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Anonymous said:How would EXO react if their girlfriend never told them that she could sing, but one day they come home to find her singing along to I have nothing by Whitney Houston with her earphones in and she sounded almost exactly like her?


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awkwardmomentwhenyourfamilyiswatchingyoumakethis (o.o)

 i feel like all of them would be amazed that their gf can sing that well, but i’ll still do their separate reactions!!


kyungsoo: he would probably just stand there and watch you, forgetting anything he was about to say to you.

*stares wide eyed*j-jagi?!

Chanyeol: he would smile brightly and, being the happy virus he is, would cheer you on, even if it stops your singing.

keep going jagi!

kris: he would lean against the door as he sees you singing in the kitchen while you make random snacks.

*stares in awe* jagi..~

kai: would watch you,smiling widely.

Now, if only you can dance~

Chen: he wouldn’t believe it at first. i mean, his jagi?? the clumsy jagi he loves oh-so-dearly??

but as soon as he sees it’s you, he would smile widely and try to mess you up by singing something else.


Baekhyun: would be slightly confused. he would walk in after a long day or recording/practice, then turn the corner and randomly see you singing, ACTUALLY SINGING GOOD.

hey jaggiiiiiiiii ………..whaaa?

Xiumin: he walks in, ready to cuddle you, then sees you dancing around singing, exceptionally good. he would laugh, wondering why don;t you sing for a living.

jagi, why haven’t you told me you sing??

Suho: he would cutely dance along, making you stop and have a laugh.

you’re so good jagi~

Sehun: being sassy sehun, he would try to out-do your high notes,etc.

see, i’m better!

tao:dances,simple as that.

jagi your voice is amazing! not as much as gucci tho.

lay: he tries to sing along, slightly stumbling over the words since he doesn’t know the words well, but still sounds awesome.

we should sing together, jagiya~

Luhan: he would wonder how high you go, until he hears you sing higher. then he would be TRULY AMAZED.

jagi, how high can you ggoo!?

So me and my friends were high and fucking around with henna and one of them drew this on my arm as a joke and I wiped it off like 2 minutes later and it was all gone. Well that was not the case. So during class the next day my teacher asked who’d been to old orchard beach before and I raised my hand and this kid looks back and starts laughing so hard he starts crying. I thought he was going to shit himself. And I suddenly realized and put my hand down before anyone else could see it and so me and him are like bawling in the middle of class and everyone is staring at us “wtf is wrong with them??? Stop laughing wtf is funny?”
Me and him are friends now.


She has 14 minutes left before her alarm will go off.

There is a map tattooed on her back, and because I adore all things cliché, I mark where we are and then circle all the places I plan on taking her, in my favorite pen, ocean blue.

I remember the first time I let water that color rush over my feet, how the warmth sank me further into where I was standing, how I could have stared out into that horizon for hours and days and weeks. I would have lost myself at sea, given the chance.

Maybe that’s why I like her so much: she’s beach-brown, miles long irises I can’t find the edges of. I feel her surrounding me in waves, and am flooded with memories of a shore I haven’t visited in a very long time. I will take her there with me.

[615] Rin/Haru

**another vampire rin fic

A year ago, eating dinner with their teammates was a chance to laugh and chat and bond. But these days, Rin could do nothing of the sort. These days, human food made him nauseous, so much that he’d be hard pressed to take part in practice the next day. So he would make excuses, shy away from invitations, and isolate himself from the rest of the team. At times when he was pressured to join them, he would sit quietly at the table while everyone ate, repeatedly turning down their offers to share food with him, earning him suspicious stares and passive-aggressive jokes.

“Matsuoka, aren’t you gonna eat?”

“I’m… not very hungry. Right now.”

That was all he could think to say. What else could he have said?

Sorry, I only drink blood.

That was out of the question. Honesty was out of the question. But lying came at a price; his teammates had already begun to think of him as strange and cold. Consequently, Haru had grown tired of hearing his teammates whisper about Rin when he left the locker room. He detested the way they’d raise their brows at Rin or exchange subtle glances with each other when he refused their offers to eat. He didn’t want to see Rin withdraw anymore. He didn’t want him to feel alone anymore.

