i can laugh at this because i'm jewish

Florida: The Silent Holocaust.

Though on the surface Florida appears to be a tropical paradise, inside this state lurks a dark, gruesome secret: Each year, thousands of Jews are sent here to die.

Separated from their families in New York and New Jersey, these Jews are transported hundreds of miles to extermination communities like the horrific Boca Raton, where they are confined to small, identical living units, never to see their real homes again. In the morning, those still able to walk are forced to do activities against their will. They are humiliated, stripped of all human dignity, and made to square-dance to the point of physical exhaustion.

While some die within the first few weeks, others suffer for years with no contact to the outside world save for a phone call on their birthday. In addition, an unlucky few are forced by men in white lab coats to take powerful drugs and undergo grisly medical procedures. Some say, however, that in Florida, the worst fate of all is surviving.

—  The Onion: “Our Dumb World: Atlas of the Earth - 73rd Edition (now with 30% more Asia!)”