if you’re white, please hold back your violent comments in relation to what’s happening. stop encouraging violence and rioting. like, this is something i need people to understand. as a black person, white anger is terrifying. white anger has a history, it has power behind it, and it’s been used against minorities more times than can be possibly counted. just look at what they’re capable of, and for what??? but black anger is justified, it’s a response to the actions directly against us, which is something white people can only sympathize with but can never actually hope to really understand.

and if you’re angry too, that’s good, that’s human, and i’m glad you’re on our side, but please keep quiet about it. protest, but protest with us. fight, but fight with us, and use that anger to help the people around you. 

don’t be white and violent when white violence against black people is literally what we’re all fighting against. don’t be white and violent when your violence is what will later be used against us in any way the system can manage

older generations complain about how millenials are apathetic towards poltics and current events, but when we get involved; going to the streets protesting, pouring over all the facts and evidence and eyewtiness accounts and testimony forom people currently at the location, our voices and knowledge are dismissed as “opinions” and incorrect ones at that. they’re called riots and the send the national guard to cities all over the country. 

literally about 90% of the people at the protest in lincoln last night were college age students, there were even a few elementary school aged children there. The chanting was lead by a group of black students. The protest on december 1st was organized by a college student. But yeah you’re right, millenials dont care.


Misha: We have a good time. We love each other, and these two guys (Jared & Jensen) are like a pair of brothers.

Okay. I realize that is a common misconception that blood is blue before being introduced to oxygen. Blood is, in fact, always red. But the point is that it looks blue. It looks blue when it is inside your wrists and your body.
It looks blue when it is where it is supposed to be.
I love my friends, scars and all. I want you to stay here, though. Please stay.  


I, uh, I read once that holding your breath could stop a panic attack. So, when I kissed you, you held your breath. I did? Yeah, you did. Thanks, that was really smart. I just, I don’t know I just read it somewhere.

aw hey there little Nepeta

it was fun while it lasted

but even you don’t have 9 lives

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Karkat Tavros Sollux I Sollux II Equius Gamzee Eridan

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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it’s meant to be.