i came out to my mom via email let's see how she responds

there was a school newspaper article about asexuality and i linked to it and told her that it’s what i’m like and that i hope she’s ok with having a kid who isn’t straight

Can I talk about this?

*spoilers for korra if you haven’t watched it*
*which you should go do right now if you haven’t*
*you uncultured swine*

So, can we take a moment to think about the fact that if it wasn’t for the bad guys, Korra may have never grown as much as she had?
Just humor me for a sec.
Korra was able to unlock her airbending powers from her wanting-ness to protect her loved ones (Mako, in this instance). But if it wasn;t for the fact that Amon “took” her bending, and forced her into this situation, she wouldn’t have discovered this need and have been able to airbend.

Then there’s the fact that Unalaq convinced her to open the portals. In doing so, she was able to bring back the airnation from the brink of extinction. He severed her connection the the past avatars, yes, but she was able to meet the first avatar and truly connect to Raava inside her.

The Red Lotus caused the most damage to her, putting her into a wheelchair. But she was able to embrace her true self and become humbled. Not to mention that her almost-death caused her to become really close to Asami. And give us korrasami. because korrasami is life. Korra even mentioned that all the crap she went through caused her to understand others (like Kovira) better, and become a better avatar.

So, should we thank the bad guys? Sure, Korra may have come to all these conclusions eventually, but the bad guys really helped her learn quicker. Does this mean that all the shit and crap we deal with really has an overall good impact in our lives? Make us stronger and more understanding people?

Maybe, maybe not. My head hurts


I got into Grad School!! I was accepted into Pratt’s art therapy program!!! Please continue to send me good vibes, tomorrow I interview at Drexel (that’s my top choice ) , but this is very gratifying exciting news. I’m gonna be an art therapist for my community bringing healing through the arts to my people!!! Thank you all for all the support you’ve given me, I’d be no where near this far without it. 

signs as (new) fall out boy songs
  • aries:twin skeletons
  • taurus:jet pack blues
  • gemini:favorite record
  • cancer:the kids aren't alright
  • leo:american beauty/ american psycho
  • virgo:the mighty fall
  • libra:irresistible
  • scorpio:centuries
  • sagittarius:fourth of july
  • capricorn:novocaine
  • aquarius:uma thurman
  • pisces:jet back blues