i beg to differ

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do you have some semblance of a bias list ? (it's totally okay if you don't bangtan is just. no.) if so, what ? we all know seokjin is your husband but your url & picture on the side begs to differ ;))

i dont really have a bias list? usually i just cry over everyone and i get really stressed, because, like you said, bangtan is just. no. hell no. and yes, seokjin is my husband. but taehyung is my sweet little baby and i love him to pieces and he was my original bias lmao. and regarding the picture…… i have…. no idea……….. what ur talking ab ou tt………

“I’m aware of the power of looks. I’ve wanted to play roles that have gone to much better-looking people and you just think ‘Oh well, that’s the pin up guy’s… an actor like my friend James Mcavoy, who’s gorgeous on screen. I’m not that. But at least I don’t have to worry about taking precious care of my face because it’s my commodity. That’s a great freedom. I’m not afraid of being heinous for the sake of a part”. Benedict Cumberbatch

I will never believe that Beth would choose to save a guy she knew for a week from a lifetime of laundry, over being reunited with Maggie, Judith, Daryl and all of her family, no matter how saintly she’s supposed to be.

I will never believe Beth would risk starting a shootout in a narrow hall, possibly killing her loved ones, Simply to make a point that she couldn’t be controlled.

I will never believe Beth would “use” Daryl to kill Dawn in revenge, knowing it would cause him emotional anguish and undo all her previous hard work with him.

I will never believe that Rick would allow Noah to return to Dawn after the deal was already done, knowing she had no support, seeing it with his own eyes when Shepherd protested.

I will never believe Rick would invite perfect strangers to leave a place where they are safe, clean and fed, to join him and add to his burden while someone he was trying to protect lay dead on the floor by his feet.

I will never believe that Daryl would let Beth Step up to Her manipulative captors when he had tried so hard to find her and was so close to leaving with her.

I will never believe that a trained high ranking police officer would react to slight pressure in her shoulder by firing their weapon, instead of throwing the attacker to the groud as they are trained to do.

I will never believe that a bullet fired at waist height will defy physics and hit a close target straight through the forehead and out the back of their head.

I will never believe a person shot in the head and having no other injury would bleed from their chest area.