Happy 34th Birthday, Ian Joseph Somerhalder! (December 8)


It’s like I’m racing to the sun, blindly face the blazing gun

Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you

Like I’m racing not to run, give more when I have none

Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you … wide awake

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For Nad <3


I’m a Coin of the United States Army. I was minted in the year 1980. I’ve been punched from sheet metal. I’ve been stamped and cleaned. My edges have been rimmed and beveled. But now I have two small holes in me. I’m no longer in perfect condition. Right before everything went black. Do you want to know the very last thing that entered my mind? You.


 ”ωσℓғ… ι яεαℓℓү cαη’т  gσ sεε тнεм σғғ тσмσяяσω  ? “

 - Kuroshitsuji - Chapter 94  тнαт вυтℓєя, єияαgє∂ 

I have a job interview in like an hour and I don’t wanna

"For every note this gets I’ll post an embarrassing story"

  1. I cried during class while watching Supernatural last year. Good ol computer lab
  2. I stole crime tape from a pole at school
  3. I once cheated on a Bio quiz and later found out she had different copies of the test and got a 99 on the wrong copy
  4. I accidently opened porn on school wifi

one day in math i had headphones on and my music was really loud and one song made me tear up and then later i found out everyone had been staring at me because my music was so loud and i wonder everyday if everyone was staring at me during math while i cried during a one direction song idek man