transformation tuesday amirite.

Today, for trans visibility day, I just wanted to shed a little bit more light on what it means to be agender in a world full of genders. I want to start this off by saying I am by no means an expert on gender, all I can tell you is based on my personal experiences and I know this doesn’t apply for everyone.

I’m agender, a bit on the masculine side (I don’t really care if you call me prince but Their Royal Highness is far more acceptable and princess is a no-go). One of the biggest misconceptions about being agender is that you have to be 100% androgynous all the always. You can be agender and wear dresses and makeup and jewelry and suits and basketball shorts and any combination thereof and it doesn’t make you any less agender. it just means you like to rock the hell out of basketball shorts and lipstick. And being agender doesn’t automatically mean you want to look androgynous. Being agender, for the most part, means you don’t identify with any gender. Agender isn’t physical, it’s mental and 100% personal preference (so I mean, yeah, it could be physical too but like sometimes it’s not, ya feel? It just depends on the person in question)

So how can you just not identify as a gender??? Alright, let’s put this in terms of color shall we? We’re ‘bout to get all stereotypical up in here so bear with me. Let’s say shades of blue is for boys shades of pink is for girls and shades of purple is for gender fluid folks. You go up to some peeps and ask, “Hey, yo, what’s your favorite color?” Girl: “Oh my favorite color is rose!” Boy: “Hot dang I think cerulean is just swell!” Genderfluid: “Man, don’t even get me started on plumb!” But then you go up to an agender, “What’s your favorite color?” “I think celery looks fresh af.” For a moment you’re stuck trying to figure out if the meant the vegetable, which may indeed look fresh, or the color but either way their answer doesn’t fit into that nifty pink to blue spectrum so maybe they made a mistake, green’s pretty close to blue so let’s go with that. Sound silly? That’s how a lot of people perceive agender and gender in general. We have all these different shades of color but as soon as someone says something out of the spectrum our first instinct is to try and match it up with what we think is closest to it inside the spectrum, even though it’s completely wrong.

Or maybe the agender answer would be “I don’t have a favorite color…..”

But for real, do you think a dog has any concept of gender? Nah. And lil’ birdy told me they were color blind too so whatev let’s all be dogs, they’re happier anyway. I know a lot of you enjoy eating ass too so we’re like halfway there.


So basically I love Luke in his toque (or beanie for all y’all non Canadians). It reminds me of the good ol’ days aka flat hair fetus Luke.

1. Xiumin

" Oh she defintiely likes them…"

2. Luhan

*all my fans will see this, damn it…OK…act cool…be manly!*

3. Kris

*is he seriously asking me this on air?!*

4. Suho

*stop. stop. stop. stop. stop. now. please. stop.*

5. Lay

"My moves? What? Why wouldn’t she like them? My mov-….oh….”

6. Baekhyun

*SM’s gonna skin me alive…*

7. Chen

"Well, I don’t know about dancing, but I certainly bring out her vocals…"

8. Chanyeol

"Uhm…yeah…uh…so…the weather today’s really nice, don’t you think so?"

9. D.O.

*does he have a death wish?*

10. Tao

"Girlfriend?! Whaaaaaat? I don’t know what you’re talking about…BUT if I had one…absolutely hypothetically…she would definitely….love….my moves…”

11. Kai

" M-my moves?…Yeah…uhm…she likes the way I dance…yeah…my dancing…yup."

12. Sehun

"I have a question…why are you beating around the bush when you know I won’t tell you?"