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hi duckies sorry for being horribly obnoxious and plugging myself but:

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hey kiddos, i hope you’re having an awesome saturday. just wanted to remind you that you are loved and cherished. keep fighting the good fight; your efforts are not in vain. God has so much for you. rest in him - his presence is sweeter than anything else. i love you a lot and i am always here if you need anything from prayer to advice or just someone to vent to. be blessed.

Why do all the people who are most important to me hurt themselves? You guys are so wonderful and you have helped ME in ways that you could never fully understand. You’re all so beautiful and make me feel so much better by just talking to you…. please, before you hurt yourselves, know that I am ALWAYS here to talk. Don’t hesitate to come to me- I will do my best to help you <3

themiddleliddle asked:

After seeing that s5 pic of Jon in Stannis's office, I'm now amusing myself with a scenario where Sansa is indifferent to Jon until she sees him looking like that, all rugged and scruffy and take-charge, and she is SHOCKED by the unladylike thoughts that go through her head, and also to her great dismay Arya notices her lustful unladylike reaction and TEASES HER MERCILESSLY about it for the rest of their lives.

YES I WOULD LIKE THIS AS WELL. I am always here for Sansa being like, “Lala, yes, Jon, helping with Running Things, etc., there he is, just like al- wait. WAIT JUST A MINUTE WHAT IS THIS FEELING SO SUDDEN AND NEW,” lol. The one good thing about the show now is that it almost ALWAYS inspires Canon-Set Fic for me, if for no other reason than to treat Mah Faves right.

Mercury Retrograde

Have you been possibly feeling “off” lately? Are your emotions getting the best of you? You might find yourself feeling more angry than usual. This is totally normal during the mercury retrograde, and it will last until February 11th. Abstain from making long term decisions until after it is over. This is also a good time to mentally connect to your inner spirituality. So pray, meditate, or practice whatever ritual you normally enjoy. Know that the feelings of anger will soon pass, and it is just temporary.

Please remind yourself of this especially if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Remember to speak to someone and not to hold anything in during this time. The pain will pass soon enough. And I am always here to offer spiritual advice.

Drink a plethora of water and remain healthy as well -

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is an addict. I feel so small because being wIth me Jenny enough for him. Do you know of anyways I can make him feel better about being a part of this world, or is it hire he will always be?

anon, it breaks my heart to hear this. if you feel comfortable and want to come off of anon or even if you don’t, i am always here to talk to you because that is one of the hardest situations to be in for both you and your boyfriend, because although i don’t know your boyfriend so i can’t say for sure, it’s entirely possible that he does love you and he does not want to put you through this, but that the addiction is just stronger than he is and love is almost NEVER stronger than addictiono because it’s a physical thing, it’s not like if he loved you enough he’d stop or anything. i don’t know if he would be willing to look into gettiing treatment but if you wanted to talk to him about his thoughts on that and then maybe do the work to help him find a place that he could go for that and then support him through that process? that’s something that you could possibly do to help him if that’s something he’d be open to doing. that’s probably the best thing you can offer him if he is willing to do it, and just when you offer it to him to make sure he knows that you would be there for him through all of it and how proud of him you would be, etc. positive reenforcement, not negative shit of how ashamed of him you are now or whatever. but other than that there’s not too much you can really do, and if he won’t get clean it’s probably not a very healthy relationship for you because i’m assuming that you are clean? It’s a dangerous path and way of life, not only just because you could end up getting sucked in to drugs even if you think right now that you never would (i always thought that too but look what happened) but just by associating with a drug user, that’s dangerous because not only can we easily get diseases like hep c or HIV and AIDS from dirty needles, but also it’s dangerorus because if he buys from someone and shorts them, or owes the wrong person money, they can retaliate with violence against him or people that are close to him meaning you, his parents, etc, also it can lead to stealing and all kinds of other nastiness that i wouldn’t want to happen to you. so i hope that you are able to offer to help him find a way to get treatment, and if you need any help with that or ideas about how to do that or where to go let me know and i can help you out, but that’s really the best way to deal with it in my opinion cause otherwise the only places it’s gonna go are jail or the morgue and you don’t want to lose him to either of those, and you certainly dont want to be an innocent bystander who gets caught in the crossfire.

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