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Running at full speed round a corner Loras had to skid to a stop in order to stop himself crashing into his Grandmother who was coming in the opposite direction.She was a formidable woman whom Loras feared slightly although he would never let it be known. "Sorry grandmother." He apologized quickly, words coming out in a hurried gasp as he tried to regain his breath.


Street racing is just stupid like really. Yeah so what I have an engine swap on my Sentra, that is because my previous engine is completely dead. Yeah so what I have a custom radio player, my previous one is just completely glitch out and it randomly increase the volume to max or just automatically shut off.

The reason why i said it is because someone told me that they think I’m a soon to be a racer type of person with modifications and told me to add more modifications. No thanks, I’m good with my slow Sentra and with all the stock modifications. Plus I don’t want to get killed or get someone killed or get injured.

Oh you think I’m going to slow on a 55 MPH road which I’m actually going 55 mph, sir I’m just following the law and go ahead pass me and waste more gas if you go faster above the speed limit.