a cutie on inkigayo (✿◠‿◠)

  When a giraffe eats a sandwich, a little goes a long way.


Pizza Booth, Bleecker and Sullivan

  • straight up NY style pizza.

ArtichokeMacDougal and Minetta

  • the only thing you’re allowed to get here is an artichoke slice. it is SO GOOD. the pizza’s thick and doughy and gooey and it’s almost like having artichoke soup on a slice?


Shake ShackMadison Square Park

  • a cliché but honestly one of, if not the, best burgers in the city. it’s actually a shack in the park specializing in burgers and milkshakes. I recommend going for a late dinner (they’re open til like 10 or 11 I think?) because during lunch hours the line is always around the park. no exaggeration. 

Bill’s Bar & BurgerMeatpacking District

  • I go here every year with my family and like 10 friends for my birthday. great affordable burgers and shakes in a cozy atmosphere, exposed brick walls and red checked table cloths with a with a touch of ~grungy bar feel. (you can add shots to your milkshakes!)


Wo HopMott St by Worth Street

  • my favorite place in Chinatown but mostly because my dad always took me and my siblings here when he got off work when we were little and his firehouse was on Church Street. but really Chinatown is full of amazing restaurants if you just walk in random places.

Tomoe SushiThompson btw. Bleecker & Houston

Dumpling ManSt. Marks Pl. btw 1st Ave. & Ave. A

Hiroko’s Place, Thompson & Spring St.

  • let’s just say this place is……very close to my apartment. a cozy teahouse with mismatched furniture and cloth covered sofas. a unique mix of japanese and european foods.

indian/middle eastern

Mamoun’sMacDougal and W. 3rd

  • the must have falafel. “It is the oldest and best falafel restaurant in New York and one of the first Middle Eastern establishments in the United States.”

"Platters" the Halal Guys, 53rd & 6th

  • best chicken-over-rice “street meat” in the city.

the Kati Roll Company, MacDougal & Bleecker St.

  • "A spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread"


BoqueriaThompson and Spring St.

  • ~trendy tapas place around the corner from my apartment. SO GOOD, you always leave with this stuffed and content feeling, a little loopy on sangria. (so expensive)

EuzkadiE 4th btw 2nd Ave & 1st Ave.

  • my roommate’s dad took us here freshman year and we accidentally got shitfaced off sangria and had to pretend we were fine while still giggling over our red faces. intimate and eclectic feel with open air front. 


Caffe Reggio, Macdougal & W. 3rd

  • been around since 1927 and famous for being the first place in America to serve cappuccino. tight packed, cluttered in that old artistic type of way. good place for lunch.

'ino, Bedford & Downing St.

  • paninis.

GromBleecker & Carmine St.

  • best gelato in the city. all the ingredients come from Italy and made fresh.

Cucina di PesceE 4th btw Bowery & 2nd Ave.

  • affordable good hardy Italian food.


Murray’s Bagels, 6th Ave and W. 13th.

  • they can be a little uppity because they’re ~famous. they don’t use toasters and get offended if you ask but great classic “New York Bagels” (for a more relaxed place check out Bob’s Bagels a couple blocks over. I’m a regular there (っ˘ڡ˘ς) )

Sacred Chow, Sullivan & W 3rd St.

  • vegan, for Grace.

Magnolia Bakery, Bleecker & W 11th St.

  • can be overrated in my opinion but one of those things that you’re ~supposed to try. it’s in a nice area too.

Katz’ Delicatessen, E. Houston & Ludlow St.

  • kosher style, been around since 1888, famous for pastrami and hot dogs. unique way of ordering where they give you a ticket when you come in and the guy at the counter where you order marks it with what you get, then you pay as you leave. the restaurant from the famous scene in When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan fakes and orgasm then some old lady’s like, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Dos Toros, 4th Ave & E 13th St

  • burritos.

S’Mac, 12th St. & 1st Ave.

  • an entire eatery dedicated to macaroni and cheese!


McSorley’s Old Ale HouseEast 7th & Cooper Sq.

  • the oldest pub in the city, since ~1858 (contested). they didn’t let women in until 1970 when they were legally forced to and the women’s room is still basically a closet. the floor is covered in sawdust to absorb spilled beer and the whole place is made of wood with walls covered in historic knicknacks and animal heads. beer is served in mugs either light or dark, usually you get one of each at a time. real pros can stack the two glasses on top of each other and drink them at the same time. (I usually settle for drinking half of each then combining the two.)

Spanky & Darlas, 1st Ave. btw E 9th St. & St. Marks Pl.

  • one of my favorite dive bars, I don’t know if there’s anything particularly special about it other than being relatively cheap and having personal sentiment for me. (our fakes used to work there freshman year when it was called ‘Cheap Shots & Beer’ and I threw up outside of it on my 21st birthday *\o/*)

Down the Hatch, W 4th & Jones St.

Wicked Willy’s, Bleecker & Thomson St.

Off the Wagon, MacDougal & Minetta Ln.

Yoshi’s Sushi, Ave. A & St Mark’s Pl.

  • SO. this isn’t technically a bar and I haven’t been in a while so I can’t vouch that it’s still the way I remember it, but this is where my group of friends went for sake bombing throughout college. you if you get a “special” it’s 2 big Sapporo’s and a caraffe of sake. you can get away with some shady ID’s and they have this room in the back that’s secluded by a sliding door covered in rice paper with a fat Buddha statue and the entire room is taken up by a rectangular table and lined with benches. it was certainly a good way for a group of 15 friends to get physically comfortable with each other pretty fast freshman year. (I threw up on the tree outside/a passing stranger’s shoes. because I am the classiest. long story, BUT IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!)


Tompkins Square Park

  • the park of the ~beat generation. there’s a Ginsberg festival every year. can be pretty sketchy at night and there are roaming bands of rats at times :’)

Washington Square Park

  • basically my ~home. for an nyu student being in the park is like that scene in the Lion King where Mufasa says “everything the light touches is our kingdom~” NYU owns most the property on 3 sides of the park and much of the surrounding area. that big ugly red cube is our library and the big white “ivory tower” looking building flying a giant purple flag is our main classroom building. the park just underwent like 2 years of construction so it’s in really nice condition with all new lamps and stone paths and the arch and the fountain are pretty beautiful. A MUST SEE!!

The High Line

  • the ~hip park. they took one of the old abandoned elevated traintracks on the west side and converted it into an elevated park.

Hudson River Park

Bryant Park

  • not downtown but during the summer HBO sponsors this film series where every Monday night they set up a big screen and show movies and any one can come and sit out on the lawn and watch. it’s so crowded it’s real easy to sneak beers so it’s a rare opportunity to drink outside on grass in NYC. (former home of fashion week)


Strand, Broadway & E 12th St.

  • 18 miles of books! around the block from my freshman year dorm!

Union Square Farmer’s Market

The Pleasure Chest

  • my fav sex shop. made famous on Sex & the City because one of them got a rabbit vibrator there?

Angel Street Thrift Shop, W. 17th & 6th Ave.

  • "Established 1997, Angel Street Thrift Shop’s proceeds benefit innovative programs for individuals and families affected by Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness."

Buffalo Exchange, E 11th & 1st Ave.

  • basically where I get all of my clothes (multiple locations around the city)

Stella Dallas, Thompson St btw W 3rd & Bleecker St.

Hamlet’s Vintage, Thompson & Bleecker St.

Tokio 7, E 7th & 1st Ave.