i can't get over how much he cares about her

this is important to me

vilkxs asked:

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this is tough because we haven’t ever talked about these two and how
they would get along ( and interactions have been pretty much limited 
to memes and vampire vs. werewolf buttface face offs ) so this will be
short. hopefully. in general, mae cares about vilkas. he’s her shield-brother 
and is an incredibly capable warrior, something she greatly respects and
admires. there are parts of him that make her just want to rip out her hair
and hit him in the face, but the most she can do ( for now ) is scowl at him
and roll her eyes, because he absolutely terrifies her. even if she’s very
willing to verbally fight with him, she would very much not like to get into
a physical fight with him. i dunno how to explain this any better, i’m sorry.
she’s just really mixed with him. he’s funny, and she admires him & trusts 
him, but he just pisses her off with negativity and constantly just… being
vilkas-y. and being strong and scary. all in all, she would die defending him,
but he pisses her off.