’m two dimensional… In the end it just all added up.
Anyways I went to queer university and got my masters in bisexuality.

Honestly, though. I love my boys so much, I just know this won’t be the end of them, not if they have any say in it, and I sincerely hope they have all support they need from those who are closest to them. I am so proud of all five of them for what they’ve accomplished so far and I’m sure the other four will accomplish even more from now and that Zayn gets everything that his amazing self deserves, I wish nothing but all the amazing things in life and I can’t wait to see what he might get up to with full control and freedom too.