In how TVD writers SCREW UP EVERYTHING (as always)

How did you decide on how long Damon would be gone?
Caroline Dries:
 We wanted it to feel like we were committed to this idea that he was yanked out of existence. We thought, what’s the character story we can tell? His emotional journey was, “I must get home to be with Elena and reunite with my brother,” but really what he was going through is, “I’m enemies with Bonnie.” Through this whole situation with Kai (Chris Wood) where they need him but hate him, Damon starts to form this bond with Bonnie, so we felt like once that arc was complete, then OK, that story is over for Damon, it’s time to move on for his next chapter. It worked out perfectly with what we were trying to do with Elena which was jumpstart her new journey post-relationship with Damon.

The last scene for Bonnie and Damon, which mirrored the Season 5 finale, seemed to signify that the story was coming full circle.
 It felt like we had earned this because the characters have known each other for five seasons on the show and have had this rocky relationship, so when we threw them together it was perfect because you don’t want somebody to be trapped in a prison world with their best friend.


What you can say about Bonnie now that she’s been left behind?
 Damon believes she was left for dead, so he’s struggling with the guilt of having gotten out when she sacrificed herself for him. With Bonnie left behind with Kai we’ll see basically a horror movie for her and she’s desperately trying to find a way out without letting Kai back. It’s this endless bad dream for her.

How much will everyone else learn about what happened during Damon’s time away?
 When he comes back he has the opportunity to tell them exactly what happened or lie and cover up the truth in order to protect people’s feelings. He chooses the latter, hoping that’s the right choice to make and that everyone will be able to accept it better without having to go through the whole death of Bonnie again. You’ll see how they start to become aware [that] Bonnie actually is alive, and their mission is to get to her.





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Edit: Sorry guys, it’s that after get so emotional after this episode and see her answering that first question like that, like it meant nothing at all. No I can’t. Plus how thing will be handled no. I’m so out of the state of even that I don’t even know is a positive thing in a sort of way or just negative and screw up thing like they always do. Such. Waste. Of. Potential.



To Anyone Who Uses Their Blog To Vent Emotionally

Don’t you ever feel bad about it. No matter what you talk about or how frequently you make those posts. It’s your blog and you should feel free to use it how you see fit and if anyone doesn’t like it or can’t handle it, there’s an unfollow button. The fact that you are brave enough to put your honest thoughts and emotions on a public forum is a something to be celebrated not shamed. It is much better than bottling everything up and hurting yourself continuously while trying to present the idea that everything is fine. So go on and vent! Post about your awful day at work or issues in your relationships. Who knows, people around you might be able to help out. Or maybe they’ll just be there to hear you and let you know that even if they can’t do much they’ll be on your side.

The Queen and the Archer

I think I finally realized how my brain works about ships and shipping. I’m quite shocked.
You know, I’m not really into shipping when I watch a tv show but this is the thing: my favourite couples are Caryl (The Walking Dead) and Outlaw Queen (Once Upon a Time) and guess what? In both there is a QUEEN and an ARCHER.


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