i am about to cry

i stopped taking my antidepressant after my last final because [w/e too boring to type it out] and so far the only problem, which in retrospect i should have anticipated, is that whenever i think myself into crying a part of me wonders if this is because i stopped taking my antidepressant

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"All of Middle Earth is kiiiiind of sexist. Would Melkor even recruit girl-Sauron." I know tumblr is full of people who see sexism in everything, I'm curious what you would say is inherently "sexist" about Middle Earth? Is it that it was written by a man from a given period with a male perspective? I'm fascinated by the tumblr obsession because I believe that in more enlightened times we will look back on the hyper-sensitive nature of today and smirk.

Yeah. Yeah it’s that it was written by a man from a given period with a male perspective. A perspective that women don’t take part in big exciting stories (okay a few women do get a role, which just goes to show that they can, but for some reason the vast majority…don’t get to).

It’s set in a historical time where women were certainly not equal to men in society, and do not have remotely the same opportunities. Thus, the societies in Middle Earth are sexist. Because they’re not equal, and people are prejudiced against and limited because of their gender.

…you nailed it.

♡Just Finished Watching The Last: Naruto The Movie♡

(Hour Later From Crying With So Much Joy)Okay… I Needed A Moment To Calm Down And Be Able To Express My Feelings Clearly.

It Was So Incredible!! I Laugh & Cried Throughout The Whole Movie. Thank You So Much For Sharing!!! I Really Appreciate It xoxoxo.

"Hinata, Put Your Arms Around Me"- Naruto   (I Am About To Cry)

"Don’t Let Go, Okay?" - Naruto   (Omg This Is Happening)

" I Won’t"- Hinata     (Cries)

NARUHINA!!!!! My Feels Are Overloading

I Am So Happy Right Now!!!  

I Still Cannot Believe I Saw The Movie!!!

Everyone Had An Equal Amount Of Screentime For This Story Of The Movie

Everyone (Naruto Fans) Were Exaggerating About Sasuke Screen Time He Pop-Up About 4 Times (Even Though They Were Minor It Left Me Screaming With Joy) I Had To Remind Myself This Is Not A “Sasuke Movie”

Naruto, Hinata, Sakura,Sai, Shikamaru & Ino Had The Most Screen Time Out Of All. 

♡Ino Was So Amazing!!! She Is Just Like Her Father. So Proud Of Ino Yamanaka♡

10/10 Perfect NaruHina Love Story. NaruHina Fans Will Enjoy (I Did)

gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering “is there anybody out there” and hoping and guessing and imagining

because we as a species were so lonely and we wanted friends so bad, we wanted to meet other species and we wanted to talk to them and we wanted to learn from them and to stop being the only people in the universe

and we started realizing that things were maybe not going so good for us— we got scared that we were going to blow each other up, we got scared that we were going to break our planet permanently, we got scared that in a hundred years we were all going to be dead and gone and even if there were other people out there, we’d never get to meet them

and then

we built robots?

and we gave them names and we gave them brains made out of silicon and we pretended they were people and we told them hey you wanna go exploring, and of course they did, because we had made them in our own image

and maybe in a hundred years we won’t be around any more, maybe yeah the planet will be a mess and we’ll all be dead, and if other people come from the stars we won’t be around to meet them and say hi! how are you! we’re people, too! you’re not alone any more!, maybe we’ll be gone

but we built robots, who have beat-up hulls and metal brains, and who have names; and if the other people come and say, who were these people? what were they like?

the robots can say, when they made us, they called us discovery; they called us curiosity; they called us explorer; they called us spirit. they must have thought that was important.

and they told us to tell you hello.





[whispers] the winter soldier 

I was looking at some basic lore on the angel Gadreel AND  

so, basically, Gadreel is the reason other angels and humans started to develop romantic feelings for each other and subsequently frick frack


We believe in Castiel. And you.