i don't care if you love them or hate them

Oh, how much I love seeing OQ shippers HATING Robin, like he wasn’t disliked enough in this stupid fandom. Seriously, that’s when something like this happens that you clearly see who ship OQ and who ship it only for Regina’s happiness… So disappointed.

I’m just a fucking shithole, every time it’s always me hurting others. I knew I’m not girlfriend material, I shouldn’t have gotten myself into a relationship. I try and I try just to keep everyone happy, give them what they want and each and every one of them just leaves.

“You generally make me feel worse about myself”

“You ruined us”

“You don’t love me, you just need me”

“This is your fault”

“That hurt jade… So much”

“I don’t care”

Their words still rings loud and clear in my head, whether it’s from three years ago, two years, half a year or last night. However much I try I’m still an asshole.

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send me a character meme: Eleventh Doctor

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS (I don’t really hate him? But it’s a strong dislike.)

ship with: No one, because Doctor x River was really unhealthy in my opinion, Amy x Eleven is just gross, and I don’t really see anything romantic between Clara and Eleven tbh.

favorite friendship: Amy

general opinions: Are you sure you’re ready for this? Are you really sure? Okay, so basically, Eleven just really annoys me because he’s childish at the most inappropriate times and there’s just no real depth to his character. He doesn’t even really grow as a character, like tbh I probably wouldn’t be able to tell Season 7 Eleven from Season 5 Eleven. Also, I’m totally not gonna overlook the fact that he destroyed all those Cybermen just to find out where Amy was or the fact that he wanted to kill the star whale or when he wanted to destroy that robot thing in Town Called Mercy? I could list so many more.

I don’t like the way he talks about Amy like mentioning the lines around her eyes or how his way of demonstrating that Amy was “grown up” now was to call her Amy Williams. The way he calls her “the legs”. The way he leaves Amy to wait around while he goes to do all the interesting stuff, like in Victory of the Daleks. The way he treats River is kinda crappy too because like? He literally leaves her in the grip of a Weeping Angel? He doesn’t care about the fact that she’s in prison?

Also the way he seemed to not care about anything or anyone was just really terrible imo. And the same thing is continued with Twelve where Clara has to be his “carer”. Nine or Ten never would have said anything like that, because they actually cared so deeply about humanity and the things their companions did. He literally says (and I don’t care if it’s a joke, because it’s still rude and totally not what an earlier Doctor would have said) that the companions are there to be impressed by him, and even River says that the Doctor’s “friends” are supposed to listen to the Doctor, which is totally not the point? I don’t like the way the companions are sidelined so the show can focus on the fun the Doctor is having and whatever Impossible Impressive Thing he’s doing.

He’s just so unpredictable and rude, like he literally gets mad at River because he just saw the chapter title in TATM and he “doesn’t like endings” and how he gets so annoyingly impatient in The Power of Three. Also, the way he treated Clara more like a “mystery” that needed to be figured out than an actual person for most of his time traveling with her just made me angry. The way he insults her appearance even more than he did Amy? Oh, and the way he totally ignores consent (especially with Jenny, who is btw a married queer woman)? Yeah, that’s so. incredibly. wonderful. But it’s okay though, because he wears a fez and bowtie and sometimes makes funny jokes, and that’s cool, right?

Send me a character?

One of My Best Friends

Okay so I just need to get this out and no one will listen if I try and tell them. If you know me outside of here please don’t mention this, thanks.

You know that feeling when you love some one, honestly truly love them (not romantically) and care for them and hate seeing them hurt. Every time they get anxious or upset or sad your mood changes slightly because of the level you care for them?? Well that is me. I care for someone so much that whenever they get anxious or mad or sad my mood changes to match, and also I want to complement them all the time but feel awkward saying it to them. (yay shyness). But to describe them to this wonderful world I will try, but they are honestly just so unbelievably amazing I cannot believe that they are one of my best friends. Everything about them is beautiful, their eyes, laugh, voice, literally everything.

They are sarcastic and snarky but caring and understanding, the one person that has calmed me down and stopped me from having multiple panic attacks in public places and they are the one person I am excited to see walking into the hell hole that is school every morning. Even when I get mad at them it doesn’t last more than five minutes, and I wonder how I was so lucky to have such and amazing person in my life, if i could I would tell them how much they mean to me every day but I don’t feel I can so that’s what this is :) (sorry its long, if you are still reading yay!).  

And if you somehow read this I just want you to know that you are all that I have said above and more. You deserve every award possible because you are such and indescribably amazing person. I am glad to have you in my life as one of my best friends. I want to be like you some day, in your writing ability and confidence, basically you inspire me in all ways. I hope you don’t mind this whole spiel (I apologize people of Tumblr)

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Rumple, Regina and Maleficent?

Anonymous said:regina mills

Done Regina and Maleficent :) 

character: hate them | I dislike them/I’m fed up of them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS
ship with: No one.. everyone deserves better tbh
favorite friendship: …he has no friends
general opinions: He’s had too many chances given to him by good people (Belle, I mean Belle!) and just taken advantage of their kindness and forgiving nature.. I think he’s pretty much irredeemable at this point and doesn’t deserve a happy ending, with all he’s done. I like that he accepts that he’s not a good person but I hate that he thinks he can just force his happiness via the author.. I don’t like that he never learns from his mistakes. He knows what he’s doing wrong yet doesn’t try to change that.. and it frustrates me to no end. I’m just really fed up of him and though Robert’s an incredible actor, I wouldn’t miss the character too much if he weren’t on the show anymore. 

Send me a character and I’ll tell you..

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Send me a character meme: Al

Send Me a Character

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Adrian (obviously}

favorite friendship: ??? (I read something about a friendship with Sherlock Holmes, which sounds fun, but I haven’t been able to read much on that?)

general opinions: Exasperating (to Adrian), a sweetheart (also to Adrian, hush before she strangles me in my sleep)

Note to Fans

If you love your artists, then love them. Ignore the hate that others throw their way. 

If others throw hate at your artists; love your artists harder.

Let them throw shade. No one is going to be perfectly content. It’s kind of not the human condition. 

And, besides, when they throw shade…it just makes our stay a little more comfortable. Let them fry in the damn sun for all we care.

And, with that, I am done.