“Nanase? Aren’t you going to order anything?”

“No.” Haru answered curtly, setting down his menu and resting his elbow on the table. “I’m not hungry either.”

“Eh? Seriously?!”

As their teammates’ attention diverted from Rin to Haru, their eyes met for a spit second, before Haru looked away, avoiding Rin’s gaze.

They walked back home in silence that evening. At the crossing, Haru’s stomach gurgled, and he cast his glance to the side, flustered and hoping the light would turn red quickly. He felt a hand slowly curl into his sleeve, but he adamantly held his gaze in the opposite direction.

“What do you feel like eating today…? Anything you want.” Rin murmured, guild-ridden as he laced their fingers together and hung his head. “I’ll pay for it.”

EXO dorm, day 5.
  • Suho:I'm not saying you should start smiling for no reason
  • Suho:but it would be nice if people could talk to you...
  • Kyungsoo:but they can talk to me
  • Suho:...without the undeniable feeling that you want to murder them, cut their body to pieces and send it all as a gift to their mother.
  • Kyungsoo:do i care tbh
  • Suho:All you gotta do is just say "Hi" and smile.
  • Kyungsoo:/deadly stare/
  • Suho:You can do it!
  • Kyungsoo:oh whatever
  • Beagle line:/comes in screaming, laughing and making weird noises/
  • Suho:Come on, Kyungsoo. Just give it a try~
  • Kyungsoo:...
  • Kyungsoo:Hi guys
  • Kyungsoo:/awkward smile/
  • Beagle line:/sudden silence/
  • Beagle line:/takes a step back/
  • Beagle line:/terror in their eyes/
  • Chanyeol:whaT IS THIS????!?!
  • Chen:Is h-he... Is he smiling~?
  • Chanyeol:WHO ARE YOU????!
  • Chen:Is this the real life~
  • Baekhyun:Am i dying? Is this the end of me?
  • Baekhyun:I had a good life
  • Baekhyun:tell my mother I loved her
  • Chanyeol:W-what happened to you, Kyungsoo?
  • Chen:Your smile looks forced~
  • Kyungsoo:It is
  • Chen:oh
  • Chen:Obviously.
  • Chanyeol:Why would you even want to scare us like this?!
  • Kyungsoo:Suho made me. He's evil.
  • Kyungsoo:Did I fucking stutter
  • Chanyeol:Wait~
  • Chanyeol:So you're not smiling because you're planning on killing us?
  • Kyungsoo:Uhhh I guess
  • Baekhyun:Does it mean I WILL LIVE?
  • Kyungsoo:For now
  • Kyungsoo:See? That smiling thing didn't work out.
  • Suho:I should've known it would scare the beagles...
  • Suho:But don't worry, we'll work on it~
  • Sehun:SUP HOES
  • Tao:your lords are coming
  • Suho:/whispering/ There's your chance, Kyungsoo!
  • Kyungsoo:...
  • Kyungsoo:Hello... Sehunnie~ Tao-yah~
  • Kyungsoo:/forced smile/
  • Tao:oh my god???
  • Sehun:what's wrong with you lol
  • Tao:you look so ugly
  • Sehun:do us a favor and cover your face srsly
  • Tao:my eyes are bleeding
  • Sehun:you don't want people to go blind, do you
  • Tao:ahhhh you're so heartless~
  • Beagle line:/chanting/ FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  • Xiumin:Why are you so loud? What's happening?
  • Beagle line:/giggling/
  • Chen:Kyungsoo's trying to kill the maknaes~
  • Xiumin:Oh God.
  • Xiumin:Shit's about to go down.
  • Luhan:Poor boys~
  • Xiumin:Yeah~ Poor boys~~
  • Luhan:...
  • Luhan:Should we go grab some popcorn?
  • Xiumin:Yep.

