i did my best


Oh, thats new!Sebastian heard someone say behind him, making him stop walkingNew hair color, you’re shaved - finally - and now you brush your hair?
The person behind him laughs and Sebastian turns to see who he was – Using new clothes, especially a new leather jacket. I can be very wrong, so enlighten myself, my dear: Are you moving on without me, Sebastian?

Soul mate rp---Speartherear

Eric traced the tattoo on his wrist sighing a little and then pulling his sleeve back down. He had never cared much for his tattoo and neither had his brother but things had changed. First Ralph’s tattoo opened up and then Sam’s and now it was suddenly very relevant. He was always the third wheel now or the fifth wheel if it was a double date. Like right now.

Ralph and Jack where on one side of him and on the other was Sam and Percival. Standing up he slipped out of the booth muttering about going to get something. Rushing toward the front door to make a quick escape he bumped straight into someone. Ooops. Looking up he gave a sheepish smile
"Sorry." He murmured