i am going to cry

Why on earth did I not write to you for such a long time? That is what I ask myself in amazement, without finding good reasons or even excuses. But I have often found it most difficult to decide on writing to those of whom I am thinking most. Yet I do not understand it…There is much that is irrational, and only forgetting can help one against it. The perpetual lack of a really refreshing and healing human love, the absurd isolation which it entails, making almost any residue of a connection with people merely something that wounds one; that is all very bad indeed and right only in itself, having the right to be necessary. A great emptiness is all around me. Literally, there is no one who could understand my situation. The worst thing is, without a doubt, not to have heard for ten years a single word that actually got through to me […]
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, from Selected Letters

siwon407:Tidied up my 2014 here. It was really great time in Jerusalem with my family. Thanks all my fans and love you always :^)