So today is my birthday and is also the day that Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens, but I have to work all day and will not be able to see the movie until Sunday night at the earliest. Boo. So since I have to wait, I thought I’d give myself a birthday present of all the babes from the movie. Enjoy!

Chris Evans:

Anthony Mackie:

Sebastian Stan:

And here’s a bonus of Anthony and Chris being adorable nerds:


scomicheismylife asked:

Hello hello hi! Uhmh okay so i love you and you are my favorite kaisoo blog! 💖 since I'm a new baby in the exo/kaisoo world your blog is so helpful for my heart! BUT I keep loving your kaisoo spams and i was wondering if could do one where you can feel the love through the gifs/pics. BACAUSE MY HEART IS NOT OKAYYY

hello ahhhh thank you so much i love you too hehe <3

staring from afar

he didn’t want to lose soo

soos eyes hurt and jongin was trying to see if he was okay

and this day jongin was hurting and soo stops looking when jongin notices him staring hehe

when they found out they were on the same team for the cooking thing

soo can’t see very well so how did he see this from all the way over there hmm

he just wanted jongin near him tbh

kyungsoo pushing chanyeol away to he can hug jongin

this is one of my faves

i think soo was a bit teary so jongin comforted him, i remember the members were like don’t cry!


soo holding jongins waist

reactions to a kai♥d.o banner

no1 fanboy

this pic

look at how smitten jongin is jeez

this look

when kyungsoos singing

i love you bye

holding hands

jongin won’t let go

jongin thinks he’s cute

jongins poem

there’s loads more but it got a bit long sorry ha

Breathless Part 6

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne

Summary :  Being at a SPNCON, Jensen was up to perform a song. But once he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t stop himself from staring. After, as everyone made their way to the lobby, you had realized you left your phone somewhere. While calling it, in hopes you could find it, Jensen answers.

A/N : Sorry for the late update. I know its been almost two weeks. thank you all for being so patient and so kind while i was down. I love you all! ENJOY!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 

The day was long, or so it felt. You sat at your desk, waiting for it to be 5:30. So you could finally go home, and skype your boyfriend, Jensen.

Its been almost a whole month since you saw him. And sure, you were used to the long distance, but this was the longest you’ve gone, and it was beginning to take a toll on you. 

But there was more than just the distance that bugged you, you and Jensen haven’t gotten the chance to actually talk in what seems like forever. He has been so busy filming and travelling for conventions, and you were busy working and taking care of a now pregnant Gen. 

You know Jensen loved you, but you couldn’t help but feel insecure. Afraid he would meet someone else and leave you. 

Your phone lit up, catching your attention. 

It was a text from Gen. 

She and Jared just found out they were having a beautiful baby boy and were thrilled. You were thrilled as well. They were starting a family that you got to be apart of. 

‘I can’t pick a freakin color for his room. help?’ 

You chuckled to yourself.

‘Ill be there after work. Don’t worry.’ 

You placed your phone down 

You were getting ready to leave, pulling all of your belongings together. It was a long day, but it wasn’t over. Now you have to go see your best friend.


You slumped into your car, and put the key into the ignition. About to head towards Gens house.

But before you left, your phone lights up. It was an incoming Skype call from the one and only. You couldn’t help but squeal to yourself.

The screen loaded for a moment, until you were able to see him. He sat there with a big grin on his face.

“Hey beautiful.” His lips curved up.

“Hey handsome!” You felt yourself grow more and more bashful the longer you were staring at him.

“How’s my baby girl doing? I miss you like crazy.” He flashed a faint smile.

You nodded and looked down at your lap. Trying to hold back the tears from falling. You missed him so much, the distance was beginning to take a toll on you and you were scared of losing him. But there was so much more than just missing him, there was something you needed to tell him, but you didn’t know how.

“I’m okay.” You lied. 

Jensen took in a deep breath and furrowed his brows. “I know you Y/N, Something is wrong. Whats up? Talk to me babe.” 

