i crie

Good evening ate rb. You know I saved a photo of yours and i think that was the first selfie that you posted here on tumb or maybe not but that was the first photo where I saw your face and you’re really pretty. I tried sketching that photo but I was shy to send it to you. 🙈 That photo was taken at sb and your hair is in pony. I’m trying to sketch you again and I’ve really seen how beautiful you are. You’ve got bright eyes and nice smile. You’re so gorg. 😱 Hahaha. Hindi ako tibo ate. Hahahahaha. I just really find you prettyyyy. And I hope no man will ever waste such a beautiful creature like you. Pretty lady inside and out. Always smile ate rb! God bless! 😊

kodinami asked:

I feel kinda bad cuz in Asia (where I live currently) a single marker is $3-4.... :V If you really want them, it's much better to invest in a big set and only buy singles when you have a marker that has run out.

well of course
go big or go home