You let out a soft sigh. Even though you and Jensen have been together for a little over a year, you were still scared of running him off. 

“I just miss you.” You exhaled.

Jensen flashed a soft smirk and nodded. “I’m sorry babe. I’ll be home as soon as i can. I promise.”

“I know.”You forced a smile. 

“I got to go though. Ill call you later okay?” He muttered.

“OK. I love you too.” 

The screen went dark and Jensen was gone. Back to reality. 

You were used to being alone, but you hated it so much. If only you could go with him where ever he went. 

You let out a long sigh and shook your head. You skid out of the parking garage and made your way to Gens. 


You and Gen worked a bit on the nursery. Getting the crib together, as well as painting the room. You both decided on starwars theme and wanted to surprise Jared before he got back home. 

“Did Jensen tell you the great news?” Gen smiled.

You shot her a look and tilted your head to the side. “What news?” 

She smiled and let out a small chuckle. “Misha and Victoria are expecting another baby! And its a girl.” She looked down to her belly and smiled. 

You were excited for them both. Gen and Jared were starting a family. And here you were, getting to experience it with them. 

“Oh my god! Thats amazing!” You croaked. 

She looked up and flashed a cynical smile. As if she was plotting something evil. 

“What?” You chuckled

“You’re next.” She winked. 

“Wait what? No Jensen and I-No.” You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks. 

Gen stared intently at you for a moment, before she turned back to the wall. “I’m just saying. That boy loves you. Soon hes going to propose then yall will get married and then the next thing you know, You two are pregnant with your first baby.” 

You rolled your eyes and laughed. Though you hoped all of that would come true, you were skeptical that it was never going to happen. 

“I’m serious Y/N.” She stated. Meeting your gaze. “I’ve known Jensen for a while now, and I have never seen him be so open, so happy and comfortable with any girl like he is with you. You bring out something so bright inside of him, you make him better.” She muttered. 

You felt the tears stream down your cheeks and your lips curved up. 

“We are so happy he found someone like you. You’re amazing, and we all love you.” She mirrored your actions. 

“I love you guys too.” You felt your voice shake. 

Gen wiped her tears, and took in a deep breath. “Okay enough feels. Lets go make some dinner.” She chuckled. “Want Pasta?” 

You nodded and smiled. “That sounds amazing. Im starving!” 


You were finally back at home. Cozied up in your bed as you watched tv before you went to sleep.

Your phone lit up, and before you knew, it was going off. With notification after another. It was really weird especially at this time of night.

You swiped one of the tweets and opened your phone. There was a post going around about Jensen, that people were tagging you in.

In bold letters, you read the words “Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were in a car accident!”

You could feel your entire body grow numb and cold. Your heart felt as if it dropped to the pit of your stomach. This had to be a dream.

You dialed Gens number, as you propped up out of bed, and pulled a hoodie over your head.

“hello?” She muttered. Her voice was shaky, and she sounded like she has been crying.

“Hey! I just found out about the accident!” Your voice was loud and you couldn’t control your emotions. “Are they ok! Did you talk to Jared? Where’s cliff has he called you?”

You could hear her take in a deep breath. “No. I don’t know what’s going on. The hospital just called me a few minutes ago. But I’m booking a flight right now. Are you coming?” She exhaled.

“Yeah. I’ll be there soon. I am going to pack.” I muttered.

The line went dead, and you felt your stomach churn. Your heart rate profusely as you threw whatever you needed into the bag. Never in your life, have you felt this scared. And you couldn’t shake it.

Silent tears shed from your eyes as you pulled your hair up in a bun.

“Please be okay.” You whispered to yourself. Your chest tightened, and your throat was closing. Or so it felt.

Every bad thing popped up in your head. Every thing that could happen. And though you tried to think positively, you couldn’t. You could hardly breathe.

You pulled your bag over your shoulder, and made your way to the car.

Your phone went off, making you jump.

“Hello?” You exhaled.


I could stare at him all day everyday 😍 / cr: Vember£2